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a region of Manhattanville, Harlem, New York City
To subject to an examination of this kind

My doctoral thesis was vivaed three years before the publication of the revised and expanded edition of Richard H. Popkin's work.

Long live ... ! (used to express acclaim or support)
To cheer or applaud

did you not hear how the beasts last night were cheering and vivaing those French heretics?.

An oral examination, typically for an academic qualification
an examination conducted by word of mouth
(long) live; an exclamation expressing good will, well wishing, etc
A viva is a university examination in which a student answers questions in speech rather than writing. a spoken examination taken at the end of a university course (viva voce). used to show that you approve of someone and want them to continue to exist or be successful
{ü} long live... ! , here's to... ! (expression of praise or tribute)
{i} examination which is given orally in universities (British)
The word viva, or a shout or sound made in uttering it
viva voce
By word of mouth
viva voce
An oral examination
viva voce
a viva
viva voce
an examination conducted by word of mouth
viva voce
orally; "I heard it viva voce"
viva voce
By word of mouth; orally
expressed orally; "a viva-voce report"; "the film had good word-of-mouth publicity
voting viva voce
election during which people who are eligible to vote are able to vote only after their name is called