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İngilizce - Türkçe
(isim) hafifletme
(Nükleer Bilimler) hafıfletme
mitigation plan
azaltma planı
mitigation of sentence
(Askeri) CEZANIN HAFİFLETİLMESİ: Askeri mahkeme tarafından verilen bir cezayı, genel mahiyeti aynı kalmak üzere, miktar veya nitelik bakımından indirme

Ormansızlaşmanın azaltılması, iklim değişikliğinin etkilerini azaltmak için tek yoldur. - Reducing deforestation is one way to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

disaster mitigation
afet zararlarını azaltma

Ormansızlaşmanın azaltılması, iklim değişikliğinin etkilerini azaltmak için tek yoldur. - Reducing deforestation is one way to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

loss mitigation
kayıpları azaltmak
hazard mitigation
tehlike azaltma
statutory matter of mitigation
(Kanun) kanuni tahfif sebebi
structural flood mitigation
yapısal sel önlemi
İngilizce - İngilizce
relief; alleviation
to act in such a way as to cause an offense to seem less serious
Measures take to reduce adverse effects on the environment
Actions or design features that reduce a project’s impact on environmental resources Mitigation actions will avoid, minimize and/or compensate for adverse effects on the environment
Actions taken to avoid, minimize, or rectify the impact of a land management practice
(Ticaret) The reduction of damage from risk due to lessening the chance of occurrence, or by minimizing its effect when it does occur
The process of preventing disasters or reducing related hazards Methods of limiting damage can be as simple as placing a fuse box higher on a wall in a flood-prone area, or as costly as strengthening a building's structure to withstand an earthquake The American Red Cross' mitigation efforts include brochures and training videos, local presentations to raise awareness of mitigation, and serving on committees and task forces that coordinate mitigation programs
Steps taken to reduce or reverse the impact of earlier environmental changes or damage, usually caused by human activities For example, if logging removed a bird nesting area, mitigation activities might include planting young trees
means to avoid, minimize, rectify, or reduce an impact, and in some cases, to compensate for an impact
A change or alternative to the proposed project which reduces or eliminates its significant adverse environmental impacts Mitigation can be in the form of traditional offsets, transportation-based mitigation measures that are directly associated with the project under consideration, or mitigation fees to be used to secure off site mitigation
Pre-planned and coordinated operator reactions to infrastructure warning and/or incidents designed to reduce or minimize impacts; support and complement emergency, investigatory, and crisis management response; and facilitate reconstitution
The taking of actions that reduce the harmful effects of a disaster Mitigation accepts the occurrence of extreme natural phenomena, but attempts to limit both human and property loss
Measures taken to reduce adverse impacts on the environment To make less severe, as in the "mitigation" of enviromental hazards
Steps taken to avoid or minimize negative environmental impacts Mitigation can include: avoiding the impact by not taking a certain action; minimizing impacts by limiting the degree or magnitude of the action; rectifying the impact by repairing or restoring the affected environment; reducing the impact by protective steps required with the action; and compensating for the impact by replacing or providing substitute resources
This refers to the options for reducing or removing negative environmental impacts and consists of three basic options: Remove the problem by the use of alternative sites, locations or operating conditions; reduce the problem by similar methods; or compensate for the problem by remediation, replacement or payments in cash or kind Recommended mitigation may also include the provision of additional specific measures or inputs, which may be funded or implemented independently of the main project
An action or series of actions to offset the adverse impacts that would otherwise cause a regulated activity to fail to meet the criteria set forth in the Basis of Review Mitigation usually consists of restoration, enhancement, creation, preservation or a combination there of
mitigation has two distinct meanings in law On the one hand it is the steps which a person must take to minimize the loss which they incur for example when the other party to a contract has broken the terms of that contract In other words, the wronged party cannot simply let a loss continue to mount up and then hold the other person responsible - they must attempt to limit the damage caused The other main meaning is that it is the facts which are put forward, normally in a criminal case, as to why the convicted person should be given a lesser sentence than they would otherwise receive Such a "plea in mitigation" will be considered by the judge before sentencing takes place
A method or procedures which may: (1) avoid an impact altogether by not taking a certain action or parts of an action; (2) minimize impacts by limiting the degree or magnitude of the action and its implementation: (3) rectify the impact by repairing, rehabilitating, or restoring the affected environment; (4) reduce or eliminate the impact over time by preservation and maintenance operations during the life of the action; and (5) compensate for the impact by replacing or providing substitute resources or environments
A system whereby the adverse impacts of an activity on the environment are minimized or cancelled by requiring the party to limit the action or replace the resources affected; the term is commonly used in connection with §404 of the Clean Water Act to require parties who drain wetlands to mitigate by constructing or restoring wetlands of equal size somewhere else on the property The 1990 farm bill amends swampbuster to provide for mitigation
Measures taken to reduce the harmful effects of a disaster by attempting to limit the disaster's impact on human health and economic infrastructure (Landesman definition) See also hazard mitigation
a partial excuse to mitigate censure; an attempt to represent an offense as less serious than it appears by showing mitigating circumstances
actions taken to prevent, avoid, minimise or repair the actual or potential adverse effects of an activity
Mitigation is a reduction in the unpleasantness, seriousness, or painfulness of something. the mitigation or cure of a physical or mental condition. = alleviation
The act of mitigating, or the state of being mitigated; abatement or diminution of anything painful, harsh, severe, afflictive, or calamitous; as, the mitigation of pain, grief, rigor, severity, punishment, or penalty
Measures taken to reduce adverse impacts on the environment
A means of reducing the significance of adverse effects Under CEAA, mitigation is "the elimination, reduction or control of the adverse environmental effects of the project, and includes restitution for any damage to the environment caused by such effects through replacement, restoration, compensation or any other means"
If someone, especially in a court, is told something in mitigation, they are told something that makes a crime or fault easier to understand and excuse. Kieran Coonan QC told the judge in mitigation that the offences had been at the lower end of the scale
The reduction of damage from risk due to lessening the chance of occurrence, or by minimizing its effect when it does occur mixed-mode manufacturing- An environment that uses a combination of discrete, repetitive or process manufacturing instead of only one type A company may produce major lower level subassemblies in high volumes using repetitive, schedule-based techniques while using a discrete production order-based method to conduct final assembly operations for specific customer orders
Measures taken to reduce adverse effects on the environment
A process of minimizing or compensating for damages to natural habitats, caused by human developments These activities are designed to decrease the degree of damage to an ecosystem They may include restoration, enhancement, or creation According to the Clean Water Act, mitigation is a sequential process that includes avoiding impacts, then minimizing impacts, and lastly, compensating for impacts
{i} act of mitigating; appeasement, relaxation; softening in force or severity; lessening the impact or intensity of; condition of becoming less severe; condition of being assuaged (about punishments, circumstances, emotions, etc.)
For purposes of Section 10/404 and consistent with the Council of Environmental Quality Regulations, the Section 404(b)(1) Guidelines and the Memorandum of Agreement Between the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of the Army Concerning the Determination of Mitigation under the Clean Water Act Section 404 (b)(1) Guidelines, mitigation means sequentially avoiding impacts, minimizing impacts, and compensating for remaining unavoidable impacts [top]
{n} allayment
mitigation of punishment
lessening of the severity of a punishment
mitigation of sentence
lessening on a punishment, making a penalty less severe
mitigation plan
An action plan developed in an Alternative Urban Areawide Review for how environmental effects will be avoided, including mitigation measures, legal and financial measures and institutional arrangements
mitigation plan
a proposal to reduce or alleviate potentially harmful impacts
to make milder or more endurable
make less severe or harsh; "mitigating circumstances"
{v} to alleviation, diminution
to soften; to meliorate; to alleviate; to diminish; to lessen; as, to mitigate heat or cold; to mitigate grief
make less severe or harsh; "mitigating circumstances
lessen or to try to lessen the seriousness or extent of; "The circumstances extenuate the crime"
Action taken by one party in an attempt to reduce damages caused by another
{f} soften in force or severity; lessen the impact or intensity of; appease, make easier, sweeten; be assuaged, become less severe (about punishments, circumstances, emotions, etc.)
To lessen the severity
To mitigate something means to make it less unpleasant, serious, or painful. ways of mitigating the effects of an explosion = alleviate. to make a situation or the effects of something less unpleasant, harmful, or serious = alleviate (past participle of mitigare , from mitis )
To make less severe i e steps to eliminate further damage after a loss occurs
To make mild and accessible; to mollify; - - applied to persons
To reduce, lessen, or decrease
To cause to become less harsh, hostile or in the security field, to lessen the impact of a potential loss event through various security devices, programs and devices
To make less severe
The action of reducing or minimizing the severity of the impact or likelihood of a risk or an event Risk mitigation usually consists of management strategies such as: insurance, transfer to a more acceptable risk, etc
To make less severe, intense, harsh, rigorous, painful, etc
to allevieate intensive geological processes that have on impact on land surface and on society itself
To mitigate is to make less severe or intense; to modulate
To create, restore, or enhance a natural system, such as an estuary or wetland, to maintain the functional characteristics and processes of that system



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