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Türkçe - İngilizce
purehearted, (someone) whose intentions are pure
ak pak
1. very clean. 2. (one) whose hair and beard have gone white. 3. having an attractive fair complexion
ani müdahale kontrol noktası; muharebe sahası içi muhabere güvenlik (COMSEC) pak
(Askeri) incident control point; intertheater communications security (COMSEC) package; interface change proposal; inventory control point
temiz pak
sparklingly clean, spotlessly clean
temiz pak
sparkingly clean
İngilizce - İngilizce
Deliberate misspelling of pack
1 The extension for files archived with the program of the same name You need the program PAK to un-arc an archive with this extension 2 The program itself See also archive, unarchive
(binary) A container/package file, which contains other types of files in an internal directory structure Quake-1 was the first FPS which used these types of files This is the enhanced version of an WAD file
Clean Opposite of Najis
Compressed file archive created by PAK (pak251 exe)
pak choi
Alternative spelling of bok choy
PAK extension
extension of a compressed archive file of the file type PAK (Computers)
PAK file
compressed archive file of the file type PAK (Computers)
pak choi
a green vegetable similar to cabbage that is used in Chinese cooking (paak ts'oi )
Refers to India and Pakistan, and may occasionally include Bangladesh

Indo-Pak War.

Rumble Pak
An attachment to a joystick or joypad, making it vibrate upon certain actions within the game, manufactured by Nintendo for its games consoles
Tetra Pak
a food carton in the form of a tetrahedron
A package of six pills, each one containing 250 mg of the antibacterial azithromycin

The pills in a Z-pak are to be taken as follows: ingest two pills on the first day, at the same time, then ingest one pill a day for the next four days.

Türkçe - Türkçe
(Osmanlı Dönemi) f. Temiz, saf, katıksız. Hep, tamam, mübarek, kudsi
Temiz: "Efendiler, bizim çehremiz her zaman temiz ve pak idi ve daima temiz ve pak kalacaktır."- Atatürk
Temiz, iffetli
Buz hokeyinde kullanılan, sıkıştırılmış plastikten top
ak pak
Saçı sakalı ağarmış
ak pak
Bembeyaz, temiz, parlak
temiz pak
Çok temiz, tertemiz