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To make amends or pay the penalty for

He had only to live and expiate in solitude the crimes which he had committed.

To relieve or cleanse of guilt

and Epimenides was brought from Crete to expiate the city.

To atone or make reparation for

I am going out to expiate a great wrong, Paul. A very necessary feature of the expiation is the marksmanship of my opponent.

to make satisfaction or amends for
{v} to atone for a crime, satisfy, avert
make amends for; "expiate one's sins
make amends for; "expiate one's sins"
To put an end to
To make amends
To relieve of guilt
{f} atone for, do penance for, make amends
To extinguish the guilt of by sufferance of penalty or some equivalent; to make complete satisfaction for; to atone for; to make amends for; to make expiation for; as, to expiate a crime, a guilt, or sin
If you expiate guilty feelings or bad behaviour, you do something to indicate that you are sorry for what you have done. It seemed that Alice was expiating her father's sins with her charity work. + expiation ex·pia·tion an often painful process of evaluation and expiation. to show you are sorry for something you have done wrong by accepting your punishment willingly, or trying to do something to improve what you did (past participle of expiare, from pius; PIOUS)
To purify with sacred rites
An act of atonement for a sin or wrongdoing
{n} an atonement, a satisfaction
past of expiate
third-person singular of expiate
present participle of expiate
{i} atonement, penance, amends, reparation
the act of atoning for sin or wrongdoing (especially appeasing a deity)
This a work of Christ directed to man for removal of guilt Christ removes the penalty of sin from us
Cleansing away sin
compensation for a wrong; "we were unable to get satisfaction from the local store"
An act by which the threats of prodigies were averted among the ancient heathen
The act of making satisfaction or atonement for any crime or fault; the extinguishing of guilt by suffering or penalty
The means by which reparation or atonement for crimes or sins is made; an expiatory sacrifice or offering; an atonement
(hilasterion) a way of dealing with sin Used to refer to the mercy seat Act of atonement, God's mercy