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İngilizce - Türkçe
İngilizce - İngilizce
A first-rank administrative division of Greece, subdivided in provinces
The outside boundary, parts or surface of something

The suburbs are a city's periphery.

{n} a circumference, a compass
The part of a body away from the center, the outer part or surface
Weakest structural position in the world system
The outside circumference of a drill
The periphery of a subject or area of interest is the part of it that is not considered to be as important or basic as the main part. The sociological study of religion moved from the centre to the periphery of sociology
n the outermost part or region within a precise boundary : a zone constituting an imprecise boundary
the outside boundary or surface of something
The external surface or boundry of an object The surrounding space or area beyond
– The part of the body away from the center
The extreme outer edge of part or drawing
If something is on the periphery of an area, place, or thing, it is on the edge of it. Geographically, the UK is on the periphery of Europe, while Paris is at the heart of the continent
Poor, exploited regions, historically dominated by strong, wealthy countries World-system theory concept denoting militarily weak regions economically dominated by capitalist core, subject to unequal exchange, limited to raw material exports, reliant on labor-intensive production
The circumference of a circle, ellipse, or other figure
An administrative division of Greece
{i} perimeter, circumference; outer border, outer edge
The periphery is the outermost part or region within a precise boundary
The outskirts of Oxford City's administrative boundary
The edge of an awareness cluster--the things and feelings that we have a notion of but can not see clearly This is not part of full awareness, not fixed in a pattern, and not accessible to off-set awareness; and yet it is still there in the cluster and has an influence on it
The outside or superficial portions of a body; the surface
plural of periphery



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    /pərˈəfərē/ /pɜrˈɪfɜriː/


    [ p&-'ri-f(&-)rE ] (noun.) 1571. Middle English periferie Old French peripherie Late Latin peripheria Ancient Greek περιφέρεια (periphereia, “the line around the circle, circumference, part of a circle, an arc, the outer surface”) περιφερής (peripherēs, “moving around, round, circular”) περιφέρω (peripherō, “I carry around, move around”) περί (peri) + φέρω (pherō, “I bear, carry”).

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