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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} gezinti
{i} farklılık
(Nükleer Bilimler) ani değişim
bu harekette alınan mesafe
{i} ayrılma
kısa gezi
(Turizm) günübirlik
(Tıp) ekskürsiyon
kısa gezinti
(Turizm) günübirlik gezi
kısa yolculuk
(Çevre) ortalamadan uzaklaşma
{i} çelişki
{i} gezi

Geziden çok hoşlandık. - We enjoyed the excursion very much.

Yarın yağmur yağarsa gezi iptal edilecek. - If it rains tomorrow, the excursion will be canceled.

kısa süreli seyahat
excursion train özel indirimli tren
{i} sapma
excursion ticket özel bir tur için indirimli gidiş dönüş bileti
yarım titreşim veya devir hareketi
(Turizm) çevre gezisi
excursion rate
gezi fiyatı
excursion ship
gezinti gemisi
excursion ticket
seyahat bileti
excursion train
gezinti treni
excursion boat
(Askeri) gezinti teknesi
excursion power
(Nükleer Bilimler) hızlı güç artışı
excursion reactor
(Nükleer Bilimler) hızlı güç artış reaktörü
excursion snip
(Askeri) gezinti gemisi
excursion ticket
indirimli gidiş dönüş bileti
go on an excursion
gezintiye çıkmak
go on an excursion
geziye çıkmak
go on an excursion
tura çıkmak
would you please arrange the excursion for me
benim için bir gezinti ayarlar mısınız
go on an excursion
tura çıkmak, gezintiye çıkmak
nature excursion
doğa gezisi
can you recommend an excursion
gezinti tavsiye edebilir misiniz
marine excursion
(Askeri) deniz gezintisi
peak excursion
tepeden tepeye gezinim
power excursion
(Nükleer Bilimler) hızlı güç yükselmesi
shore excursion agent
(Turizm) liman turu düzenleyen acenta
submarine excursion
(Askeri) denizaltı gezintisi
take someone on excursion
gezintiye çıkarmak
take someone on excursion
gezintiye götürmek
İngilizce - İngilizce
A brief recreational trip; a journey out of the usual way

While driving home I took an excursion and saw some deer.

a journey
{n} a digression, ramble, walk, journey
A short journey
An excursion is a trip or visit to an interesting place, especially one that is arranged or recommended by a holiday company or tourist organization. Another pleasant excursion is Malaga, 18 miles away. = outing
Where the leaching solutions used in the uranium In Situ Leaching (ISL) mining technique escape outside the mining zone (see ISL - Overview or Out of Sight Out of Mind)
wandering from the main path of a journey
Length of stroke, as of a piston; stroke
{i} outing, trip
The cheapest, published fare offered by a Domestic, US airline Also known as Super-saver or Max saver fares
A journey chiefly for recreation; a pleasure trip; a brief tour; as, an excursion into the country
] a journey taken for pleasure; "many summer excursions to the shore"; "it was merely a pleasure trip"; "after cautious sashays into the field
If you describe an activity as an excursion into something, you mean that it is an attempt to develop or understand something new that you have not experienced before. Radio 3's latest excursion into ethnic music, dance and literature
An idea generation technique to force discontinuities into the idea set Excursions consist of three generic steps: 1 Step away from the task; 2 Generate disconnected or irrelevant material; 3 Force a connection back to the task
A running or going out or forth; an expedition; a sally
in in situ leaching, the term for a contaminant; the spread of sulfuric acid from a "controlled" underground area to outside boundaries (i e a communities water supply)
The operation of a reactor beyond its normal operating limits This is usually done experimentally to test reactor stability and to explore safety features of nuclear reactors
[An awkward use of the word
The (maximum) distance that a speaker (typically a woofer) unit may travel without suffering mechanical damage So called longthrow woofers may feature peak excursions exceeding 25 mm (1")
a journey taken for pleasure; "many summer excursions to the shore"; "it was merely a pleasure trip"; "after cautious sashays into the field"
This term refers to how far forward/backward a speaker can move
A going out or forth; deviation from a direct, definite, or proper course
You can refer to a short journey as an excursion, especially if it is made for pleasure or enjoyment. In Bermuda, Sam's father took him on an excursion to a coral barrier. = trip
A wandering from a subject; digression
n journey, ramble, trip for pleasure, digression
excursion steamer
A steamboat used to take people on coastal, lake or river pleasure-trips
excursion rate
a reduced rate for a round-trip ticket
excursion ticket
round trip ticket at a reduced fare
excursion train
train which makes a round trip
An excursion
An excursion
An excursion
plural of excursion
lunar excursion module
a spacecraft that carries astronauts from the command module to the surface of the moon and back
lunar excursion module
n. A spacecraft designed to transport astronauts from a command module orbiting the moon to the lunar surface and back. Also called lunar module
scientific excursion
trip for the purpose of science