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İngilizce - Türkçe
{s} sarkık
yumuşak ve sarkık
(Bilgisayar) flopi disk

Bu diskete format atmamalısın. - You mustn't format this floppy disk.

Bu disketi kopyalama. - Don't duplicate this floppy.

{s} gevşek
{s} yumuşak ve kenarları sarkık
{s} yumuşak
(Bilgisayar) disket kullanarak
flop disk
floppy disk
(Bilgisayar,Teknik) flopi disk
floppy disk
(Bilgisayar) yumuşak disk
floppy disks
floppy disk

Bu tek bir diskete sığar. - It fits on a single floppy disk.

Bu bilgisayarın disket sürücüsü var. - This computer has a floppy disk drive.

floppy disk
bilg. disket, esnek disk
floppy disk
manyetik disk
floppy disk controllers
(Bilgisayar) disket denetleyicileri
floppy driver
(Bilgisayar) floppy sürücü
floppy ears
sarkık kulaklar
floppy install
(Bilgisayar) disket'ten yükleme
floppy mode
(Bilgisayar) disket kipi
floppy disk
(Askeri,Bilgisayar) esnek disk
dual floppy system
çift disket sürücülü sistem
boot floppy
(Bilgisayar) açılış disketi
compressed floppy disk
(Bilgisayar) sıkıştırılmış disket
high density floppy disk
yüksek yoğunluklu disket
internal floppy drive
İç Disket Sürücü
İngilizce - İngilizce
Limp, not hard, firm, or rigid; flexible

The smile, the white collar worn with a dark shirt, the floppy breast-pocket handkerchief would surely be famous when the chaps in the rows behind were mere forgotten grins and frowns.

A floppy disk
External hardware storage for documents or software (old technology)
A somewhat historical term for a small mass storage device in a removable cartridge, meant to be read/written to in a compatible drive See "diskette "
{i} small and flexible removable disc for storing computer data, magnetic disc for the computer
a small plastic magnetic disk enclosed in a stiff envelope with a radial slit; used to store data or programs for a microcomputer; "floppy disks are noted for their relatively slow speed and small capacity and low price"
Typically a 3 5" micro diskette with 1 44MB storage capacity
a 3 1/2 inch disk where data can be stored
The state of your wallet after purchasing a computer
Having a tendency to flop or flap; as, a floppy hat brim
{s} flexible; not hard (about a computer disk); slack, loose
Floppy disk of Diskette - Magnetic storage media Together with tape one of the first media for this purpose There were floppies in different sizes from 8" to 5 1/4" later on the wellknown 3 1/2" which are still in use
Refers to a place where information is stored i e a floppy disk
hanging limply; "a spaniel with floppy ears"
stamping tool (with joints) that is more flexible, allowing closer imprinting to walls
a 3½ floppy disk (the floppy part is inside) used to store files
When you run out of Polygrip
Small bird FF: RoeBoot
(Disk) Strange term, as the current standard is not floppy at all! The early ones were Basically a small-ish capacity removable disk, that can be written to or read from Useful as back ups or for transfer between computers Slow to access - Slower than all the above Stores 1 44MB of data
Something that is floppy is loose rather than stiff, and tends to hang downwards. the girl with the floppy hat and glasses. something that is floppy is soft and hangs down loosely rather than being stiff
A somewhat historical term for a small mass storage device in a removable cartridge, meant to be read/written to in a compatible drive See Diskette
One of several types of magnetic storage media The term "floppy" refers to any disk that is made of a flexible material, such as Mylar, instead of some type of metal Almost all floppy disks used now are 3 ½ inch (which hold a maximum of 1 44 megabytes) The smaller, higher capacity disks have become the industry standard, with their older, larger counterparts disappearing into obscurity
An extremely common type of removable disk Floppies do not hold too much data, but most computers are capable of reading them Note though that there are different competing format used for floppies, so that a floppy written by one type of computer might not directly work on another Also sometimes called "diskette"
An increasingly rare storage medium consisting of a thin magnetic film disk housed in a protective sleeve
hanging limply; "a spaniel with floppy ears
This is the 5 ½ Inch magnetic disk that was supplied in a flexible casing, hence the name Floppies have fallen out of general use - but matra has retained functioning floppy disk drives to create license disks and on-line manuals for the convenience of end users who still use floppies Windows 95 and Windows 98 systems refer to the small hard 3 ½ inch drive as a floppy drive as well, because the actual magnetically coated media within that hard plastic shell is similar to a true floppy disk
floppy baby syndrome
floppy disk
A removable disk used for storing digital data, measuring between 2 and 8 inches diagonally and storing between 80 KB and 240 MB
floppy disk drive
A floppy drive; a disk drive for floppy disks
floppy disk drives
plural form of floppy disk drive
floppy diskette
Alternative name of floppy disk
floppy diskette drive
A computer hardware device to read and write data from removable soft, so-called floppy, diskettes

Floppy diskette drives ultimately became obsolete with the arrival of more efficient media, such as the memory stick.

floppy diskettes
plural form of floppy diskette
floppy disks
plural form of floppy disk
floppy drive
A computer hardware device used for reading and writing on removable floppy disks, such as 3.5", 5.25" or 8" diskettes
floppy drives
plural form of floppy drive
floppy infant syndrome
floppy disc
small and flexible disc for storing computer data, magnetic disc for the computer
floppy disk
floppy, diskette A magnetic storage medium with a flexible disk inside; cf hard disk
floppy disk
A portable magnetic disk on which data and programs can be stored; floppies are flexible plastic
floppy disk
A floppy disk is a thin piece of magnetically coated mylar enclosed in a plastic jacket Modern floppies are 3 5 inches in size and hold 1 44 Mb of data Such a disk is capable of storing approximately 1 4 million characters, or about 3,000 pages of information This may sound like a lot, but it fills up surprisingly fast, especially if you have included graphics in your documents
floppy disk
A form of portable data storage - an electronic briefcase The standard floppy disk is now the hard cased 3 5" disk which is neither floppy nor disk-shaped (until you crack it open) Previously, there was the 5" floppy that was cased in paper Floppies most often fit into the A: or B: drive in the front of your computer (The C: drive is the internal hard disk and the D: drive is now commonly the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive) There are two drive letters allocated to the floppy because for a while computers had drives for both the 5" (A: ) and the 3 5" (B: ) disks before the latter became standard
floppy disk
A magnetic disk which is used to store data and is often used to transfer files from one PC to another or to backup important files Once available in 5 25 and 8 inch formats, the outmoded floppy disk is now only commercially used in its hard cased 3 5-inch guise With a tiny capacity of only 1 4 megabytes, the floppy disk is set to become a medium of the past, having been vastly superseded by the Zip Disk, re-writable CD-RW's and eventually DVD-RW's
floppy disk
Storage medium for computer files consisting of a magnetic, flexible disk enclosed in a 3 1/2" square plastic case Floppy disks may be formatted for use on both Macintosh or PC platforms
floppy disk
flop·py disk floppy disks in BRIT, also use floppy disc A floppy disk is a small magnetic disk that is used for storing computer data and programs. Floppy disks are used especially with personal computers. A flexible plastic disk coated with magnetic material and covered by a protective jacket, used primarily by computers to store data magnetically. Also called diskette. or diskette Magnetic storage medium used with computers. Floppy disks are made of flexible plastic coated with a magnetic material, and are enclosed in a hard plastic case. They are typically 3.5 in. (9 cm) in diameter. Data are arranged on their surfaces in concentric tracks. A disk is inserted in the computer's floppy disk drive, an assembly of magnetic heads and a mechanical device for rotating the disk for reading or writing purposes. A small electromagnet, called a magnetic head, writes a binary digit (1 or 0) onto the disk by magnetizing a tiny spot on the disk in different directions, and reads digits by detecting the magnetization direction of the spots. With the increasing use of e-mail attachments and other means to transfer files from computer to computer, the use of floppy disks has waned, though they are still widely used to keep second (backup) copies of valuable files
floppy disk
A flexible, portable magnetic disk for storing and transferring data, available in a 3 5-inch size (for both Macintosh and IBM-compatible computers) and a 5 25-inch size (for IBM-compatibles only) The flexible 3 5 inch disk is housed in a rigid plastic case (See also disc )
floppy disk
Flexible magnetic disk used to store information Floppy disks come in 5 1/4- and 8-inch diameters
floppy disk
A common removable magnetic computer storage medium, usually a 3 5-inch disk
floppy disk
(FD) A removable, portable magnetic disk on which data and programs can be stored Also called diskettes, floppies are flexible plastic The older 5-1/4 inch disks are more flexible; the 3-1/2 inch disks have a hard protective case around them and are the primary size used now
floppy disk
a small plastic magnetic disk enclosed in a stiff envelope with a radial slit; used to store data or programs for a microcomputer; "floppy disks are noted for their relatively slow speed and small capacity and low price"
floppy disk
Also called diskette This is the magnetic storage medium used to store and transfer data, usually between personal computers that are not networked
floppy disk
A small portable flexible magnetic disk used for data storage on many microcomputers Floppies come in 3 and a half and 5 and a quarter inch sizes, with several densities and formats
floppy disk
Typically, a removable computer storage medium consisting of a thin flexible plastic disk, coated with a magnetic material on both sides The most common type, a 3 5-inch, is protected by a hard plastic case
floppy disk
A disk which is covered with protective packaging and can be removed from its drive Currently, floppy disks are generally 3 5 inches wide The protective covering on 3 5"_disks_is_hard plastics_prompting_some_to_think_that_these_are_hard_disks_but_they are_not __The_media_inside_is_the_same_floppy_material_as_that_inside the_older_5 25" disks Floppy disks also come in different densities and care must be taken to use a disk of appropriate density or data may be lost from the disk Floppy disks are noted for their relatively slow speed, small capacity, and low price
floppy disk
A portable magnetic storage medium for computer data Floppy disks typically hold 1 44 MB of information
floppy disk
Portable storage media Not to be confused with Hard Disk named because old type 5¼” disks were floppy to touch, 3½“ disks however have a rigid casing, but are still referred to as floppy Floppy disks are slower to access than hard disks and have less storage capacity Main advantage of floppy disks is that they are portable thus allowing data be taken from one computer and read on another Floppies come in two sizes
floppy disk
A thin portable plastic disk usually 3 5" in diameter on which electronic files can be recorded Typically holds over I Megabyte of data
floppy disk
A physically flexible magnetic storage disk Note that both 3 5-in and the old 5 25-in diskettes are ``floppy '' 3 5-in diskettes typically can hold 1 44 MB of data Compare hard disk
floppy disk
A relatively inexpensive, flexible, plastic disk for storing digital data on both sides of its magnetic surface The amount of data depends on the diameter of the disk and the technology for recording the data See DISK STORAGE
floppy disk
A small, portable magnetic disk that is used to store and transport computer data Sometimes called a diskette
floppy disk
A removable disk, on which information can be stored and from which it can be retrieved There are two common varieties of floppy disks, referred to by their size: 5 25 inch and 3 5 inch The latter is enclosed in a hard plastic shell, but is still a ``floppy'' disk
floppy disk
A removable disk, also called a diskette
floppy disk
removable external memory device used for storing computer programs or data
floppy disk
A floppy disk is one of many kinds of computer file storage device Like the hard disk on your computer, a floppy disk will allow you to save a copy of a file to it Floppy disks have the advantage of being portable This allows files to be opened on different computers Compared to other storage devices they are quite 'small' This means their capacity to store files is limited (to 1 4Mb) They are still more than adequate for most people's needs, such as storing word processed documents
floppy disk
A removable storage medium Standard 3 5 inch floppy disks can store just over 1MB of information Because floppies have been the most widely used removable storage medium since the mid-to-late 1980s, they are the most convenient way to transfer files between computers
floppy disk
Also known as a "floppy" "floppy diskette"; it's the disk that is used to store and transport data, usually 3 5 inches
floppy disk drive
computer hardware that reads and writes to and from a floppy disk (removable external memory device)
The characteristic or quality of being floppy
a 3.5-inch floppy diskette
a 5.25-inch floppy diskette
comparative of floppy
plural of floppy
superlative of floppy
In a floppy manner
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