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İngilizce - Türkçe
seyir defteri

Herhangi bir gazeteye ya da dergiye abone oldunuz mu? - Have you subscribed to any newspapers or journals?

Herhangi bir gazeteye ya da dergiye abone oldun mu? - Did you subscribe to any newspapers or journals?

{i} yevmiye defteri
{i} şaft yatağı
meclis zabıt defteri
{i} günlük

Babam her gün bir günlük tutar. - My dad keeps a journal every day.

Bir günlük tutuyor musun? - Are you keeping a journal?

(Askeri) harp ceridesi
(İnşaat) mil ucu
(Arılık) yayın

Bu yayıncı için yazan gazeteciler tarafsız değiller. - The journalists who write for this publisher are not impartial.


O, gazetecilikte büyük bir adamdır. - He is a big man in journalism.

Gazeteci, teröristler tarafından kaçırıldı. - The journalist was kidnapped by terrorists.

{i} tic. günlük defter, yevmiye defteri
milin yataklara oturan kısmı
parlamentonun her günkü çalışmasının yazıldığı defter
{i} jurnal
seyir jurnalı
journal box mil kovanı
{i} anı defteri
{i} bülten
(Askeri) HARP CERİDESİ: Seferde, olayların cereyan şekline ve alınan emir, haber vesairenin geliş sırasına göre, birlikler veya karargah şubeleri tarafından tutulan günlük vukuat kaydı
journal bearing çarkın mil yatağı
{i} gündem
{i} den. seyir defteri
journal bearing
(Mekanik) kaymalı yatak
journal box
şaft kovanı
journal entries
(Bilgisayar) günlük girişleri
journal entry
(Bilgisayar) günlük girişi
journal entry
(Bilgisayar) günlük girdisi
journal bearing
çarkın mil yatağı
journal box
mil kovanı
journal entry
yevmiye kaydı
journal article
Gazete makalesi
journal book
Yevmiye defteri
journal box
Mil kovanı, mil yatağı
journal bearing
çarkın mil yatağı,mil yatağı
journal bearing
mil kovanı
journal bronze
jurnal bronzu
journal comment
(Bilgisayar) günlük açıklaması
journal diameter
jurnal çapı
journal file
Günlük Dosyası
journal items
(Bilgisayar) günlük öğeleri
journal method
(Ticaret) yevmiye yöntemi
journal method
(Ticaret) yevmiye metodu
journal module
(Bilgisayar) günlük modülü
journal options
(Bilgisayar) günlük seçenekleri
journal quota
(Bilgisayar) kotayı günlüğe kaydet
journal record
(Bilgisayar) günlük kaydı
journal voucher
(Ticaret) hareketli föy
{i} günlük yardım
construction journal
(İnşaat) inşaat günlüğü
official journal
(Politika, Siyaset) resmi gazete
receive journal
(Bilgisayar) günlük al
site journal
(İnşaat) şantiye günlüğü
accounting journal billy
muhasebe günlüğü
axle journal
dingil ucu
cam journal
kam muylusu
cam journal
eksantrik muylusu
general journal
genel yevmiye defteri
accounting journal
muhasebe günlüğü
advertising journal
reklam dergi
brokerage journal
komisyoncunun yevmiyesi
cash receipt journal
kasa tahsilat yevmiyesi
cashbook journal
kasa yevmiyesi
columnar journal
kolonlu yevmiye defteri
compound journal
bileşik yevmiye maddesi
cost journal
masraf defteri
engineer's journal
mühendislik günlüğü
general journal
ana yevmiye defteri
heading of journal
Derginin başlığı
learned journal
öğrendim dergi
trade journal
Ticaret gazetesi
{i} günlük gazete

Hikaye tüm günlük gazetelerdeydi. - The story was in all daily newspapers.

Günlük gazete dünya'nın sorunlarını kahvaltı masasına getirir. - The daily newspaper brings the world's problems to the breakfast table.

axle journal
batch journal
(Bilgisayar) toplu işlem günlüğü
computer journal
bilgisayar gunlugu bilgisayar dergisi
crank journal
krank jurnali
crank shaft journal
(Otomotiv) krank yatağı
drilling journal
sondaj günlüğü
intelligence journal
(Askeri) İSTİHBARAT CERİDESİ: Belirli bir dönemi, genellikle 24 saati, kapsayan istihbarat faaliyetlerinin kronolojik kaydı. Gelen ve giden mesajların ve raporların, meydana gelen önemli olayların ve yapılan işlemlerin bir endeksidir. Kalıcı ve resmi bir kayıttır
intelligence journal
(Askeri) istihbarat ceridesi
keep a journal
günlük tutmak
ledger journal
(Ticaret) yevmiyeli defteri kebir
ledger journal
(Ticaret) defterikebirli yevmiye
official journal of the european communities
(Avrupa Birliği) (OPOCE) Avrupa Toplulukları Resmi Gazetesi
official journal of the european communities
(Avrupa Birliği) (EUR-OP, OPOCE) Avrupa Toplulukları Resmi Gazetesi
petty cash journal
(Ticaret) küçük kasa yevmiyesi
professional journal
meslek dergisi
purchase journal
(Ticaret) alış yevmiyesi
reversal of a journal entry
(Ticaret) iptal maddesi
reversal of a journal entry
(Ticaret) kapanış maddesi
reversal of a journal entry
(Ticaret) ters madde
sale journal
(Ticaret) satış yevmiyesi
sales journal
(Ticaret) satış yevmiyesi
simple journal
(Ticaret) iki sütunlu yevmiye
unit journal
(Askeri) BİRLİK HARP CERİDESİ: Bir birlik veya karargah şubesi tarafından tutulan, günlük olaylarla gelen emir ve raporları, tarih sırasıyla kayda yarayan çizelge veya defter Ayrıca bak "experience tables"
İngilizce - İngilizce

his faint steedes watred in Ocean deepe, / Whiles from their iournall labours they did rest .

A diary or daily record of a person, organization, vessel etc
The part of a shaft or axle that rests on bearings
A newspaper or magazine dealing with a particular subject
A chronological record of changes made to a database or other system; along with a backup or image copy that allows recovery after a failure or reinstatement to a previous time; a log
To scrapbook
To archive or record something
{n} a diary, book, newspaper
a record book as a physical object
a daily written record of (usually personal) experiences and observations
the part of the axle contained by a bearing a record book as a physical object a periodical dedicated to a particular subject; "he reads the medical journals
of Axle box
a type of periodical including ones that are issued by a society or institution and contain news, proceedings, transactions and articles about work carried out in a particular discipline Intended for a scholarly audience Compare with magazine
An accounting record in which transactions are first entered; provides a chronological record of all business activities
a periodical; a magazine
A periodical on a specialized topic Journals are often published by a professional association, society, foundation, or institute A Refereed journal is one in which the process to determine if an article will be accepted for publication is done by the writer's professional colleagues, or peers (also known as the peer review process) Sometimes refereed journals are also called Scholarly journals See also Magazine or Refereed journal
the part of the axle contained by a bearing
periodical publication containing scholarly articles The term also can apply to magazines and newspapers
A diary; an account of daily transactions and events
which turns in a bearing or box
A journal is a magazine, especially one that deals with a specialized subject. All our results are published in scientific journals
A daily register of the ship's course and distance, the winds, weather, incidents of the voyage, etc
A journal is an account which you write of your daily activities. Sara confided to her journal = diary
The official chronological record of the proceedings in each house The journal is the minutes of the meeting It is a publication printed daily At the end of session, the journals are certified, indexed and bound
Daily; diurnal
A type of periodical containing articles about a particular discipline
A type of periodical which contains signed scholarly articles Journals are usually published by academic or association presses and include bibliographies
A publication, issued on a regular basis, which contains scholarly research published as articles, papers, research reports, or technical reports (See also Magazine ; Periodical)
A periodical devoted to disseminating current research and information about developments within a specific field of scholarly inquiry, usually published quarterly or bimonthly, and bound into annual volumes paginated continuously within each volume Most journal articles are longer than five pages and include a bibliography or list of works cited at the end Journal articles in the sciences and social sciences usually include an abstract immediately before the first paragraph of text, which summarizes the content
That which has occurred in a day; a day's work or travel; a day's journey
A scholarly periodical which is usually read by people in a particular profession or academic subject area Journal articles are based upon research and usually have extensive footnotes and bibliography
A periodical, often issued by a society or institution, containing news, proceedings, transactions and reports of work carried out in a particular field Journal articles tend to be written in an academic or scholarly style
The record of daily proceedings, kept by the clerk
A periodical, particularly one containing scholarly articles and/or disseminating current information on research and development in a particular subject field (e g The Journal of the American Medical Association)
{f} write in a journal, write in a diary
A work that is published at a regular interval, under the same title, and is intended to appear indefinitely Journals are often published by a society, association or institution and contain articles about research carried out in a particular subject area Journals are often intended for a scholarly audience Journal articles usually undergo some kind of review before being accepted for publication in a journal Journals may be described as
{i} newspaper; magazine; diary, record of daily occurrences; daybook, bookkeeping ledger (Accounting); daily record of official transactions (of an organization or legislative body); part of a machine axle or shaft held up by a bearing
type of periodical, often issued by a society or institution, containing news, proceedings, transactions, and articles about work carried out in a particular discipline and intended for a scholarly audience
A journal is a daily or weekly newspaper. The word journal is often used in the name of the paper. He was a newspaperman for The New York Times and some other journals
That portion of a rotating piece, as a shaft, axle, spindle, etc
J Journal - a periodical containing scholarly articles written by authorities or experts in a given field of study
a ledger in which transactions have been recorded as they occurred
(Otomotiv) The area on the crankshaft that fits into the lower portion of the connecting rod. A layer of oil and metal bearings cushions the movement of the connecting rod around the journal to prevent premature wear
A type of periodical, often issued by a society or institution, containing news, proceedings, transactions and articles about work carried out in a particular discipline Intended for a scholarly audience These are often refereed (see below) by a committee of peer reviewers
The official chronological record of the proceedings of the Senate and House, certified, indexed, printed, and bound at the close of each session
A publication that contains scholarly articles written either by professors, researchers, or experts in a subject area An abstract and a bibliography often appear with each article
a periodical dedicated to a particular subject; "he reads the medical journals"
A periodical, especially one containing scholarly articles and/or disseminating current information on research and development in a particular subject or professional field
A periodical on a single topic published by an academic or association press It will contain original research A journal is more scholarly than a magazine you would buy in a grocery store or a newsstand Journal articles are signed by the author(s) and include a bibliography
The official publication that records the legislative proceedings of each chamber, including record vote information The journal of each house is printed daily in pamphlet form and subsequently compiled and indexed for publication in bound volumes after the conclusion of a regular or special session of the legislature
A publication which has scholarly information, usually written by professors, researchers, or experts in a subject area , and not intended for the general public See magazine
A book of accounts, in which is entered a condensed and grouped statement of the daily transactions
A newspaper published daily; by extension, a weekly newspaper or any periodical publication, giving an account of passing events, the proceedings and memoirs of societies, etc
A diary or daily record of a person
Journal of the Association for Computing Machinery
professional journal that published articles on current trends and research in computer science, JACM
journal bearing
the bearing of a journal
journal bearing
bearing of a journal in which a shaft rotates or slides
journal box
box for a journal, box for keeping the part of a machine axle or shaft that is held up by a bearing, box for holding the journal bearing
journal box
A housing in a machine enclosing a journal and its bearings
journal box
metal housing for a journal bearing
art journal
A collection of words and images in a diary that chronicles the ideas, memories, and thoughts of an artist. Pages within an art journal include words, pictures and even embellishments
electronic journal, a journal published in electronic form
peer-reviewed journal
an academic journal, the content of which has been subjected to an independent peer review process
symptom journal
A means of regularly tracking and recording individuals’ symptoms and daily health choices in relationship to their health outcomes including, but not limited to: nutrition, exercise, medications, treatment, self-care, stress levels, sleep, and work
Air Force Journal
daily record of air force activity
Atlanta Journal Constitution
major daily newspaper published in Georgia (USA)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Daily morning newspaper published in Atlanta, Ga. , based largely on the former Atlanta Constitution. Generally regarded as the "voice of the New South," the Constitution counted among the great newspapers of the U.S. It became a leader among Southern papers soon after its founding in 1868, and a succession of outstanding editors contributed to its distinction: Henry W. Grady (1850-89), in the late 1870s and 1880s; Clark Howell (1897-1938); and Ralph McGill, who served as both editor (1942-60) and publisher (1960-69). In 1950 it was bought by James M. Cox, who already owned the evening Atlanta Journal (founded 1883); for many years a merged paper, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, was published on weekends until the two papers were fully merged in 2001
Edmonton Journal
large daily newspaper for the Edmonton metropolitan area (Canada)
Ladies Home Journal
monthly American magazine for women devoted to topics of general interest (beauty, family, career, home, cooking, etc.)
Ladies' Home Journal
U.S. monthly magazine, one of the oldest in the country and long the trendsetter among women's magazines. Founded in 1883 as a supplement to the Tribune and Farmer (1879-85), it began an independent publication in 1884. Under the editorship (1889-1919) of Edward Bok, its circulation surpassed that of any other U.S. publication. Bok revolutionized the women's magazine field by offering high-quality fiction and nonfiction, establishing service departments that answered letters from readers, and conveying a sense of intimacy. After the mid-20th century Ladies' Home Journal was overtaken in circulation by its rival, McCall's. It was acquired in 1986 by the Meredith Corporation, which also publishes Better Homes and Gardens
New England Journal of Medicine
American journal in which doctors and medical researchers publish studies and new discoveries (one of the premier journals in the medical profession)
New England Journal of Medicine
a US journal (=serious magazine) for doctors, surgeons, and other people working in medicine, which has technical reports on new methods of medical treatment, medicines, drugs etc Lancet, the JAMA
The Wall Street Journal
U.S. daily national newspaper, the most influential American business-oriented paper and one of the most respected dailies in the world. Founded in 1889 by Charles H. Dow, founder of Dow Jones & Co., it quickly won success. Beginning in the Great Depression, the Wall Street Journal began to feature more articles, reviews, and opinion on other subjects. Published in New York City and with regional editions printed across the country, it has one of the highest daily circulations of any U.S. newspaper. It is also published in Asian, European, and other special editions
Wall Street Journal
a respected US daily newspaper, which is also sold in many other countries and which deals mainly with business and economics Financial Times, The
Wall Street Journal
{i} leading daily newspaper in the United States that focuses on financial and economic matters
electronic journal
A copy of a print journal with full-text articles that may be read off the Web, or sometimes, a journal that is published only on the Web and never on paper
electronic journal
A publication, often scholarly, that is made accessible in a computerized format and distributed over the Internet An electronic journal or e-journal may have a traditional paper counterpart or historical antecedent
electronic journal
the version of a journal appearing on the Web; sometimes this is identical to the printed version, sometimes it will contain additional material or will include updates, and sometimes the Web version is the sole version
electronic journal
or E-journal-The computerized form of a serial publication usually distributed over the Internet An electronic journal or e-journal may have a traditional paper counterpart or may have been previously published in a print format The Periodical Cat lists many electronic journals
electronic journal
A journal, or version of a journal that is produced online
electronic journal
A journal published in electronic format, usually in either a CD ROM or Web medium
electronic journal
A journal which is available electronically It may be available in electronic format only, or it may have a print equivalent Some are available free of charge, others require payment or a subscription
electronic journal
A digital publication, often scholarly, distributed over the Internet An e-journal may or may not have a traditional paper counterpart or historical antecedent, e g the journal, De Rebus can be found in both paper and electronic versions The electronic versions of journals are available through the RAU Library, and the shelf numbers for the paper copies can be found in bRAUs [Top]
electronic journal
A journal that is accessible via the Internet; also known as an e-journal
electronic journal
A publication, often scholarly, that is made accessible in a computerized format and distributed over the Internet There is a list of the electronic journals that UC Library subscribes to on the Library’s Home Page
electronic journal
A online publication that is organized like a traditional printed journal, either an online version of a printed journal or a journal that has only an online existence
electronic journal
a journal whose issues are online - just like the print version, but online
electronic journal
A periodical distributed in electronic form Also known asan e-journal
and publications Top
A specialized or scholarly periodical such as the New England Journal of Medicine Articles in journals are written by professionals for others in the same field and often use specialized terminology Many articles in journals have a reference list or list of works cited at the end of the article
Recordings of personal events, experiences, and reflections
Periodicals that specialize in a specific subject area
Publications that come out in parts on a regular basis (weekly, monthly, annually) and contain scholarly articles written by various authors Also known as serials, periodicals or magazines
Form of record keeping in which students respond in writing to specific probes or questions from the teacher
publication published regularly (monthly or longer) with reports on original research or experiments on topics in a specific subject area; information is documented with citations to sources
These are also known as periodicals, serials and magazines Our catalogue uses the term 'serial'
| A journal is a written record, maintained over time, that may contain information, observations, feelings, questions, reactions, or any other kind of commentary that the writer chooses to include Some journals are like diaries, used for recording daily experiences; others are like learning logs, used to summarize and react to classroom learning experiences A key feature of a journal is that teacher and students recognize the writing as first-draft work The work does not need to be corrected or revised and is not judged for the clarity or completeness of its information or for the accuracy of spelling, punctuation, and other aspects of language usage (See also Dialogue Journal, Double Entry Journal, Learning Log, and Reader Response Journal)
The House and Senate Journals are the official printed records of the activities of the respective houses The respective Clerk's office prints the journals on the day following each session day
{i} (Economics) academic periodicals
"Journals provide a place for students to retell and reflect on happenings from their lives Journals are informal and used as a vehicle to encourage students to get their thoughts and experiences on paper They can serve as a source of ideas for writing projects in writers’ workshop See types below: Class: A common log in which to record observations about a class pet, activity, field trip, etc
plural of journal
regularly issued publications (i e , periodicals) that contains articles usually documenting research studies written by experts for other experts in a subject area
The Journals of the House and Journals of the Senate are the official account of the daily sessions of the General Court The Journals contain the procedural information of the process of legislative events The Journals do not contain debate
third-person singular of journal
operations journal
diary for recording events chronologically
scientific journal
monthly periodical that deals with scientific research in a certain field
unit journal
journal used to record events that take place during a war