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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} bulan kimse
(Ticaret) aracı
(Astronomi) arayıcı
(isim) bulan kimse
(Bilgisayar) finder
bulucu teleskop
fish finder
view finder
coincidence range finder
(Askeri) intibaklı telemetre
direction finder
istikamet bulucusu
direction finder
(Askeri) istikamet bulucu
height finder
(Askeri) altimetre
help finder
(Bilgisayar) yardım bulucu
slide finder
(Bilgisayar) slayt bulucusu
bellini tosi direction finder
bellini tosi yön bulucusu
cathode ray direction finder
katot ışınlı yön bulucu
depth finder
derinlik ölçer
direction finder
yön bulucu alet
line finder
hat bulucu
low frequency direction finder
alçak frekans yön bulucusu
object finder
position finder
yön bulucu
range finder
automatic direction finder
(Askeri) OTOMATİK İSTİKAMET BULUCU: Bir hava aracında bulunan ve ayar edildiği herhangi bir telsiz istasyonunun istikametini devamlı olarak gösteren telsiz cihazı. Bu cihazdan, hava araçlarının seyrüseferine yardım için faydalanılır
automatic radio direction finder
(Askeri) OTOMATİK TELSİZ İSTİKAMET BULUCUSU: Bak. "automatic direction finder"
bellini tosi direction finder
bellini-tosi yön bulucusu
coincidence range finder
(Askeri) İNTİBAKLI TELEMETRE: Mesafeleri tayinde kullanılan optik alet. İki göz camından görülen ayrı hayaller, ayarlama suretiyle, birbiri üzerine oturtulabilir. Ayarlama değeri mesafeyi verir
depression position finder
(Askeri) ŞAKULİ TELEMETRE: Deniz seviyesinde bulunan bir hedefin mesafesi ile istikametini tayin eden teleskopik alet
depression position finder
(Askeri) şakuli telemetre
direction finder
(Askeri) İSTİKAMET BULUCU, KESTİRME ALETİ: Bknz. "radio direction finder"
direction finder
yön sinyali alıcısı
direction finder station
(Askeri) İSTİKAMET BULMA İSTASYONU; KESTİRME İSTASYONU: Uçak ve. gemilere rota vermek ve düşman uçakları ile telsiz istasyonlarının yerlerini tespit etmek için; bir istikamet bulucu telsiz cihazı kullanan istasyon. Buna "direction finding station" da denir
height finder
(Askeri) ALTİMETRE: Hava hedeflerinin yüksekliğini tespit için kullanılan cihaz. Bu düzen radarda da vardır
height finder
yükseklik ölçer
laser range finder
(Askeri) lazer mesafe ölçücü
laser range finder/detector
(Askeri) lazerli mesafe tayin edici / bulucu
object finder
position finder
konum belirleyici
position finder
yer belirleyici
position finder
(Askeri) KESTİRME ALETİ: Bir hedefin mesafe ve mevkiini bulmada kullanılan, elektronik veya optik alet
radar range finder
radyo telemetre
radio direction finder
(Askeri) TELSİZ İSTİKAMET KESTİRİCİ: Telsiz istasyonlarından, gelen yön işaretlerini alan, yöneltilmiş antenli bir alet. İşaretler, bir gösterge tarafından bir semt açı ıskalası üzerine kaydedilir.. Bu alet, gelen telsiz dalgalarının istikametini tespitte kullanılır. Buna "direction finder" da denir
radio direction finder loop
radio direction finder station
(Askeri) TELSİZ İSTİKAMET KESTİRME İSTASYONU: Hava araçları ve gemilerin bir telsiz kestirme cihazı ile kerteriz alarak tayin etmelerine yarayan sabit telsiz istasyonu. Buna "direction finder station" da denir
radio direction finder; rapid deployment force
(Askeri) telsiz yön bulucusu; çevik kuvvet
range finder
{i} uzaklıkölçer
range finder
(Askeri) TELEMETRE: Bir hedefin silaha olan mesafesini bulmak için yararlanılan optik cihaz, Stereoskopik telemetre ile intibaklı telemetre (coincidence range finder) bu maksatla herzaman kullanılan iki tiptir
sonic depth finder
sonik derinlikölçer
stereo range finder
(Askeri) stereo telemetre
stereo range finder
(Askeri) STEREO TELEMETRE: Bak. "stereoscopic range finder"
stereoscopic height finder
(Askeri) stereoskopik telemetre
stereoscopic height finder
(Askeri) STEREOSKOPİK TELEMETRE: Bak. "steroscopic range finder"
stereoscopic range finder
(Askeri) STEREOSKOPİK TELEMETRE: Gözetlenen cisim, mercek üzerindeki taksimatla aynı mesafe veya derinlikte görüldüğü zaman doğru mesafeyi veren, dürbün nevinden bir alet. Buna (stereo range finder) ve (stereoscopic height finder) da denir
stereoscopic range finder
(Askeri) stereoskopik telemetre
ultrasonic range finder
sesotesi erimolcer, uzaklikolcer
İngilizce - İngilizce
An optical device, such as a viewfinder, used to locate a target or other object of interest
One who finds, or discovers something

Finders keepers, losers weepers.

{n} one who discovers what is lost or not known to be in that place
someone who is the first to observe something
The Macintosh OS (Operating System) Finder manages the disk and directory windows In addition, Finder has its own menu bar which is used to perform some standard operations
optical device that helps a user to find the target of interest someone who is the first to observe something someone who comes upon something after searching
Part of the system software It creates the desktop and keeps track of the files on the disk It also manages documents and application programs when they are in use
The standard interface to the Macintosh operating system, allowing the user to view the contents of directories (folders); to move, copy, and delete files and to launch applications The Finder was the first commercially successful graphical user interface and it helped launch a wave of interest in icon-based systems
optical device that helps a user to find the target of interest
A slide ruled in squares, so as to assist in locating particular points in the field of vision
The system application that acts as the primary interface for file-system interaction
{i} discoverer, one who finds
a small telescope of low power and large field of view, attached to a larger telescope, for the purpose of finding an object more readily
A frame containing methods and/or objects that enumerate data items found to match criteria specified via the Find slip Source: NPG
a program used to manage the desktop, documents and applications; used to get information to and from disks
One who, or that which, finds; specifically Astron
The part of the Macintosh operating system that operates the desktop
Generates the desktop and lets you access and manage files and disks It is the most obvious part of the Mac's version of DOS
You can refer to someone who finds something as the finder of that thing. The finder of a wallet who takes it home may be guilty of theft
The desktop view Also, the icon at the top right corner of your screen which lists the applications that are currently open If you click on the desired application the finder will send it forward on the screen
The basic program that generates the desktop and lets you access and manage files and disks Together with the System file and the ROMs, it comprises the Mac's operating system There are Finder substitutes, such as Apple's At Ease, that perform the same basic tasks (and usually give you other capabilities as well)
An essential component of the Macintosh system software The Finder provides the interface to the Macintosh It is the program that is running when you start the Macintosh which allows you to view lists of and manipulate files
A small telescope, piggybacked on a large telescope The finder's scope gives a wider field of view compared to the large telescope This helps us to locate an object we are interested in The wide field of view of the finder allows an astronomer to "find" the object more easily If everything is working correctly, when the object is in the center of the field of view of the finder, it should be visible in the telescope
someone who comes upon something after searching
A person who helps to arrange a transaction
The Finder is the default open application on a Macintosh, and it's represented by a little, purple, happy face icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen Most people think of it as the desktop, however, or as the utility that lets you navigate quickly among open programs When you click on the Finder, you can designate which of you open applications will be the active one
The operating system level of the Macintosh, similar to the desktop in Windows 95 or the Program Manager in Windows 3 1 To switch between open applications in the Finder, click on the appropriate window or on the icon in the upper right corner of the screen to see a list of all running applicatons
The "application" which lets you view the Desktop and all your files and folders The Finder is where you are when no other programs are running
Part of the system software, the finder is the program that creates the Macintosh desktop and keeps track of your files
A viewing device on a camera to show the subject area that will be recorded on the film Also known as viewfinder and projected frame
A small, wide-field telescope attached to a larger one, used for sighting purposes Flares, solar Brilliant eruptions in the outer part of the Sun's atmosphere Normally they can be detected only by spectroscopic means (or the equivalent), though a few have been seen in integrated light They are made up of hydrogen, and emit charged particles which may later reach the Earth, producing magnetic storms and displays of auroræ Flares are generally, though not always, associated with sunspot groups Flare stars Faint Red Dwarf stars which show sudden, short-lived increases in brilliancy, due possibly to intense flares above their surfaces G
In Mac OS, what is the Finder?
A software application included with Macintosh system software that allows users to perform basic file access and management functions using icons and pull-down menus
A small, wide-field telescope attached to a larger telescope The finder is used to help point the larger telescope to the desired viewing location
An application (program) that's always available on the Macintosh desktop Although you may not be aware of its actions, you use it to manage documents and programs, and to get information to and from disks
The Mac application that controls the desktop processess This includes a desktop pattern or picture, opening and closing files, and moving and copying files The Finder runs from the moment the startup process completes until the shut down of the Mac
finder utility
utility program for managing files and memory in Macintosh computers
finder's fee
a fee that is paid to someone who finds a source of financial backing or to someone who brings people together for business purposes; "the agency got a finder's fee when their candidate was hired as the new CEO
The person or persons (such as jurors or judges) who consider evidence in a legal proceeding and make determinations on assertions of fact
A prospector for gold
A person who cleans the latrines

But though in this particular, and perhaps in their success, the truth-finder and the gold-finder may very properly be compared together;.

pure finder
The occupation of collecting dog faeces for sale to tanneries (which used it as a siccative for bookbinding leather). Undertaken by old women in Britain in the 18th century. (Reference: Robert Hughes, The Fatal Shore, 1987, paperback 1996 ISBN 1-86046-150-6 chapter 1 page 21.)

1851: The pure-finders meet with a ready market for all the dogs’-dung they are able to collect, at the numerous tanyards in Bermondsey — Henry Mayhew, London Labour and the London Poor, volume 2, page 142.

pure finder
Literally, a person (or thing) which does no more than find

2002: As one commentator has noted, although a pure finder may induce the purchase or sale of a security within the meaning of Section 15(a)(1), he or she is not normally a broker because he or she effects no transactions. — Howard S. Meyers, Finder's fee agreements: Potential pitfalls and considerations, The Attorney-CPA, July 2002.

acronym finder
Searchable database of primarily computer, technology and the military acronyms and abbreviations
acronym finder
Database of 200,000+ acronyms, abbreviations and their definitions
acronym finder
All subjects, including information technology, business, military, government, etc
depth finder
navigational instrument used to measure the depth of a body of water (as by ultrasound or radar)
depth finder
An instrument used to measure the depth of water, especially by radar or ultrasound
direction finder
A device for determining the source of a transmitted signal, consisting mainly of a radio receiver and a coiled rotating antenna
direction finder
radio; determines the direction of incoming radio waves
direction finder
df, apparatus for determining the source of a conveyed signal
plural of finder
one who is an expert in discovering trails
range finder
Instrument used to measure the distance from the instrument to a selected point or object. The optical range finder, used chiefly in cameras, consists of an arrangement of lenses and prisms set at each end of a tube. The object's range is determined by measuring the angles formed by a line of sight at each end of the tube; the smaller the angles, the greater the distance, and vice versa. Since the mid-1940s, radar has replaced optical range finders for most military targeting, and the laser range finder, developed in 1965, has largely replaced optical range finders for surveying and radar in certain military applications
range finder
{i} device for measuring distance or range
sonic depth finder
depth finder for determining depth of water or a submerged object by means of ultrasound waves
stud finder
a small permanent magnet in a metal container; when the magnet clicks against the container it indicates that the magnet is directly over an iron nail that holds the wallboard to a stud
view finder
small telescope, small magnifying eyepiece
view finder
optical device that helps a user to find the target of interest
word finder
a thesaurus organized to help you find the word you want but cannot think of
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(Bilgisayar) finder