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İngilizce - Türkçe
sayısal (miktar)
sayı bakımından
(Kimya) miktari
quantitatively: (zarf) nicelik bakımından, nicel olarak
(sıfat) Niceliğe bağlı olan, nicel
quantitative analysis: (kimya) niceliğin tahlili, nicel çözümleme, kantitatif analiz
{s} sayısal
nicel çözümleme
(Tıp) Kantite kemiyet9 ye ait, kemmi, kantitatif
kantitatif analiz
niceliğe bağlı olan
(Biyoloji) kantitatif
(Mukavele) niceliksel
quantitativelynicelik bakımından
quantitative analysis niceliğin tahlili
nicel olarak
(Askeri,Teknik) nicelik
quantitative data
(Ticaret) kantitatif
quantitative restrictions
miktar kısıtlamaları
quantitative analysis
nicel analiz
quantitative analysis
nicel çözümleme
quantitative pronoun
nicelik zamiri
quantitative change
Nicel değişiklik
quantitative difference
nicel bir fark
quantitative easing
(Ekonomi) Parasal gevşeme
quantitative easing
(Ekonomi) Parasal genişleme
quantitative linguistics
nicel dilbilim
quantitative measure
Nicel ölçek
quantitative method
kantitatif yöntem
quantitative analysis
(isim)cel çözümleme, kantitatif analiz
quantitative analysis
quantitative analysis
kantitatif analiz
quantitative characteristics
(Tarım) nicel özellikler
quantitative characteristics
(Tarım) kantitatif özellikler
quantitative data
nicel veriler
quantitative hardenability
nicel sertleşebilirlik
quantitative measurement
nicel olcme
quantitative quota
(Ticaret) miktar kotası
quantitative reaction
(Kimya) kantitatif reaksiyon
quantitative reaction
(Kimya) nicel tepkime
quantitative sales
(Ticaret) miktar itibarıyla satış
nicelik bakımından
nicelik olarak
non quantitative
olmayan nicel
nicel olarak
z. nicel olarak
İngilizce - İngilizce
Of a form of analysis that determines the amount of some element or compound in a sample
Of a measurement based on some quantity or number rather than on some quality
When used to modify terms as data and research, the term quantitative generally implies that the data or research findings are projectible to a larger population
relating to the measurement of quantity; "quantitative studies
those factors which can be measured
factors are those whose levels correspond to a natural ordering, for example temperature, drug concentration
Oriented toward numerical relationships, inclined to know or seek exact measures
relating to the measurement of quantity; "quantitative studies"
Analysis with regard to quantities or specific numeric values
A precise measurement or determination expressed numerically
Something measured or measurable by, or concerned with, quantity and expressed in numbers or quantities
{s} pertaining to quantity; measurable, having a determinable quantity
relating to, concerning, or based on the amount or number of something; observations that involve measurements or numbers
Can be expressed as a number or quantity
(Leak Measurement) Overall leakage measurement for a complete component or system, but with no location See also Semi-Quantitative
Descriptive of size, magnitude or degree
(of a bid) asking partner to determine the strength of his band by the total values (usually high-card values) held rather than by the presence or absence of any specific cards
Relating to quantity
– Relating to, or involving the measurement of quantity or amount
Relating to, concerning, or based on the amount or number of something, capable of being measured or expressed in numerical terms
expressible as a quantity or relating to or susceptible of measurement; "export wheat without quantitative limitations"; "quantitative analysis determines the amounts and proportions of the chemical constituents of a substance or mixture"
Chemical analysis to determine the amounts of proportions of a mixture
(adj ) A type of data that has numerical value Quantitative data are further classified by the number of components and by the scales of values used (e g , scalar, vector, or tensor)
related to quantity, value, or amount
(of verse) having a metric system based on relative duration of syllables; "in typical Greek and Latin verse of the classical period the rhymic system is based on some arrangement of long and short elements"
relating to, or expressed in terms of, quantity Quantitative research is based on numerical data
Refers to a measured value as how much, how fast, how deep, how many or what concentration, (see qualitative)
a way to describe an event or occurrence using specific values and measures typically avoiding sentiment and/or feeling (i e ' a 3 4 km walk ')
Sampling that uses filters or adsorbents to collect chemicals from the air The filters or adsorbents are sent to an outside lab for analysis to determine the exact quantity of each chemical in the sample
Quantitative means relating to different sizes or amounts of things. the advantages of quantitative and qualitative research. + quantitatively quan·ti·ta·tive·ly We cannot predict quantitatively the value or the cost of a new technology. relating to amounts rather than to the quality or standard of something quantitative analysis/methods/data etc
using numbers i e more than qualitative By actually measuring the mass of the falling body, and its surface area, as well as its rate of fall, I was able to show in a quantitative way that the effect of air resistance is to cause small compact objects to fall faster than large flat ones
quantitative analysis
The determination of the amounts of an element or compound in a sample
quantitative analyst
A person who designs and implements mathematical models for the pricing of financial derivatives. Often shortened to quant. See also quantitative analysis
quantitative analysts
plural form of quantitative analyst
quantitative easing
An unconventional monetary policy where the central bank creates money electronically and uses it to purchase bonds from private banks
quantitative research
The systematic scientific investigation of quantitative properties and phenomena and their relationships, using statistical methods
quantitative easing
(Ekonomi) The term quantitative easing (QE) describes a monetary policy used by central banks to increase the supply of money by increasing the excess reserves of the banking system
quantitative analysis
test of variables which can be precisely quantified
quantitative analysis
The testing of a substance or mixture to determine the amounts and proportions of its chemical constituents
quantitative analysis
chemical analysis to determine the amounts of each element in the substance
quantitative decline
decrease in quality, wane of quality
quantitative difference
difference in amount
quantitative methods
The multiple ways that researchers use when they study subjects usually in the laboratory, in which, often, they represent subjects numerically
quantitative methods
A group of basic mathematics and statistics courses required for business majors It provides a foundation for the more complicated mathematical manipulations required in the Common Body of Knowledge and other business courses
quantitative methods
methodology which aims to explain the phenomena to be studied numerically, using metrics
quantitative research
The approach advocated by the Positivist School This approach measures social phenomena and obtains numerical values which can be analyzed statistically Surveys using structured questionnaires and IQ tests are both examples of quantitative research
quantitative research
Use of advanced econometric and mathematical valuation models to identify the firms with the best possible prospectives Antithesis of qualitative research
quantitative research
Research aimed at producing data that can be statistically analysed and whose results can be expressed numerically p 169
quantitative research
Is concerned with the tabulation or numeric relevance of various kinds of behaviour "Quantitative" is primary concerned with " Why"
quantitative research
Investment decisions derived from statistical and quantitative models that observe market behavior
quantitative research
A research technique in which scientific, concrete, and projectable numerical data that can be statistically analyzed is gathered, often from large samples; also called hard data
quantitative research
Survey research using a sample of people drawn at random from a given population If the sample is drawn properly, the results of quantitative research can be generalized to the population
quantitative research
A method of advertising research that emphasizes measurement of incidence of consumer trends within a population
quantitative research
Research that describes phenomena in numbers and measures instead of words; the focus of the research is usually predetermined and deduced from prior research
quantitative research
The data can be collected through structured interviews, experiments, or surveys and are reported numerically
quantitative research
a systematic attempt to define, measure, and report on the relationships between various elements
quantitative research
seeks structured responses that can be summarized in numbers-like percentages, averages, or other statistics
quantitative research
research conducted for the purpose of obtaining empirical evaluations of attitudes, behavior or performance Designed to generate projectable numerical data about a topic
quantitative research
Research that measures (quantifies) responses to a structured questionnaire, conducted either through telephone, face-to-face structured interviews, on the Internet or through self completion surveys
quantitative research
Involves the collection of (statistically) large samples of quantitative data and usually some form of statistical analysis Quantitative research is often used to substantiate the findings from qualitative research
quantitative research
Research that focuses on measuring and counting facts and the relationships among variables, and that seeks to describe observations through statistical analysis of data It includes experimental and non-experimental research and descriptive research (research that attempts to describe the characteristics of a sample or population)
quantitative research
Use of advanced econometric and mathematical valuation models to identify the firms with the best possible prospectives Antithesis ofqualitative research
in a quantitative manner
from a quantitative point of view (pertaining to quantity)
in a quantitative manner; "this can be expressed quantitatively
in a quantitative manner; "this can be expressed quantitatively"
with respect to quantity rather than quality



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    /ˈkwäntəˌtātəv/ /ˈkwɑːntɪˌteɪtɪv/


    [ kwän-t&-"tA-tiv ] (adjective.) 1581. Medieval Latin quantitativus, from Latin quantitat-, quantitas quantity.


    ... in the past, present and future using quantitative data and mathematical models as tools of analysis. ...

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