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İngilizce - Türkçe
İngilizce - İngilizce
A conference, especially one between enemies
To have a discussion, especially one between enemies

at day break we found the villaine, who, loath to parlee in fire and ſhot, fled amaine and left us.

to converse in
{n} a conference, talk, oral treaty
{v} to talk, to treat by word of mouth
Mutual discourse or conversation; discussion; hence, an oral conference with an enemy, as with regard to a truce
a negotiation between enemies discuss, as between enemies
A parley is a discussion between two opposing people or groups in which both sides try to come to an agreement
When two opposing people or groups parley, they meet to discuss something in order to come to an agreement. a place where we meet and parley I don't think you've ever tried parleying with Gleed, have you?. a discussion in which enemies try to achieve peace (parlée, from parler , from parabola; PARABLE)
a negotiation between enemies
discuss, as between enemies
To speak with another; to confer on some point of mutual concern; to discuss orally; hence, specifically, to confer orally with an enemy; to treat with him by words, as on an exchange of prisoners, an armistice, or terms of peace
{i} discussion, conference; negotiation between enemies
{f} confer with one's adversaries, negotiate with one's enemies
parley with an enemy
negotiate with an enemy
plural of parley