listen to the pronunciation of hot-blooded
İngilizce - İngilizce
Easily angered or excited; lustful; passionate; excitable
prone to emotion; "hot-blooded Latin-Americans"
If you describe someone as hot-blooded, you mean that they are very quick to express their emotions, especially anger and love. Both of these dancers knew full well why they attracted the attentions of two hot-blooded young men. cold-blooded. having very strong emotions such as anger or love, that are difficult to control = passionate
prone to emotion; "hot-blooded Latin-Americans
{s} easily excited, hot tempered, passionate, reckless, bad tempered
hot blood
excitable temperament, stormy nature
easily angered
Having hot blood; excitable; high-spirited; irritable; ardent; passionate
spirited, rash, reckless