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İngilizce - Türkçe
(isim) peri
Türkçe - Türkçe
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Fr. Arazide meydana gelen ve bir tarafı yüksek, bir tarafı alçak olan büyük yarık
Bakteriyi enfekte edebilme özelliğine sahip virüs
üzeri kendinden çizgili ipekli kumaş
Yer çatlağı
Kırık (III)
İngilizce - İngilizce
An English surname, originally a nickname from "faith, loyalty" or "a fairy"
An Irish surname, anglicized from Ó Fiaich and Ó Fathaigh
A female given name, pet form of Faith or Frances; often used as a middle name
A white person
To cleanse; clean out
To fit

I really went for Ray's press roll on the drums; he was the first fay boy I ever heard who mastered this vital foundation of jazz music.

To fadge
To join or unite closely or tightly
A fairy; an elf

that mighty Princesse did complaine / Of grieuous mischiefes, which a wicked Fay / Had wrought .

To lie close together
{n} a fairy, an elf
{v} to fit or join closely
A surname of Irish origin
pet form of Faith or Frances; often used as a middle name
{i} fairy, pixie
To fit; to join; to unite closely, as two pieces of wood, so as to make the surface fit together
Faith; as, by my fay
To join or fit closely or tightly. A fairy or an elf. Faith: "Sirrah, by my fay, it waxes late" (Shakespeare). a fairy - used especially in poetry (fae; FAIRY). Lucille Fay LeSueur Du Fay Morgan le Fay
To lie close together; to fit; to fadge; often with in, into, with, or together
Morgan le Fay
The half-sister of King Arthur
Lucille Fay Le Sueur
Joan Crawford (1908-1977, born Lucille Fay Le Sueur), American actress and businesswoman, Academy Award winner
Morgan le Fay
an evil sorceress (=a woman who has magic powers) who is the half-sister of King Arthur in old stories. ("Morgan the Fairy") Enchantress in Arthurian legend. Skilled in the arts of healing and changing shape, she ruled Avalon, the island where King Arthur retreated to be healed of his wounds after his last battle. She had learned her magic powers from books and from Merlin. In other stories she is Arthur's sister and enemy, and seduces him to produce a son who later kills Arthur
plural of fay
morgan le fay
a wicked fairy who was the half sister of King Arthur



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    /ˈfā/ /ˈfeɪ/


    [ fA ] (verb.) before 12th century. From Middle English feyen, feien, from Old English fēġan (“to join, unite”), from Proto-Germanic *fōgianan (“to join”) from PGmc base *fōgō (“joint, slot”), from Proto-Indo-European *paḱ- (“to fasten, place”). Akin to Old Frisian fōgia "to join", Old Saxon fōgian "to join" (Dutch voegen "to place"), Old High German fuogen "to connect" (German fügen "to connect"), Old English fōn "to catch". More at fang.


    faying, fayed

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