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İngilizce - İngilizce
a person who is untrained or lacks knowledge of a subject

should he be held to be just a layman, or does he have some art?.

lay-sister or lay-brother, person received into a convent of monks, following the vows, but not being member of the order
a generally ignorant person
by analogy, someone who is not a professional in a given field

Let me explain it to you in layman's terms.

layperson, someone who is not an ordained cleric or member of the clergy
a common person
{n} one of the laity, a kind of image
The term layman or layperson originated from the use of the term laity, but over the centuries, changed definition to mean a person who is a non-expert in a given field of knowledge
A layman is a person who is not trained, qualified, or experienced in a particular subject or activity. The mere mention of the words `heart failure', can conjure up, to the layman, the prospect of imminent death expert
A lay figure
One of the people, in distinction from the clergy; one of the laity; sometimes, a man not belonging to some particular profession, in distinction from those who do
someone who is not a clergyman or a professional person
A layman is a man who is involved with the Christian church but is not a member of the clergy or a monk. In 1932, one Boston layman wrote to Archbishop William O'Connell in support of Father Coughlin
{i} one who is not a member of the clergy; member of the laity; one who does not belong to a particular profession
See under Lay, n
in layman's terms
Phrased simply, without jargon

Okay, let me explain this in layman's terms.

A layman
Plural of layman