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İngilizce - Türkçe
(Bilgisayar) çalıştır
(Politika, Siyaset) yürürlüğe girmek
dua etmek
başvurmak: "He invoked his diplomatic immunity. - Diplomatik dokunulmazlığına başvurdu.", "He invoked Plato in defense of his thesis. - Tezini savunmak için Eflatun'a başvurdu."
(ruh) çağırmak
(Allaha) yakarmak, yalvarmak
(yardım, koruma v.b.'ni) istemek
yardım için başvur
{f} yardım istemek
dile,yardım için başvur
çağır/rica et/dua et
{f} yalvarmak
{f} başvurmak: He invoked his diplomatic immunity
himayesini dilemek
{f} hatırlatmak
(Hukuk) yasanın himayesine sığınmak
(Bilgisayar) çağrılıyor
İngilizce - İngilizce
To cause (a program or subroutine) to execute

Interactive programs let the users enter choices and invoke the corresponding routines.

To solicit, petition for, appeal to a favorable attitude

The envoy invoked the King of Kings's magnanimity to reduce his province's tribute after another draught.

To bring about as an inevitable consequence

Blasphemy is taboo as it may invoke divine wrath.

To call upon (a person, especially a god) for help, assistance or guidance
To conjure up with incantations

This satanist ritual invokes Beelzebub.

To appeal for validation to a (notably cited) authority

In certain Christian circles invoking the Bible equals irrefutable proof.

to call on for assistance or protection
Cause a method to be executed
If you invoke something such as a principle, a saying, or a famous person, you refer to them in order to support your argument. He invoked memories of Britain's near-disastrous disarmament in the 1930s
cite as an authority; resort to; "He invoked the law that would save him"; "I appealed to the law of 1900"; "She invoked an ancient law
To cause execution of a block of code, particularly a procedure or subprocedure Invoke also is used to indicate application of a method to an object
To call upon; used especially with reference to subprograms For example, to invoke a function is to execute the function
request earnestly (something from somebody); ask for aid or protection; "appeal to somebody for help"; "Invoke God in times of trouble"
to type a command to cause a program to be run; to call
evoke or call forth, with or as if by magic; "raise the specter of unemployment"; "he conjured wild birds in the air"; "stir a disturbance"; "call down the spirits from the mountain"
Send a message to an object Object COBOL defines a new verb, INVOKE, to enable you to send messages
To ritually "call in" a spirit, entity or energy higher than that of the human form This is most commonly recognised through the ritual of Drawing Down the Moon The purpose can vary from wishing to contact a loved one who has passed over to drawing upon the wisdom and knowledge of the chosen Deity However, I would strongly advise against using this practise until you are entirely confident of being stable enough to handle such strong energies within your own body
If something such as a piece of music invokes a feeling or an image, it causes someone to have the feeling or to see the image. Many people consider this use to be incorrect. The music invoked the wide open spaces of the prairies. = evoke
If you invoke a law, you state that you are taking a particular action because that law allows or tells you to. The judge invoked an international law that protects refugees
Inviting deity or guardians into a ritual
(v ) to call a subroutine by a CALL statement or by a defined assignment statement To call a function by a reference to it by name or operator during the evaluation of an expression
One of the CHAIMS language primitives used to initiate remote execution of a megamodule
{f} requests help or protection (from a deity); summon a spirit through witchcraft; request, make an appeal; pray; activate a command, cause a certain action (Computers)
To call on for aid or protection; to invite earnestly or solemnly; to summon; to address in prayer; to solicit or demand by invocation; to implore; as, to invoke the Supreme Being, or to invoke His and blessing
v To call a spirit or Deity into the Circle
When a spell or psionic power is activated
To start a command, procedure, or program
induce execution of; call
cite as an authority; resort to; "He invoked the law that would save him"; "I appealed to the law of 1900"; "She invoked an ancient law"
One who appeals for validation to a (notably cited) authority
One who calls upon (a person, especially a god) for help, assistance or guidance

An invoker of God's mercy.

That which causes a program or subroutine to execute
One who conjures up spirits with incantations
One who solicits, petitions for, appeals to a favorable attitude
Someone who induces as an inevitable consequence
{v} to call upon to pray to
To invoke
past of invoke
third-person singular of invoke
present participle of invoke