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İngilizce - İngilizce
A type of carpentry joint where adjoining boards are fastened by interlocking fan-shaped cutouts
To fit together well

The parts of your essay should dovetail so that it is cohesive and coherent.

{v} to unite, with a dovetail joint
{n} a joint in form of a dove's tail
A joint of two interlocking blocks that flare outwards in the shape of the tail of a dove
A type of joint formed with interlocking wedge-shaped projection that fits into a matching recess on another board A dovetail joint is a sign of high-quality drawer construction Dovetail drawers are standard in our Designer and Crestwood collections and is an upgrade option in our Alectra collection back to list
A tenon cut in the shape of a dove's tail to fit into a mortise of corresponding shape
a mortise joint formed by interlocking tenons and mortises fit together tightly, as if by means of a dovetail
{i} something in the shape of a dove's tail; projection shaped like a dove's tail (Construction); dovetail joint, joint comprised of a tenon and mortise
A type of joining with interlocking flaring tenons which resemble the tail feathers of a dove
A flaring tenon, or tongue (shaped like a bird's tail spread), and a mortise, or socket, into which it fits tightly, making an interlocking joint between two pieces which resists pulling a part in all directions except one
To join by means of dovetails
1) Method of joining boards at right angles by interlocking wedge-shaped mortises and tenons Often used in drawer construction 2) A butterfly-shaped inset used to join boards lengthwise in table tops and floors
A flaring tendon and a mortise into which it fits tightly making an interlocking joint between two pieces of wood
A tenon that is shaped like a dove's spread tail to fit into a corresponding mortise
Joint formed by inserting a projecting member into a correspondingly shaped cutout member True dovetail has wedge shape of a dove's tail
fit together tightly, as if by means of a dovetail
If two things dovetail or if one thing dovetails with another, the two things fit together neatly or have some common characteristics. I'm following up a few things that might dovetail. an attempt to look for areas where U.S. interests can dovetail with Japanese concerns It is important that we dovetail our respective interests. .dovetail 'joint a type of joint fastening two pieces of wood together
A European styled and rolled joint, looks like a bird
{f} join with tenons, fit together using dovetails (Construction); join closely together
To cut to a dovetail
A very fancy joint consisting of a series of matching alternating triangular tongues and grooves on either stick which mesh together This is a very complicated, strong and pretty joint
To fit in or connect strongly, skillfully, or nicely; to fit ingeniously or complexly
a flaring tenon and mortise wood joint
A joint in which one part is tapered in shape (the 'dove's tail') and fits in a socket shaped to correspond As a result of its design, it produces a strong joint to resists any outward pull A strong reliable means of jointing timber
a mortise joint formed by interlocking tenons and mortises
dovetail joint
joint comprised of a projecting part on the end of one piece that fits into a slot cut into another piece, interlocking joint made of a tenon and mortise, dovetail
dovetail plane
a wood-working plane designed to make the grooves for dovetail joints
The situation in which things are dovetailed
past of dovetail
present participle of dovetail
third-person singular of dovetail
Area of lane where maple and pine boards join (break of the boards, piano keys, splice)
plural of , dovetail
The portion of a wood lane where the maple and pine boards meet; same as "splice"