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İngilizce - Türkçe
şekil değiştirme
(Diş Hekimliği) şeklin bozulması
şeklini veya biçimini bozma
tazyik altında şekil değişimi
(Tıp) Şeklini (biçimini) bozma, sakatlık
{i} sakatlık
{i} biçimsizleştirme
(İnşaat) şekli bozulmak
(Nükleer Bilimler) şekil bozukluğu
{i} bozulma
şekil değişikliği
deformation of metals
metal deformasyonu
deformation potential
deformasyon potansiyeli
deformation processes
(Mühendislik) bozundurma süreçleri
deformation lamella
deformasyon lameli
deformation modulus
deformasyon modülü
deformation twinning
deformasyon ikizlenmesi
creep deformation
akma deformasyonu
specific deformation
özgül deformasyon
cold deformation
soğuk deformasyon
continuous deformation
sürekli deformasyon
critical deformation
kritik deformasyon
elastic deformation
esnek deformasyon
hot deformation
sıcak deformasyon
mechanical deformation process
mekanik deformasyon işlemi
permanent deformation
kalıcı deformasyon
permanent deformation
kalıcı bozunum
bulk deformation
(Metal İşleme) Talaşsız şekil verme proseslerinden plastik deformasyon
permanent deformation
kalıcı deformasyon, kalıcı bozunum
plastic deformation
plastik deformasyon, plastik bozunum
region of deformation
deformasyon bölgesi
resistance to deformation
deformasyon direnci
shear deformation
kesme deformasyonu
angular deformation
açısal deformasyon
angular deformation
açısal biçim değiştirme
bending deformation
eğilme deformasyonu
brittle deformation
gevrek (kırılgan) deformasyon
brittle deformation
(Jeoloji) kırılgan deformasyon
brittle deformation
(Jeoloji) gevrek deformasyon
elastic deformation
elastik deformasyon
instantaneous deformation
birden biçim değiştirme
instantaneous deformation
ani deformasyon
irreversible deformation
kalıcı bozunma
irreversible deformation
geri dönmeyen deformasyon
lateral deformation
yanal veya enine bozulma
lateral deformation
(Fizik) enine deformasyon
lateral deformation
yanal deformasyon
lateral deformation
(Fizik) yanal bozulma
modulus of deformation
biçimsizlenme modülü
modulus of deformation
deformasyon modülü
modulus of shear deformation
kayma deformasyonu modülü
reversed deformation
geri dönen deformasyon
reversible deformation
geridönebilir deformasyon
seismic deformation method
(Çevre) sismik deformasyon yöntemi
temporary deformation
geçici deformasyon
temporary deformation
geçici bozunum
viscous deformation
akışmaz biçimdeğiştirme
viscous deformation
akışmaz biçim değiştirme
viscous deformation
viskoz deformasyon
volumetric deformation
hacimsel deformasyon
İngilizce - İngilizce
The act of deforming, or state of being deformed
A transformation; change of shape
a change in the usual shape of something, especially one that makes it worse, or the process of changing something's shape
The process of changing the dimensions of a structure by applying a force
a change of shape through stress
The act of deforming, or state of anything deformed
distortion of a loaded structural member; includes plastic, non-recoverable movement
alteration in the shape or dimensions of an object as a result of the application of stress to it
A way of changing the shape of objects by using another object (curve, surface, lattice, shape) as a deforming tool, using a deforming operator such as Twist, Bend, or Push You can apply deformations to selected components of an object and use a weight map to modify the deformation The deformation depends on two factors: the shape of the deforming tool and the transformation (scaling, rotation, or translation) of the deformed object
A change in the shape and size of a body
A change in the shape of a structure or structural element caused by a load or force acting on the structure
Abnormal form, shape, or position of part of the body caused by extrinsic/mechanical forces (such as clubfoot secondary to intrauterine constraint)
The condition where the director in a liquid crystalline material changes its orientation from one molecule to the next
The act of distorting or changing the shape or dimensions of a structural element or body resulting from forces or stresses
Transformation; change of shape
A change in the original shape of a material When we are talking about earthquakes, deformation is due to stress and strain
The result of stress applied to any surface of a continuous medium, unless the medium is infinitely stiff Examples are elongation, compression, contraction, or shear
General term for folding, faulting, and other processes resulting from shear, compression, and extension of rocks
The change in shape of a specimen caused by the application of a load or force
{i} act of deforming, distortion, disfigurement, maiming
the act of twisting or deforming the shape of something (e g , yourself)
dimensional changes that occur when stress in a material is less than the yield point The material will return to its original shape if the stress is removed
a change for the worse
Any change in the geometry (size and/or shape) of a body produced by the application of force
Any change of form or shape produced in a body by a stress
deformation energy
The energy that must be supplied to an initially spherical atomic nucleus to give it a sufficient deformation to undergo nuclear fission according to the Bohr-Wheeler theory
deformation retract
To have a deformation retract as a subspace
deformation retract
A subspace such that there is a retraction onto it of the ambient space homotopic to the identity function on the ambient space
deformation retracted
Simple past tense and past participle of deformation retract
deformation retracting
Present participle of deformation retract
deformation retracts
Third-person singular simple present indicative form of deformation retract
deformation retracts
plural form of deformation retract
To have a deformation retract as a subspace
deformation and flow
Alteration in size or shape of a body under the influence of mechanical forces. Flow is a change in deformation that continues as long as the force is applied. Gases and liquids normally flow relatively freely, while solids deform when subjected to forces. Most solids initially deform elastically (see elasticity), though rigid material such as metals, concrete, or rocks can sustain large forces while undergoing little deformation. If enough force is applied, even these materials will reach their elastic limit, at which point brittle substances fracture while ductile materials (see ductility) rearrange their internal structure, the result being plastic deformation (see plasticity)
Pertaining to, due to, or causing deformation

a deformational stress.

plastic deformation
A permanent change in the shape or size of an object without breaking it or putting it under excessive stress
bulk deformation
(Metal İşleme) Process where the work pieces and products have relatively high ratios of volume to surface area or volume to thickness
relating to or causing change in either shape or size of a material body or geometric figure
plural of deformation



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