listen to the pronunciation of forethought
İngilizce - İngilizce
Thinking in advance, planning, anticipation

With a little forethought we'd have planned for this contingency and not been stuck here now.

{i} foresight, advance planning, thinking out in advance
A thinking or planning beforehand; prescience; premeditation; forecast; provident care
judiciousness in avoiding harm or danger; "he exercised caution in opening the door"; "he handled the vase with care"
If you act with forethought, you think carefully before you act about what will be needed, or about what the consequences will be. With a little forethought many accidents could be avoided. careful thought or planning before you do something foresight the forethought to do sth
Thought of, or planned, beforehand; aforethought; prepense; hence, deliberate
planning or plotting in advance of acting