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İngilizce - Türkçe
(Bilgisayar) demonstrasyon

Bugün 4 Haziran. Çin hükümetinin Tiananmen alanında barışsever bir gösteride yüzlerce insanı öldürdüğü bir gün. - Today is the 4th of June — a day when Chinese government killed hundreds of people on a peaceful demonstration on the Tiananmen square.

1960'larda Japon üniversite öğrencileri tarafından hükümete karşı yapılan gösteriler vardı. - There were demonstrations against the government by Japanese university students in the 1960's.


Demokrasi; halkın, halk için, halk tarafından yönetilmesidir. - Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people.

Demokraside ilk ders halkın iradesine uymaktır. - The first lesson in democracy is to abide by the will of the people.

{i} örgüt toplantısı
{i} ispat

Tartışmayı kaybettiğini açıkça ispatladım. - I have clearly demonstrated that you've lost the argument.

Öğretmen fikri bir deneyle ispat etti. - The teacher demonstrated the idea with an experiment.

{i} gösterme

O, muhtemelen insanların gerçekten protesto yapmak yerine sadece boy göstermek için gösterilere gittiklerini kastediyordu. - He probably meant that people go to demonstrations just to show up instead of actually protesting.

Tom'un kelebeği nasıl yapacağını göstermesini istiyorum. - I'd like Tom to demonstrate how to do the butterfly.


Bize bir tanıtım yap. - Give us a demonstration.

O şimdiye kadar dokuz insansı robot yapmıştı ama onların hepsi tanıtım modelleriydi. - Up to now he had made nine humanoid robots but they were all demonstration models.

demo yapmak
demo program
demo programı
demo now
(Bilgisayar) şimdi göster
demo now
(Bilgisayar) şimdi tanıt
demo record
demo kaydı
demo sheet
(Bilgisayar) gösteri sayfası
(Mitholoji) Halkın bütünü
eski Yunanistan'da halk
{i} ayaktakımı
ayak takımı
Türkçe - Türkçe
İngilizce - İngilizce
demographic (noun)
a non-interactive audiovisual computer program developed by enthusiasts to demonstrate the capabilities of the machine (see demoscene)
An edition of limited functionality to give the user an example of how the program works
an example of a product used for demonstration and then sold at a discount
a brief demonstration or visual explanation
a march or gathering to make a political protest
a recording of a song meant to demonstrate its overall sound for the purpose of getting it published or recorded more fully

After hearing the demo the record label approved funding to record the song with a full band.

To record a demo version of a song, usually not intended for commercial release

The band demoed thirty songs. Their manager thought that ten of the songs would make a good record.

An animated presentation that describes or demonstrates a program's features
1) An inexpensively made recording which gives an idea of some of the musical performances that could be used in a final music production 2) To make a demo 3) Any demonstration or trial use of equipment that nay be purchased in the future 4) The equipment being demonstrated
a visual presentation showing how something works; "the lecture was accompanied by dramatic demonstrations"; "the lecturer shot off a pistol as a demonstration of the startle response"
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Demonstration software, usually lacking some of the features and functions of the real thing
(as used in e-learning): A trial version of a product that includes a scaled-down version of its features and functions and that provides users with a "tour" of the product The tour may be guided, or it may be self-running Usually, demos provide users with an opportunity to try certain aspects of a product Also called a guided tour
A demonstration of the functionality, which may not have all the features
A demo is a demonstration by a group of people to show their opposition to something or their support for something. an anti-racist demo
The DEMO project is a forest service study to determine the effects of logging on the old-growth characteristics of a forest 4 areas were chosen in the Gifford-Pinchot and 4 in the Umpqua National Forest Of the areas in the Umpqua, two are in Diamond Lake, one in Cottage Grove, and one in N Umpqua The one in N Umpqua has been withdrawn by the Forest Service, Little River DEMO Each area has 6 timber sale units, each with a different kind of logging prescription At least two out of the six will have 85% of the trees removed That makes a virtual clearcut on 16 units in DEMO Our main objection to DEMO is, do they really need to do deforestation to test the effects on old-growth characteristics?
show or demonstrate something to an interested audience; "She shows her dogs frequently"; "We will demo the new software in Washington"
1 Slang Demonstration 2 Video or other visual or hands-on unit used in a sales demonstration
a CD of a small number of songs used to obtain live gigs, a recording contract, or world-wide fame
To record a demo version of song, usually a low-quality version not intended for commercial release
A demo is a demonstration for a program that usually is soon to be released and gives potential buyers a chance to try and test out the program to see if they like it and may want to buy it
{i} sample program, partial version of a program or the exhibition of a program in order to show the program's potential (Computers); exhibit
A demonstration tape used to sell a musical performer or group
People photo Light
A demo is a CD or tape with a sample of someone's music recorded on it. He listened to one of my demo tapes. to show or explain how something works or is done, especially new computer equipment = demonstrate
Pertaining to people or society
demo program
trial computer program, computer program that is limited in scope for trial prior to purchase
Plural of demo
municipality, an administrative area covering a city or several villages together
1. The common people; the populace.2. The common people of an ancient Greek state
(King) The electorate; the proletariat Not the mob, but those who choose and elect our senators, and are therefore the virtual rulers of the nation
If you disclose technology during a demo within the US to a foreign national, that is an Export   All such disclosures are subject to the Export Administration Regulations
The common populace of a state, the people
{i} population of commoners in ancient Greece; common people, "the masses"; group of people that functions as a political unit (Sociology)
Türkçe - İngilizce
demo yapmak
demo hazırlamak
prepare a demo
demo kaydı
demo record
dark forces demo yüklemesi
(Bilgisayar) dark forces demo install



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    /ˈdemō/ /ˈdɛmoʊ/


    ... Let me show you a demo. Everyone uses their phone for music at the ...
    ... we have in mind, we've put together a very simple demo. This is actually another Tungsten. ...

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