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İngilizce - İngilizce
Being constrained by threat
{n} constraint by confinement or menaces
1 Refers to conduct that has the effect of compelling another person to do what he or she need not otherwise do It is recognized defense to any act, such as a crime, contractual breach or tort, all of which must be voluntary to create liability
To do something under duress means to do it because someone forces you to do it or threatens you. He thought her confession had been made under duress. illegal or unfair threats under duress (duresce, from durus )
The state of compulsion or necessity in which a person is influenced, whether by the unlawful restrain of his liberty or by actual or threatened physical violence, to incur a civil liability or to commit an offense
Unlawful constraint exercised upon a person whereby he is forced to do some act against his will
Unlawful constraint exercised upon a person, whereby he is forced to perform some act, or to sign an instrument, against his will
- Any given act was committed w/o the free will of the individual that is claiming duress Can be implied towards statement given or acts committed If a statement was given under duress it would mean that the person giving the statement felt that if they hadn't given the statement some form of injury would fall on them A person can also claim that they were under duress while they committed a crime This would mean that they felt if they hadn't participated in the crime then they would have come to harm
A state in which the improper, threatening or coercive actions of another place a person in a disadvantage psychological position A person is not bound by a contract she enters while under duress
compulsory force or threat; "confessed under duress"
compulsory force or threat; "confessed under duress
To subject to duress
Pressure applied to another party in order to force them to perform an act, such as signing a contract Illegal; makes the contract void
The use of force or improper actions against a person or property in order to induce a party to enter into a contract
Hardship; constraint; pressure; imprisonment; restraint of liberty
When one party induces another into entering into a contract by use or threat of force, violence or other similar means, the contract was realized by duress The contract would be voidable at the option of the victim
The compulsion under which a person acts through fear of personal suffering A contract obtained by means of duress is voidable
Where a person is prevented from acting (or not acting) according to their free will, by threats or force of another, it is said to be "under duress" Contracts signed under duress are voidable and, in may places, you cannot be convicted of a crime if you can prove that you were forced or threatened into committing the crime (although this defence may not be available for serious crimes)
{i} intimidation, constraint, coercion, pressure
Type of alarm activated by entering a special security code that indicates to the monitoring station that you have been "forced" to disarm your system
Forcing a person to provide access to a secure area against that person's wishes
Forcing action or inaction against a person's will
The use of force or improper actions against a person or property in order to induce a party to enter into a contract Examples of duress include blackmail, extortion, unlawful retention of property, a threat to bring criminal action, or threats against family
coercion or compulsion to perform some act brought about by the use of illegitimate pressure A contract made under duress may be rescinded by the person subjected to the duress
admission under duress
confession under pressure or coercion
defence of duress
exemption from criminal responsibility for actions that a person was forced to commit
under duress
out of force, under coercion, without choice