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(Osmanlı Dönemi) (Semine) Çok değerli, pahalı, kıymetli
İngilizce - İngilizce
Creative or having the power to originate
Highly influential, especially in some original way, and providing a basis for future development or research

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions was a seminal work in the modern philosophy of science.

Of or relating to seed or semen
{a} containing or like seed, radical, first
{s} pertaining to semen; pertaining to seeds; original, creative; containing potential for future development
pertaining to or containing or consisting of semen; "seminal fluid
Contained in seed; holding the relation of seed, source, or first principle; holding the first place in a series of developed results or consequents; germinal; radical; primary; original; as, seminal principles of generation; seminal virtue
pertaining to or containing or consisting of semen; "seminal fluid"
A seed
containing seeds of later development; "seminal ideas of one discipline can influence the growth of another"
Pertaining to, containing, or consisting of, seed or semen; as, the seminal fluid
Seminal is used to describe things such as books, works, events, and experiences that have a great influence in a particular field. author of the seminal book `Animal Liberation'
seminal vesicle
One of two simple tubular glands located behind the male urinary bladder, responsible for the production of about sixty percent of the fluid that ultimately becomes semen
seminal vesicles
plural form of seminal vesicle
seminal work
A work from which other works grow. The term usually refers to an intellectual or artistic achievement whose ideas and techniques have been adopted or responded to in later works by other people, either in the same field or in the general culture
seminal paper
(Bilim, İlim) A seminal paper is a kind of "classic" in a broad meaning of the term. It is a paper which has served as a model for other papers, which first has presented an influential view of theory
seminal duct
The duct of the testis that carries semen outward, especially the part of the duct that runs from the epididymis to the ejaculatory duct
seminal duct
the efferent duct of the testis in man
seminal fluid
white liquid generated by males which contains sperm
seminal gland
{i} seminal vesicle, one of the paired glands that produces seminal liquied
seminal vesicle
adds nutrient fluid to semen during ejaculation
seminal vesicle
{i} seminal gland, one of the paired glands that produces seminal liquied
seminal vesicle
Either of a pair of pouchlike glands situated on each side of the male urinary bladder that secrete seminal fluid and nourish and promote the movement of spermatozoa through the urethra
human seminal plasma protein hypersensitivity
A rare allergy to certain proteins found in human semen
in an original manner, creatively
Türkçe - İngilizce
(Tıp) seminal
seminal pompa
(Arılık) seminal vesicle



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    /ˈsemənəl/ /ˈsɛmənəl/


    [ 'se-m&-n&l ] (adjective.) 14th century. Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin seminalis, from semin-, semen seed; more at SEMEN.

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