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İngilizce - Türkçe

İlaçlar hem bağımlılık hem de hoşgörüye sebep olabilir. - Drugs can cause both dependency and tolerance.

bağımlılık/bağımlı ülke
(Bilgisayar) destek dosyaları
(Politika, Siyaset) bağlı devlet
tabi olma
bağlı olma
{i} koloni
(Sosyoloji, Toplumbilim) bağımlılık (a.g. frank)
{i} ek bina
dependency grammar
bağımlı gramer
dependency grammar
(Dilbilim) bağımsal dilbilgisi
dependency rate
bağımlılık oranı
dependency ratio
(Sigorta,Ticaret) bağımlılık oranı
dependency theory
bağımlılık teorisi
dependency allowance
çocuk yardımı
dependency bonus
çocuk zammı
dependency grammar
bagimsal dilbilgisi
dependency inversion principle
(Bilgisayar) Bağımlılıkların Tersine Çevrilmesi Prensibi
dependency and indemnity compensation
(Askeri) AİLE VE TAZMİNAT BEDELİ: Faal görevde, eğitim için faal görevde, gayri faal görev eğitiminde iken görev başında -eğitim için faal göreve veya gayri faal görev eğitimine gidiş ve dönüş yolu dahil- ölen askeri personelin geride kalanlarına Emeklilik Dairesi'nce ödenen tazminat. Ölümün; böyle bir görev sırasında meydana gelmiş, vazife ile ilgili bir maluliyete direkt olarak bağlılığı halinde, bu tazminat, terhisten veya görevden ayrıldıktan sonra da ödenebilir
dependency benefits
(Askeri) AİLE YARDIMI: Silahlı kuvvetlere mensup şahısların bakmakla yükümlü oldukları yakınlarına tahsis edilen bir yardım. Aile yardımı; bir çavuşun veya daha ast rütbede bulunan erat sınıfına mensup bir şahsın ailesi efradına tahsis ettiği para ile hükümetin yardım olarak buna eklediği paranın toplamıdır
dependency benefits
(Askeri) aile yardımı
dependency need
bağımlılık ihtiyacı
dependency service
Bağımlılık Hizmeti
foreign dependency
dış bağımlılık
chemical dependency
kimyasal bağımlılık
co dependency
co bağımlılık
high dependency unit
ara yoğun bakım ünitesi
import dependency
Dışalıma/ithalata bağımlılık

Dışsatımımızın dışalıma bağımlılığı son yıllarda artmaktadır.

circular dependency
Dairesel Bağımlılık
circular dependency
Döngüsel Bağımlılık
circular service dependency
Dairesel Hizmet Bağımlılığı
drug dependency
(Tıp) ilaç bağımlılığı
İngilizce - İngilizce
Reliance on the functionality provided by some other, external component

This library has a lot of dependencies. We have to compile all of those other libraries first.

A colony, or a territory subject to rule by an external power
A state of dependence; a refusal to exercise initiative

Frank's sullen dependency was driving his father nuts.

A dependence on a habit-forming substance such as a drug or alcohol; addiction
Something dependent on, or subordinate to, something else:

In the United States' governmental structure, the military is conceived as a dependency under the executive branch.

A territory remote from the kingdom or state to which it belongs, but subject to its dominion; a colony; as, Great Britain has its dependencies in Asia, Africa, and America
a geographical area politically controlled by a distant country
When one instruction or program statement requires the result of another as its input, and so depends on the completion of the other A loop contains a dependency when one iteration of the loop requires the result of a prior iteration; such loops cannot be parallelized In a superscalar CPU, an instruction cannot complete until its dependencies are satisfied by the completion of the instructions that prepare its operand values
When data from one section of code relies on a value from an earlier section of code
In object-oriented programming, the use by one object of the functionality of another
being abnormally tolerant to and dependent on something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming (especially alcohol or narcotic drugs)
as used in Make is a relationship between two files that says that one file must be updated or rebuilt when the other one changes In the Makefile, a dependency is a word listed after the colon ': ' on the same line as a target Source-level dependencies can be extracted from source code and are typically stored in dependency files SNiFF+ generates dependency files that are included by Makefiles as part of its Make Support feature Build-order dependencies must always be specified explicitly
In CL and PCK diagrams, dependencies are used to connect elements that depend on each other For example, a manufacturer may depend on a supplier A dependency is represented by a dashed line with an arrow, which points to the class that is dependent on another
If you talk about alcohol dependency or chemical dependency, you are referring to a situation where someone is an alcoholic or is addicted to drugs. In 1985, he began to show signs of alcohol and drug dependency = addiction. In international relations, a weak state dominated by or under the jurisdiction of a more powerful state but not formally annexed by it. Examples include American Samoa (U.S.) and Greenland (Denmark). The dominant state may control certain of its affairs, such as defense, foreign relations, and internal security, and allow it autonomy in domestic affairs such as education, health, and infrastructural development. In the 1960s and '70s the term referred to an approach to understanding third-world development that emphasized the constraints imposed by the global political and economic order
That which is attached to something else as its consequence, subordinate, satellite, and the like
The direct or indirect reliance of one process or activity upon another
A relationship between two modeling elements, in which a change to one modeling element (the independent element) will affect the other modeling element (the dependent element)
Here, the period after birth during which offspring require the care of adults to survive
The reliance, either direct or indirect, of one process or activity upon another
{i} reliance, state of being needy; territory subject to the dominion of another country
A suite of tools designed to look for interdependencies in the code, in order to better organize it and control compile-time issues
A resource that is assumed available, and will stop or impact the project if it is not Dependencies usually apply to deliverables, people or events within the project and become risk when the resource is out of the project leadr's control
Occurs when a shared library depends on other libraries -- that is, when the shared library was built (with ld -b ), other libraries were specified on the command line See also: dependent library
By definition a territory subject to a state on which it does not border A territory that is dependent for support and help
A dependency states that the implementation or functioning of one or more elements require the presence of one or more other elements
Something dependent on, or subordinate to, something else
A relationship between requirements such that the requirement that is depended upon must normally be satisfied for the other requirements to be able to meet their objectives
When one package can't be installed unless another one is
lack of independence or self-sufficiency
A relationship between tasks, such that one requires input from the other to begin (back to top)
State of being dependent; dependence; state of being subordinate; subordination; concatenation; connection; reliance; trust
A dependency is a country which is controlled by another country
A mechanism which allows an observer object to register an interest in all aspects of another object
- as defined in KRS 600 020(19), dependent child
You talk about someone's dependency when they have a deep emotional, physical, or financial need for a particular person or thing, especially one that you consider excessive or undesirable. We worried about his dependency on his mother independence
a condition caused by the death or disability of a member of a soldier's or spouse's immediate family who previously had supported those persons now dependent upon the soldier; the death or disability of the family member must have placed the responsibility of support on the soldier
A thing hanging down; a dependence
[P&S] A module, A, depends upon another module, B, if it is possible that a change to B means that A also needs to be changed, in which case Module A is said to be a client of B and B is said to be a server to A A system with many dependencies has high coupling A good system has low coupling
A state in which other libraries|programs|packages are required to make a program work
The relationships among prepared statements and dictionary objects in a database Cloudscape tracks the dependency that publications, stored prepared statements, and prepared statements have on the dictionary objects they access If dropping or modifying a dictionary object would cause an open prepared statement to be invalidated, the change is not permitted
dependency culture
a way of life characterized by a dependency on state benefits
dependency injection
A process of supplying an external dependency to a software component
dependency inversion principle
(Bilgisayar) In object-oriented programming, the dependency inversion principle refers to a specific form of decoupling where conventional dependency relationships established from high-level, policy-setting modules to low-level, dependency modules are inverted (i.e. reversed) for the purpose of rendering high-level modules independent of the low-level module implementation details
dependency ratio
Ratio of those aged less than 15 years and over 65 years to the total population
dependency ratio
The ratio of the economically dependent part of the population to the productive part; arbitrarily defined as the ratio of the elderly (ages 65 and older) plus the young (under age 15) to the population in the working ages (ages 15-64)
dependency ratio
The number of nonworking members compared to working members for a given population
dependency ratio
The dependency ratio is calculated as the number of young and elderly residents per 100 residents aged 20 to 64
dependency ratio
a rough estimate of the number of dependents per worker The ratio is computed by dividing the number of people who are most likely to be dependent (those under age 19 plus those over 64) by the number of people in the working-aged population (ages 19 through 64)
British Crown dependency
possessions of the British Crown that are not overseas territories or colonies
chemical dependency
physical and psychological dependency on an addictive drug
functional dependency
A constraint between two sets of attributes in a relation
high dependency unit
An area for patients who require more intensive observation, treatment and nursing care than would be usually provided on a general ward. A standard of care between the general ward and full intensive care
partial dependency
A dependency in a relation that is on a partial key; this is a violation of second normal form
path dependency
Alternative form of path dependence
trivial functional dependency
A functional dependency of an attribute on a superset of itself
linear dependency
In linear algebra, a family of vectors is linearly independent if none of them can be written as a linear combination of finitely many other vectors in the collection. A family of vectors which is not linearly independent is called linearly dependent
chemical dependency
A physical and psychological habituation to a mood- or mind-altering drug, such as alcohol or cocaine
When referring to packages, dependencies are requirements that exist between packages For example, package foo may require files that are installed by package bar In this example, bar must be installed, or else foo will have unresolved dependencies RPM will not normally allow packages with unresolved dependencies to be installed
Components can have dependencies on other components There are several notions to keep in mind when considering component dependencies
Dependencies are relationships between products or tasks For example, one product may be made up of several other 'dependent' products or a task may not begin until a 'dependent' task is complete See also logical relationship
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In civil law, constructions and installations that are accessory to a dwelling but separated from it by a completely free space, or connected to it only by a fence or electrical or other connection
plural of dependency
Straw Dependency: Sufferer is unable to drink without aid of a straw
over-dependency on others
extreme dependency on others, lack of independence, excessive need for the help of others
wean itself away from dependency on
rehabilitate oneself from being dependent on



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