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İngilizce - Türkçe
herhangi bir katı cismin üzerindeki deliklerden her biri
(Botanik, Bitkibilim) delicik
(İnşaat) boşluk
(over ile) dikkatini vererek okumak
okumaya dalmak
gözenek,v.incele: n.gözenek
(Tıp) Küçücük delik, mesamat, ağızcık, porus
{f} gözünü dikmek
zihninde tartmak
{f} konsantre olmak
{f} dikkat kesilmek
{f} iyice düşünmek
upon ile derin derin düşünmek
mütalâa etmek
(isim) gözenek
{f} düşünüp taşınmak
{f} over -i incelemek, -i tetkik etmek
s eyes out çok okuyarak
{f} dalmak
pore dal
derin düşünmek
pore fungus
pore size
gözenek büyüklüğü
pore water
gözenek suyu
pore water
boşluk suyu
pore water pressure
(İnşaat) boşluk suyu basıncı
pore water pressure
(Fizik) gözenek suyu basıncı
pore on
iyice düşün
pore over
derin derin düşünmek
pore over
pore water
(Jeoloji) Toprakta veya kayalarda gözeneklerde birikmiş su
pore distribution
boşluk dağılımı
pore fluid pressure
gözenek sıvısı basıncı
pore fluids
boşluk sıvısı
pore fungus/mushroom
bot. katranköpüğü
pore on
üzerinde düşünmek
pore over
gözünü dikmek
pore over
konsantre olmak
pore over
kendini vermek
pore over
pore pressure coefficient
(Çevre) poroz basınc katsayısı
pore pressure measurement
boşluk basıncı ölçümü
pore radius
boşluk çapı
pore space
boşlukların oylumu
pore space
boşluk hacmi
pore space
gözenek alanı
pore type
gözenek tipi
pore upon
üzerinde düşünmek
pore walls
boşluk cidarları
pore water content
boşluk suyu muhtevası
pore water pressure meter
boşluk suyu basınçölçeri
pore-water pressure
gözenek suyu basıncı
pore over
blind pore
(Gıda) kör gözenek
pore over
tetkik etmek
(Fizik) gözenekler
pro tem pore
geçici olarak
sense pore
(Arılık) duyu deliği
excurrent pore
çıkış aralığı
third person singular of pore
üçüncü kişi gözenek tekil
closed pore
(Gıda) kapalı gözenek
lateral line pore
(Denizbilim) yanal çizgi deliği
wood pore
ağaç gözeneği
İngilizce - İngilizce
a tiny opening in the skin
to meditate or reflect in a steady way
to study meticulously; to go over again and again
by extension any small opening or interstice, especially one of many or allowing passage of a fluid
Your pores are the tiny holes in your skin. The size of your pores is determined by the amount of oil they produce
{n} a passage
{v} to look very near or intensely
A term for the cross-section of a vessel
A minute opening or passageway; an interstice between the constituent particles or molecules of a body; as, the pores of stones
If you pore over or through information, you look at it and study it very carefully. We spent hours poring over travel brochures
any tiny hole admitting passage of a liquid (fluid or gas)
A small channel or opening in a filter medium which allows passage of fluid
direct one's attention on something; "Please focus on your studies and not on your hobbies"
A small channel or opening in a filter medium which allows passage of gas (099)
emphasis You can say that someone has a certain quality or emotion coming from every pore to emphasize the strength of that quality or emotion. She oozes sexuality from every pore. one of the small holes in your skin that liquid, especially sweat, can pass through, or a similar hole in the surface of a plant (porus, from poros ). pore over to read or look at something very carefully for a long time
An opening in a membrane which allows certain components to pass through, but not others
(noun) a tiny opening for example in an organism's surface, such as in the skin or on the surface of a leaf
A feature in the photosphere, 1 to 3 arc seconds in extent, usually not much darker than the dark spaces between photospheric granules It is distinguished from a sunspot by its short lifetime, 10 to 100 minutes
{i} tiny opening, tiny hole
a minute epidermal pore in a leaf or stem through which gases and water vapor can pass
Small interconnecting passage through the membrane The size and irregular path of a pore determines the removal rating of a membrane
This is a void that goes from the bulk fluid to inside the biofilm in a more or less vertical orientation This term was used when first applying terminology to the biofilm structure, and has turned out not to be very useful The term was coined to imply the notion that the voids were allowing liquid, chemical, etc , exchange between the biofilm and the bulk fluid
an opening on the skin that contains a hair follicle
To look or gaze steadily in reading or studying; to fix the attention; to be absorbed; often with on or upon, and now usually with over
{f} ponder, consider carefully; study carefully, examine closely
poros = [Greek] small entrance Pores are like small sunspots but without a penumbra Pores get up to about 1500 miles (2500 km) in diameter and are less dark than sunspot umbrae The high-resolution continuum image shows some pores
An opening in a membrane or medium that allows water to pass through
part of ion channel which forms path ions use to move from one side of membrane to other Often lined with some hydrophilic amino acids Sometimes filled with water Pore lengths have been inferred for some ion channels by blocking the pore during conduction experiments using blocking agents with long spacer arms CFTR's pore is estimated to be around 5 8A at its narrowest point Narrow pores will necessitate removal of some or all of an ions hydration shell before allowing passage
any small opening in the skin or outer surface of an animal any tiny hole admitting passage of a liquid (fluid or gas)
to study attentively, as in: Before the presentation, she will likely pore over her notes
any small opening in the skin or outer surface of an animal
The pores of a plant are the tiny holes on its surface. A plant's lungs are the microscopic pores in its leaves
In wood anatomy, a term applied to the cross section of a vessel or of a vascular tracheid
One of the minute orifices in an animal or vegetable membrane, for transpiration, absorption, etc
pore over
to examine something (especially written material) carefully and attentively
pore space
All the pores in a rock; the volume of such pores
pore water
(Jeoloji) [MASS NOUN] Water contained in pores in soil or rock
pore fungus
Any of various basidiomycetous fungi of the families Boletaceae and Polyporaceae, whose basidia line the inside of tubes that lead to exterior pores. Also called polypore
anal pore
The normal physical exit area for undigested solid food in living beings
apical germ pore
A small pore in the outer wall of a fungal spore which is located at the spore apex. It is opposite the hilar appendage and is used for germination
germ pore
A small pore in the outer wall of a fungal spore
nuclear pore complex
A proteinaceous assembly that selectively transports cargoes across the nuclear envelope
To pore
past of pore
The part of the bulk volume of soil not occupied by soil particles
1 the spaces in soil, rock and sediment that are filled by air or water 2 Any small opening in the outer covering of an organism
water-conducting tubes in hardwoods, called vessels, which appear as small openings on cross sections in lumber and wood products
third person singular of pore
Wood cells of comparatively large diameter that have open ends and are set one above the other to form continuous tubes The openings of the vessels on the surface of a piece of wood are referred to as pores
Small openings of tubes where the spores are developed, under the caps of certain mushrooms such as polypores and boletes
The spaces in a gravel aquifer
plural of pore
water pore
One of certain minute pores in the leaves of some plants
water pore
A pore by which the water tubes of various invertebrates open externally
water pore
They are without true guardian cells, but in other respects closely resemble ordinary stomata
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