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English - Turkish
{i} bilinmez

Onun orijini bilinmez. - Its origin is unknown.

O, Almanya'da yıldızdır ama Amerika'da tamamen bilinmez. - He's a star in Germany, but completely unknown in America.


Onun buluşlarının büyük bir kısmı tarihe bilinmeyen olarak kalacağı tahmin edilmektedir. - It is estimated that a great part of his inventions would remain unknown to the date.

X sembolü genellikle matematikte bilinmeyen sayıyı temsil etmektedir. - The symbol X usually stands for an unknown quantity in mathematics.


Onun adı bilinmiyordu. - Her name was unknown.

Yangının nedeni bilinmiyordu. - The cause of the fire was unknown.

kimliği belirsiz

Yaşarken tanınmayan birçok büyük düşünür ölümden sonra ünlü oldu. - Many great thinkers who were unknown while alive became famous after death.


Yaşarken tanınmayan birçok büyük düşünür ölümden sonra ünlü oldu. - Many great thinkers who were unknown while alive became famous after death.

{s} tanınmamış
meçhul şey/meçhul kimse
{s} gizli
meçhul kimse
Unknown Soldier Meçhul Asker
{i} yabancı
nedeni bilinmeyen
unknown source
(Bilgisayar) tanınmayan kaynak
unknown person
bilinmeyen kişi
unknown sender
bilinmeyen gönderici
unknown caller
(Bilgisayar) arayan bilinmiyor
unknown capi error
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen capı hatası
unknown card
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen kart
unknown cause
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen neden
unknown chip
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen yonga
unknown cipher
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen şifre
unknown cipher
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen cipher
unknown codec
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen codec
unknown currency
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen para birimi
unknown device
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen aygıt
unknown device type
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen aygıt türü
unknown devices
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen aygıtlar
unknown dlci
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen dlcı
unknown domain
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen etki alanı
unknown entry id
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen girdi kimliği
unknown error
bilinmeyn hata
unknown fax machine
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen faks makinesi
unknown fax sender
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen faks göndericisi
unknown fid
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen fıd
unknown file server
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen dosya sunucusu
unknown flags
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen bayraklar
unknown flags received
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen bayraklar alındı
unknown flying object
bilinmeyen uçan cisim
unknown flying object
unknown format
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen biçim
unknown frame
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen çerçeve
unknown hash
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen hash
unknown heir
(Kanun) meçhul mirasçı
unknown initialization error
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen başlatma hatası
unknown language
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen dil
unknown link
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen bağlantı
unknown modem
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen modem
unknown neterr
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen neterr
unknown node
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen düğüm
unknown numbers service
bilinmeyen numaralar servisi
unknown organization
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen kuruluş
unknown port
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen bağlantı noktası
unknown printer
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen yazıcı
unknown problem
bilinmeyen sorun
unknown quantity
bilinmeyen [mat.]
unknown quantity
belirsiz miktar
unknown queues
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen kuyruklar
unknown realm
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen erişim alanı
unknown recipient
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen alıcı
unknown rta
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen rta
unknown scanner
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen tarayıcı
unknown sheet
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen sayfa
unknown signal
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen sinyal
unknown soldier
meçhul asker
unknown stat
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen istatistik
unknown state
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen durum
unknown status
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen durum
unknown stock
(Denizbilim) bilinmeyen stok
unknown string
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen dize
unknown style
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen stil
unknown style
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen biçim
unknown switch
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen anahtar
unknown task
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen görev
unknown title
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen konu
unknown to
unknown to
unknown to
haberi olmadan
unknown to
unknown tool
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen araç
unknown type
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen tür
unknown usb hub
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen usb hub
unknown user
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen kullanıcı
unknown volume
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen birim
unknown warrior
meçhul asker
unknown wizard
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen sihirbaz
unknown word
bilinmeyen kelime
unknown zone
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen bölge
bound to unknown type
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen türe bağlama
context unknown
(Bilgisayar) içerik bilinmiyor
context unknown
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen bağlam
fever of unknown origin
(Tıp) nedeni bilinmeyen ateş
status unknown
(Bilgisayar) durum bilinmiyor
disease of unknown aetiology
(Tıp, İlaç) Nedeni bilinmeyen hastalık
of unknown depth
bilinmeyen derinlik
an unknown quantity
(deyim) bilinmeyen etken
fix unknown
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyeni düzelt
server unknown
(Bilgisayar) bilinmeyen sunucu
the unknown
English - English
Not known; unidentified; not well known
A variable (usually x, y or z) whose value is to be found
A person of no identity; a nonentity

Like a rolling stone?.

Any fact or place about which nothing is known (as in the phrase "into the unknown")
being or having an unknown or unnamed source; "a poem by an unknown author"; "corporations responsible to nameless owners"; "an unnamed donor"
a variable whose values are solutions of an equation an unknown and unexplored region; "they came like angels out the unknown"
If you say that a particular problem or situation is unknown, you mean that it never occurs. A hundred years ago coronary heart disease was virtually unknown in Europe and America. = unheard of
a variable whose values are solutions of an equation an unknown and unexplored region; "they came like angels out the unknown" not known; "an unknown amount"; "an unknown island"; "an unknown writer"; "an unknown source" not known to exist; "things obscurely felt surged up from unsuspected depths in her"- Edith Wharton
Any fact or place about which nothing is known. (as in the phrase "into the unknown")"
The State collects data for this field, but the data for this particular report (or child) were not captured or are missing
{s} unfamiliar, strange, new, anonymous, mysterious
Device type for which SGM is unable to determine the device type If a node, the node failed to respond to an SNMP request If a linkset or link, either the associated node failed to respond to an SNMP request, or SGM found that the linkset or link no longer exists Contrast with discovered
not known to exist; "things obscurely felt surged up from unsuspected depths in her"- Edith Wharton
An unknown is a value that has not been computed, but can be explicitly bound to a value during the course of computation Once an unknown is bound, the binding cannot be changed See E19
{i} someone or something which is not known; someone or something that is unfamiliar; mathematical factor which is not known
Not known; not apprehended
An unknown person is someone whose name you do not know or whose character you do not know anything about. Unknown thieves had forced their way into the apartment I could not understand how someone with so many awards could be unknown to me
An unknown is the subject from which a specimen is collected for subsequent measurement in an immunoassay An unknown is identified and classified in a LIM file or unknown file
a variable whose values are solutions of an equation
an unknown and unexplored region; "they came like angels out the unknown"
USEPA Performance Evaluation (PE) study samples are an example of unknown standards The test person is aware that a standard is being run, but does not know the true value of the standard Only after the standard has been run and the test result calculated, will the true value be revealed There are several supply houses where similar unknowns can be purchased throughout the year
In algebra, a variable (usually x, y or z) whose value is to be found
The unknown refers generally to things or places that people do not know about or understand. Ignorance of people brings fear, fear of the unknown
anyone who does not belong in the environment in which they are found
If something is unknown to you, you have no knowledge of it. An unknown number of demonstrators were arrested How did you expect us to proceed on such a perilous expedition, through unknown terrain The motive for the killing is unknown. An unknown is something that is unknown. The length of the war is one of the biggest unknowns
The word type is unknown to the SAS tokenizer
- one of three statuses assigned by the Automated Management System (AMS) Indicates that the AMS is unable to determine whether the JavaScript or alternative HTML is working or broken For information on how validation is performed, see my page WebRing com System Validation
not famous or acclaimed; "an obscure family"; "unsung heroes of the war"
a letter or symbol representing a number that mathematics is used to find -- " find the answer to an unknown part of an equation " (98)
not known; "an unknown amount"; "an unknown island"; "an unknown writer"; "an unknown source"
not known before; "used many strange words"; "saw many strange faces in the crowd"; "don't let anyone unknown into the house"
= Product that we do know the condition of This is most likely to be product that was purchased as part of a lot or in an auction
the current status of the section in not known
An unknown person is not famous or publicly recognized. He was an unknown writer. a popular environment where both established and unknown artists can meet, talk and drink. An unknown is a person who is unknown. Within a short space of time a group of complete unknowns had established a wholly original form of humour
unknown quantities
plural form of unknown quantity
unknown quantity
A person or thing whose nature or value is a mystery

the Evening Post of this city to refer to him recently as the young Belgian painter, and to the general public he is an unknown quantity.

unknown unknown
Uncertainties of unknown magnitude, consequence, structure, and probability characteristics, possibly with completely unsuspected existence
unknown unknowns
plural form of unknown unknown
Unknown Subject Of An Investigation
Unsub is a law-enforcement slang acronym for "Unknown Subject Of An Investigation". The term was frequently used with this meaning on the CBS drama Criminal Minds, a crime procedural dealing with an elite team of FBI profilers. A less common replacement for "perp" or "suspect". It may also have come from "unsubstantiated," referring to charges against an individual that have not been proven
Unknown Soldier
a soldier, whose name is not known, and whose body is buried in a national monument, which is usually called the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. He represents all the soldiers of the same nation who died in a war, especially in World War I or World War II
unknown country
country that is not known, unfamiliar territory
unknown quantity
a factor in a given situation whose bearing and importance is not apparent; "I don't know what the new man will do; he's still an unknown quantity
unknown soldier
anonymous soldier, soldier whose identity is unknown
unknown soldier
an unidentified soldier whose body is honored as a memorial
unknown to him
not known to him, not familiar to him
An unknown
The unknown
address unknown
destination unknown, intended addressee is not known
equation in one unknown
mathematical formula in which there is a need to determine an unknown (i.e. X+1=2)
for some unknown reason
due to an unknown cause, for a reason that is not clear
their burial place is unknown
the place where they are buried remains a mystery, their bodies/corpses were not found
tomb of the unknown soldier
symbolic tomb and commemorative tombstone in honor of those fallen soldiers whose actual burial place is unknown (in the U.S. state of Virginia at Arlington Cemetery)
plural of unknown
user unknown
the identity or address of this user is not known (Computers)