to enable

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English - Turkish
mümkün kılmak
olanaklı kılmak
{f} olanak vermek
olanak sağlamak
{f} olanak tanımak
(Hukuk) imkan vermek
{f} imkân vermek, mümkün kılmak, sağlamak
imkan tanımak
{f} izin vermek

Yeni metro 20 dakika içinde okula gitmemi sağlamaktadır. - The new subway enables me to get to school in 20 minutes.

Benim yeni arabam her zaman herhangi bir yere gitmeme olanak sağlamaktadır. - My new car enables me to go anywhere, anytime.

devreye sok
(Bilgisayar) geçerli kılmak
çalışır kılmak
erkli kılmak
kolaylık sağlamak
imkan sağlamak
imkan sunmak
olanaklı kılmak
(Bilgisayar) canlandırmak
kuvvet vermek
seçilir kıl
imkân tanımak
(Bilgisayar) etkinleştir
geçerli kılmak canlandırmak
yetki vermek
salâhiyet tanımak
seçilir kılmak

Yeni metro 20 dakika içinde okula gitmemi sağlamaktadır. - The new subway enables me to get to school in 20 minutes.

Sıkıcı bir konser sırasında, kahve benim uyanık kalmamı sağladı. - The coffee enabled me to stay awake during the dull concert.

English - English
To give strength or ability to; to make firm and strong

Who hath enabled me.

To allow a way out or excuse for an action

His parents enabled him to continue buying drugs.

To make able (to do, or to be, something); to confer sufficient power upon; to furnish with means, opportunities, and the like; to render competent for; to empower; to endow
To enable someone to do something means to give them permission or the right to do it. the republic's legislation which enables young people to do a form of alternative service. + enabling en·abling Some protection for victims must be written into the enabling legislation. to make it possible for someone to do something, or for something to happen enable sb/sth to do sth
VARCHAR2(3) Is this policy enabled?
{v} to make able, give power, authorize
To turn ON; to be active
render capable or able for some task; "This skill will enable you to find a job on Wall Street"; "The rope enables you to secure yourself when you climb the mountain"
(v ) To schedule a queue's service procedure
when the sensitive resource is set to True, the widget is enabled, allowing it to be used in the normal way
A microcomputer decision that results in an engine management system being activated and permitted to operate
To enable something to happen means to make it possible for it to happen. The hot sun enables the grapes to reach optimum ripeness The working class is still too small to enable a successful socialist revolution
{f} make possible, make capable; allow, give power to
An on/off bit used to disable a multiplexer, encoder, decoder, or other component
(1) To prepare a circuit for operation (2) To allow an item to function
v To supply with the means, knowledge, or opportunity to be or do something; to make feasible or possible
To activate or to turn on To put into an operational mode
To turn on a bit, byte or specific operation of the computer
If someone or something enables you to do a particular thing, they give you the opportunity to do it. The new test should enable doctors to detect the disease early. + enabling en·abling Researchers describe it as an enabling technology
VARCHAR2(3) Indicates whether the policy is enabled (YES) or disabled (NO)
To make happen, make possible For example, to say RealPlayer has enabled 95 million people to view streaming media means RealPlayer makes viewing streaming media possible for those people
to enable


    to en·a·ble

    Turkish pronunciation

    tı eneybıl


    /tə eˈnābəl/ /tə ɛˈneɪbəl/


    [ t&, tu, 'tü ] (preposition.) before 12th century. Middle English, from Old English tO; akin to Old High German zuo to, Latin donec as long as, until.


    ... and enable a real-world Farmville app. [ Laughter ] ...
    ... And it has full touch enable. ...

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