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Bu makineler, özellikle yüksek kaliteli işçilik ile ayırt edilir. - These machines are distinguished by particularly high-quality workmanship.

Bu cihazlar özellikle yüksek kaliteli işçilikle ayırt edilir. - These devices are distinguished by particularly high-quality workmanship.

{i} usta işi
{i} işçilik, bir işe verilen emeğin niteliği: The workmanship in this snuffbox is excellent. Bu enfiye kutusunun işçiliği çok iyi
{i} zanaat
workmanship price
işçilik bedeli
faulty workmanship
işçilik hatası
bad workmanship
kötü işçilik
defect due to workmanship
yapım kusuru
defective workmanship
kusurlu işçilik
faulty workmanship
(Tekstil) fabrikasyon hatası
faulty workmanship
hatalı işçilik
poor workmanship
(Gıda) düşük işçilik
poor workmanship
kötü işçilik
poor workmanship
(Gıda) niteliksiz işçilik
shoddy workmanship
kötü işçilik
shoddy workmanship
ucuz işçilik
Englisch - Englisch
The quality of something made by an artisan or craftsman
The skill of an artisan or craftsman
the art or skill of a workman
{n} work, manufacture, skill, art
The art or skill of a workman; the execution or manner of making anything
{i} artistry; skillfulness; manner of execution; something produced by careful work
Workmanship is the skill with which something is made and which affects the appearance and quality of the finished object. The problem may be due to poor workmanship The standard of workmanship is very high. = craftsmanship. skill in making things, especially in a way that makes them look good = craftsmanship
skill in an occupation or trade
That which is effected, made, or produced; manufacture, something made by manual labor