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İngilizce - Türkçe
İngilizce - İngilizce
Harass with persistent requests
Approach to offer one's services as a prostitute
Grievous, severe, exacting

And therewithall he fiercely at him flew, / And with importune outrage him assayld .

to harass with persistent demands or entreaties
Troublesome; vexatious; persistent; urgent; hence, vexatious on account of untimely urgency or pertinacious solicitation
To request or solicit, with urgency; to press with frequent, unreasonable, or troublesome application or pertinacity; hence, to tease; to irritate; to worry
Inopportune; unseasonable
beg persistently and urgently; "I importune you to help them
beg persistently and urgently; "I importune you to help them"
To import; to signify
To require; to demand
Approach to offer ones services as a prostitute
{f} pester, harass with insistent demands, persistently beseech
disapproval If someone importunes another person, they ask them for something or ask them to do something, in an annoying way. One can no longer walk the streets without seeing beggars importuning passers by. = pester. to ask someone for something continuously in an annoying or unreasonable way beg (importuner, from importunus )
The act by which somebody is importuned; pleading harassment
Present participle of importune
{a} troublesome, urgent, unseasonable
{v} to tease with solicitations
past of importune
third-person singular of importune