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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} sığınak

Kilise onlara ibadethane önerdi. - The church offered them sanctuary.

{i} mabet
(Arkeoloji) kutak
Hayvanlar için koruma altına alınmış sığınak
{i} tapınak
wild life sanctuary yabani hayvanların korunduğu
{i} barınak
right of sanctuary iltica hakkı
{i} koruma alanı
{i} sığınma

Tom bir yaban hayatı sığınma evi yaratmak için mülkünü bağışladı. - Tom donated his estate to create a wildlife sanctuary.

(Askeri) BARINAK: Muharebe sahasına yakın veya bitişik olup muharip kuvvetlerle arasında sessiz bir anlaşma ile taarruzdan uzak kalan ve dolayısıyla, muharip kuvvetlerin toplaması, lojistiği ve diğer faaliyetleri için bir barınak vazifesi gören bir millet veya bölge
{i} kutsal yer

Kilise onlara kutsal yer teklif etti. - The church offered them sanctuary.

bird sanctuary
kuş cenneti
wildlife sanctuary
mutlak koruma alanı
animal sanctuary
Hayvan barınağı
bird sanctuary
kuş cenneti, kuşların avlanması yasak olan yer
marine sanctuary
(Askeri) deniz sığınağı
right of sanctuary
sığınma hakkı, iltica hakkı
rights of sanctuary
sığınma hakkı
take sanctuary
iltica etmek
take sanctuary
wild life sanctuary
yabanıl hayvanların korunduğu alan
İngilizce - İngilizce
A place of safety, refuge, or protection

My car is a sanctuary, where none can disturb me except for people who cut me off.

A state of being protected, asylum

The government granted sanctuary to the defector, protecting him from his former government.

The consecrated (or sacred) area of a church or temple around its tabernacle or altar
An area set aside for protection

The bird sanctuary has strict restrictions on visitors so the birds aren't disturbed.

{n} a holy place, a refuge for criminals
{a} of or belonging to a sanctuary
sacred part of a religious building In Christian churches it also includes the chancel and upper altar
area around the altar of a church for the clergy and choir; often enclosed by a lattice or railing
The portion of a church which encloses the altar
A place of safety, refuge or protection
- A district in West Sector
Noun (Plural: Sanctuaries) This area directly around the altar in church Also, in Middle Ages, you could seek sanctuary by going into the church Usually, with respect for the church, your pursuers would respect the sanctity of the church
In historic church architecture, the front part of the church from which the service is conducted, as distinct from the nave, where the congregation sits The sanctuary is usually an elevated platform, usually three steps up from the nave In churches with a lecture-hall floor plan, the term ‘sanctuary’ is often used to mean both chancel and nave because the two are not architecturally distinct In historic usage, chancel; and sanctuary are synonyms
A sacred and inviolable asylum; a place of refuge and protection; shelter; refuge; protection
A house consecrated to the worship of God; a place where divine service is performed; a church, temple, or other place of worship
this is the area inside the altar rails, and includes the altar itself
A sanctuary is a place where birds or animals are protected and allowed to live freely. a bird sanctuary. a wildlife sanctuary
The most sacred part of any religious building, esp
City in the Forbidden Zone
In a church, the area around the principal altar In a synagogue, the nave
A sacred place; a consecrated spot; a holy and inviolable site
the area inside of the altar rail
A sanctuary is a place where people who are in danger from other people can go to be safe. His church became a sanctuary for thousands of people who fled the civil war. = haven
The area immediately surrounding the altar, often enclosed by an altar rail In some denominations the word refers to the entire worship space
A building dedicated to the worship of God Sometimes the word refers to the central place of worship and not to the entire building
area in which the high altar stands In medieval times the right of safe conduct granted to those the fled pursuit and could grasp the church door knocker
the name for the space that worship typically takes place in Often, referred to simply as "the church"
At Knox, the sanctuary is the entire space in which worship takes place It is considered a particularly sacred space: loud talking, running around, eating, (apart from Holy Communion) video cameras, flash cameras, and other "sloppy" behavior is not permitted in the sanctuary
{i} holy or sacred place; shelter, refuge; wildlife refuge, area of land set aside for the protection of wildlife; ancient Temple of Jerusalem (Judaism); holy of holies in the ancient Temple of Jerusalem (Judaism)
the part of the church containing the high altar
In religion, a sacred place The part of a church where the altar is placed
A place of safety where animals can breed without interference
Sanctuary is the safety provided in a sanctuary. Some of them have sought sanctuary in the church
that part of a Christian church in which the altar is placed
The most retired part of the temple at Jerusalem, called the Holy of Holies, in which was kept the ark of the covenant, and into which no person was permitted to enter except the high priest, and he only once a year, to intercede for the people; also, the most sacred part of the tabernacle; also, the temple at Jerusalem
the portion of a church at the head of the chancel around the altar; the space immediately around the altar Sometimes used to refer to the whole interior of the church, but this is not the usual Episcopal usage
Part of the chancel, generally with a raised floor, which contains the altar It may be defined from the nave by an altar rail
This is the place where the Altar Table stands Here it is within the rail The step which actually defines the Sanctuary is called the Pace
The area in a church in which the altar is located and the priest conducts the Mass; usually located at the east end of a Ukrainian church and occasionally separated from the nave by an iconostasis (Ukrainian: sviatylyshche or vivtar)
a shelter from danger or hardship
a consecrated place where sacred objects are kept
An area constituted by competent authority in which killing and capturing of any form of wild life is prohibited, except with permission and the boundarires and character of which are sacrosanct
In Greek architecture, a sacred or holy enclosure used for worship consisting of one or more temples and an altar Also, the space around the altar in a church, usually at the east end (also called the chancel or presbytery)
wildlife sanctuary
An area of land managed to conserve wildlife (usually animals)
A sanctuary
bird sanctuary
building or area of land set aside for the harboring or protection of birds
bird sanctuary
aviary: a building where birds are kept
break sanctuary
violate the right to shelter or sanctuary
right of sanctuary
right to receive refuge
plural of sanctuary
seek sanctuary
look for asylum