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land that has been so cultivated
the cultivation of arable land by plowing, sowing and raising crops
{n} the act or art of tilling land, culture
{i} working of land; cultivated land
Cultivation, including hoeing and ploughing In agriculture, tillage is used to remove weeds
cultivation of land
A place tilled or cultivated; cultivated land
Plowing, seedbed preparation, and cultivation practices
The operation of implements through the soil to prepare seedbeds and rootbeds, control weeds and brush, aerate the soil, and cause faster breakdown of organic matter and minerals to release plant foods (USEPA, 1993)
the cultivation of soil for raising crops
the activity of preparing land for growing crops
The mechanical manipulation of soil for any purpose but usually to modify the soil physical characteristics to promote crop growth
arable land that is worked by plowing and sowing and raising crops
Mechanical manipulation of soil, usually associated with agriculture in terms of crop production
The operation, practice, or art of tilling or preparing land for seed, and keeping the ground in a proper state for the growth of crops
Preparation of a seedbed involving soil disturbance or displacement
The mechanical preparation of the soil by tractor-drawn implements to produce a seedbed for plant growth