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Kan bağışı için acil bir ihtiyaç var. - There is an urgent need for blood donations.

Bağışlara acil bir ihtiyaç vardır. - There is an urgent need for donations.

{i} bağışlama
iane verme
{i} yardım
{i} hibe
donation income
hibe geliri
donation of organs
organ bağışı
donation on discharge
(Askeri) terhisle hibe
donation on discharge
(Askeri) TERHİSLE HİBE: Şerefsiz terhise tabi tutulan bir ere, askeri elbise yerine sivil elbise verilmesi
blood donation
kan bağışı
make a donation
Bağış yapmak, bağışta bulunmak
appeal for donation
bağış istemek
ask for donation
bağış istemek
collect donation
bağış toplamak
oocyte donation
(Tıp) oosit vericisi
organ donation
organ bağışı
İngilizce - İngilizce
A voluntary gift or contribution for a specific cause
{n} a gift, present, bounty, grant
An unconditional transfer of cash or other assets to an entity or a cancellation of the entity’s liabilities in a voluntary, nonreciprocal transfer by another entity
{i} gift, contribution
(1) In records management, the transfer of temporary records from a Federal agency to an eligible person or organization after the authorized retention period has expired Requires NARA's approval See also DISPOSAL (1)
The passage of monies, tangible goods, or services to another public institution or charity with no reciprocity expected to the University, other than good will The institution or charity shall not be a recognized political entity and the donation, gift, or contribution may not be in support of any political purpose Monetary gifts must be charged to unrestricted University funds, using account code 001280 to exclude the activity from any indirect cost calculations Donations, gifts, or contributions of equipment must be documented with Equipment Management so the value of the asset can be removed from University books
The act of giving or bestowing; a grant
The act or contract by which a person voluntarily transfers the title to a thing of which be is the owner, from himself to another, without any consideration, as a free gift
That which is given as a present; that which is transferred to another gratuitously; a gift
[n] a charitable gift of objects, money, or labor
A citizen or group may wish to give land or interests in land to the Service for the benefit of wildlife Aside from the cost factor, these acquisitions are no different than any other means of land acquisition Gifts and donations have the same planning requirements as purchases
act of giving in common with others for a common purpose especially to a charity
A monetary or non-monetary gift made to a charitable organization that is provided with no expectation of returned benefit
a voluntary gift (as of money or service or ideas) made to some worthwhile cause
A donation is something which someone gives to a charity or other organization. Employees make regular donations to charity see also donate
"pocket change" - not the term to use when asking friends for generous "gifts", "contributions," and "charitable investments "
Transfer of equipment, money, goods, services, and property with or without specifications as to its use Sometimes donation is used to designate contributions that are made with more specific intent than is usually the case with a gift, but the two terms are often used interchangeably (Also see Gift)
Is the act of giving one's organs or tissue to someone else
Donations of land or interests in land (easement) can be made by a landowner to the public agency or private nonprofit organization This may allow the donor to claim federal and state income tax advantages, remove donated value from capital gains, and reduce potential estate taxes Donation of an easement routinely reduces the donor's property taxes in proportion to the easement's value
Donation of Constantine
Document concerning the supposed grant by the emperor Constantine I (the Great) to Pope Sylvester I (314-335) and later popes of temporal power over Rome and the Western Empire. The gift was said to have been motivated by Constantine's gratitude to Sylvester for miraculously healing his leprosy and converting him to Christianity. Based on legends from the 5th century concerning Sylvester and Constantine, the Donation was probably written at Rome in the mid 8th century and was related to the coronation of Pippin III, the first Carolingian king of the Franks. Proved in the 15th century by Lorenzo Valla to be a forgery, the document was already questioned by the emperor Otto III (r. 996-1002) but was often cited in the 11th-15th centuries to support papal claims in the struggle between church and state
Donation of Pippin
(754) Promise made by the Frankish king Pippin III to win for Pope Stephen II Byzantine imperial lands in Italy conquered by the Lombards. The Donation was made in the context of the papal struggle with the Lombards, the collapse of Byzantine support for the papacy, and Pippin's elevation to the royal throne with papal support. In 756 it was written in a document that became the basis of papal rule over central Italy, which lasted until the 19th century. Pippin won territory from the Lombard king in two military campaigns (754, 756) and gave it to the papacy. The Donation was later confirmed and enlarged by Charlemagne (774)
A rank in some knightly orders
egg donation
The process by which a woman provides one or several eggs (ova, oocytes) for purposes of assisted reproduction or biomedical research
organ donation
The act of donating one's organ to another person through an organ transplant
anonymous donation
donation which has been made by a nameless donor, donation by an anonymous giver
blood donation
contribution of blood
A grammar
plural of donation
egg donation
{i} donation of a number of ova or oocytes by a woman to another woman or couple who cannot have children and wish to become pregnant by in vitro fertilization
made a large donation
donated a lot of money or goods, gave a generous donation
organ donation
giving of organs from the body of a deceased person for the purpose of transplanting them in another person
Türkçe - İngilizce

donation teriminin Türkçe İngilizce sözlükte anlamı

{f} equipped

We have equipped our office with computers. - Ofisimizi bilgisayarlarla donattık.

The ship is not equipped with radar. - Gemi radarla donatılmamış.

fit out

The boat was equipped with radar. - Tekne radar ile donatılmıştı.

He wants to equip his son with a good education. - O, oğlunu iyi bir eğitim ile donatmak istiyor.

{f} outfit
{f} rigging
{f} rig