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Englisch - Türkisch
(Denizbilim) safra
(eski) Hayalet
(eski) İnsan, yaratık
isle of wight
işle of Wight
Englisch - Englisch
A being of one of the Nine Worlds of heathen belief, especially a nature spirit, elf or ancestor
A living creature, especially a human being
brave, valorous, strong
A ghost or other supernatural entity
{n} aperson, a being
{a} nimble, swift
An island in the English Channel off south-central England. It is a popular resort area and yachting center. Queen Victoria often stayed at the Osborne House near Cowes. A living being; a creature. Valorous; brave. Isle of Wight
{i} Isle of Wight, island adjacent to the southern coast of England
a human being; `wight' is an archaic term
{s} courageous, strong; active, energetic
{i} person; supernatural being; living creature (Archaic)
an isle and county of southern England in the English Channel
A human being; a person, either male or female; now used chiefly in irony or burlesque, or in humorous language
A whit; a bit; a jot
A supernatural being
Swift; nimble; agile; strong and active
Isle of Wight
An island and county off the south coast of England opposite Southampton, sometimes considered to be part of Hampshire
Isle of Wight
IOW the Isle of Wight an island off the coast of southern England and an English county. It is a popular place for English families to go to on holiday and for people who enjoy sailing. Island and unitary authority (pop., 2001: 132,719), part of the historic county of Hampshire, in the English Channel off the southern coast of England. Separated from mainland Hampshire by the Solent, the island has an area of 147 sq mi (381 sq km). Its main town is Newport. The backbone of the Isle of Wight is a chalk ridge that extends across its entire breadth, the thickest bed of chalk in the British Isles. The Needles are three detached masses of chalk that lie off the island's westernmost point and rise to about 100 ft (30 m). Three rivers, the Eastern Yar, the Medina, and the Western Yar, flow northward into the Solent. A major British maximum security prison is located at Parkhurst. Boatbuilding, marine engineering, and the aerospace, plastics, and electronics industries are economically important. The island's warm, sunny climate has made it a popular vacation spot
Isle of Wight
island in the English Channel south of the city of Portsmouth
plural of wight

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    /ˈwīt/ /ˈwaɪt/


    [ 'wIt ] (noun.) before 12th century. From Middle English, from Old English wiht (“wight, person, creature, being, whit, thing, something, anything”), from Proto-Germanic *wehtiz, *wihtiz (“essence, object”), from Proto-Indo-European *wekti- (“cause, sake, thing”), from Proto-Indo-European *wekʷ- (“to say, tell”). Cognate with Old High German wiht (“creature, thing”)Merriam-Webster, 1974., Dutch wicht, German Wicht, Swedish vätte. See also whit.

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