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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} deniz radarı
(Askeri) SONAR: Su içindeki cisimlerin tespit ve yerlerinin belirlenmesi amacıyla kullanılan bir akustik cihaz (bu terim "sound navigation and ranging" kelimelerinden türetilmiştir)
(İnşaat) sonra
sonar capsule
(Askeri) SONAR KAPSÜLÜ: Yüksek frekansta ses dalgaları yansıtan bir kapsül. Sonar kapsülü, bir atmosfere dönüş cismine takıldığı takdirde, dönüş cisminin yerini tespitte faydalanılabilir
doppler sonar velocity log
(Askeri) doppler sonar hız kayıt cihazı
echo ranging sonar
(Elektrik, Elektronik,Teknik) yankı uzaklık radarı
military sonar
(Askeri) askeri sonar
Türkçe - Türkçe
Deniz radarı
Batmış olan nesnenin yerini ve durumunu akustik dalgalarla belirleyen sistem
Batmış olan bir nesnenin yerini ve durumunu akustik dalgalarla gösteren sistem
Bu sistemden yararlanılarak yapılmış, denizaltılarda kullanılan cihaz
Denizaltında dinleme aygıtı
çalışma ilkesi ses ötesi dalgaların yansımasına dayanan ve akustik işaretlerin denizde yayılmasıyla algılamada, ölçmede ve iletişim kurmada kullanılan dinleme aygıtı
Denizde batmış olan bir geminin, bir nesnenin yerini ve durumunu ses dalgalarıyla saptayan sistem
İngilizce - İngilizce
A device that uses hydrophones (in the same manner as radar) to locate objects underwater
(Sound Navigation and Ranging) - an underwater acoustic means of determining distance
A technique, similar in principle to radar, for finding the distance and direction of a remote object in water by transmitting sound waves and detecting reflections from it
apparatus emitting high-frequency sounds used in locating objects under water by measuring direct and reflected sound pulses
A method or device for detecting and locating objects by means of sound waves sent out to be reflected by the objects
Word is derived from "sound navigation and ranging " It describes a devise that transmits frequency sound waves in water and registers the vibrations reflected back from an object It is used in detecting objects such as submarines, locating schools of fish, or determining water depth
One of the various U S WEST systems used to input service orders
  Acronym for  sound navigation and ranging A device that is used primarily for the detection and location of underwater objects by reflecting acoustic waves from them, or by the interception of acoustic waves from an underwater, surface, or above-surface acoustic source   Note:   Sonar operates with acoustic waves in the same way that radar and radio direction-finding equipment operate with electromagnetic waves, including use of the Doppler effect, radial component of velocity measurement, and triangulation   [From Weik '89]
A device that uses reflected sound to determine positions of objects, similar to radar, which uses reflected radio waves. Most commonly used by navies to track ships. It is based on the same principle as echolocation
{i} method by which underwater objects are detected using transmitted and reflected sound waves; device which locates objects by means of sonar
- See Ultrasonic
Sonar is equipment on a ship which can calculate the depth of the sea or the position of an underwater object using sound waves. equipment on a ship or submarine that uses sound waves to find out the position of objects under the water (sound navigation ranging). Technique for detecting and determining the distance and direction of underwater objects by tracking acoustic echoes. The name derives from sound navigation ranging. Sound waves emitted by or reflected from an object are detected by sonar apparatus and analyzed for information. In active sonar a sound wave is generated that spreads outward and is reflected back by a target object. Passive systems consist simply of receiving sensors that pick up the noise produced by the target (such as a submarine or torpedo). A third kind of sonar, used in communication systems, requires a projector and receiver at both ends. Sonar was first used to detect submarines in 1916. Modern nonmilitary uses include fish finding, depth sounding, mapping of the ocean floor, Doppler navigation (see Doppler effect), and searching for wrecks or other objects in the oceans
The use of sound waves to detect underwater objects, such as schools of fish A system that uses transmitted and reflected sound waves to find objects under water
an instrument/camera used to take pictures underwater using sound A boat tows the camera behind it The camera is usually called a fish It sends out the sound and measures how long it takes for the sound to come back to it, and how loud it is A computer keeps track of the information and can makes pictures of the bottom of an ocean, lake, or river example of sonar mosaics, or "sound picture", of Monterey Bay picture of a sonar fish/camera [ TOP of Page] [ TOP of Glossary ]
a measuring instrument that sends out an acoustic pulse in water and measures distances in terms of the time for the echo of the pulse to return; sonar is an acronym for sound navigation ranging; asdic is an acronym for anti-submarine detection investigation committee
asdic sonar
device for detecting underwater objects by means of sound waves
Türkçe - İngilizce
fish finder
(Denizcilik) echosounder
askeri sonar
(Askeri) military sonar
doppler sonar hız kayıt cihazı
(Askeri) doppler sonar velocity log



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    /ˈsōnär/ /ˈsoʊnɑːr/


    [ 'sO-"när ] (noun.) 1945. Acronym from sound navigation and ranging.

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