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İngilizce - İngilizce
Of the state of an element at the time it is generated from some compound
Emerging; just coming into existence

India has a nascent space industry.

{a} beginning to exist or grow
Nascent things or processes are just beginning, and are expected to become stronger or to grow bigger. Kenya's nascent democracy. the still nascent science of psychology. = budding. coming into existence or starting to develop (present participle of nasci )
{s} in the beginning stages of existence; newly developed; originating; in a nascent state (Chemistry)
coming into existence; "a nascent republic"
Commencing, or in process of development; beginning to exist or to grow; coming into being; as, a nascent germ
Evolving; being evolved or produced
nascent hydrogen
monatomic hydrogen that exists transiently after the reduction of a hydrogen ion; generated from zinc and hydrochloric acid; it is a strong reducing agent
nascent protein
A protein as it is being formed by a ribosome before it folds into its active shape
nascent proteins
plural form of nascent protein
nascent state
country in the process of formation