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Terms of reference
terms of reference
Definition of the work and the schedule that must be carried out by the evaluation team It recalls the background and specifies the scope of the evaluation, states the main motives for an evaluation and the questions asked It sums up available knowledge and outlines an evaluation method and describes the distribution of work, schedule and the responsibilities among the people participating in an evaluation process It specifies the qualifications required from candidate teams or individuals as well as the criteria to be used to select an evaluation team
terms of reference
task description for delivery of the project's services e g for a consultancy or TCO; the set of guidelines prepared by the organisation contracting out the work which establish the aspirations and logistics (see also: Consultants; Feasibility Studies)
terms of reference
area of authorization, field of jurisdiction (of a committee)
terms of reference
A document that usually describes the purpose and scope of an activity or requirement
terms of reference
Terms of reference are the instructions given to someone when they are asked to consider or investigate a particular subject, telling them what they must deal with and what they can ignore. The government has announced the terms of reference for its proposed committee of inquiry
terms of reference
A brief high-level description of the objectives and overall scope of a scrutiny, written for disclosure to persons or bodies likely to be asked to give evidence and any other interested third party There will normally also be more detailed planning documentation(e g the Proposal) intended only for internal use
terms of references

    Türkische aussprache

    tırmz ıv refrınsîz


    /ˈtərmz əv ˈrefrənsəz/ /ˈtɜrmz əv ˈrɛfrənsɪz/


    [ 't&rm ] (noun.) 13th century. Middle English terme boundary, end, from Old French, from Latin terminus; akin to Greek termOn boundary, end, Sanskrit tarman top of a post.

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