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(Askeri) görev talimatı, görev ve sorumluluklar; alış zamanı (term of reference; time of receipt)
kayalık yüksek tepe
kayalık burun
(isim) dik ve kayalık tepe
{i} dik ve kayalık tepe
ready tor sewing
(Tekstil) dikime hazır
Türkisch - Türkisch
Sık gözlü ağ
Acemi, bir işe yeni başlayan
Olgunlaşmamış, ham
Geleneksel Anadolu evlerinde,odada en saygın kişilere ayrılan baş köse
Bir dairenin kendi düzleminde bulunan fakat merkezinden geçmeyen bir doğru çevresinde dönmesiyle oluşan cisim
Ağ örgüsünde
Görgüsüz, çekingen, utangaç, acemi
Toy, işe alışkın olmayan, yabani
Gövde heykeli
Englisch - Englisch
Terms of reference
an implementation of second-generation onion routing
A hill

The moon was low upon the right, and the jagged pinnacle of a granite tor stood up against the lower curve of its silver disc.

Alternative form of tore ("hard, difficult; strong; rich")
A craggy outcrop of rock on the summit of a hill
High-pointed hill; a rocky pinnacle
Terminal Owning Region A term associated with a CICS region which provides terminal management on behalf of other CICS regions in the same or different operating systems environment
A prominent hilltop, usually rocky
a high rocky hill a prominent rock or pile of rocks on a hill
Task order request, task order reporting
a rocky hill
isolated mass of rock, usually granite, left upstanding on a hilltop after the surrounding rock has been broken down Weathering takes place along the joints in the rock, reducing the outcrop into a mass of rounded blocks tornado extremely violent revolving storm with swirling, funnelshaped clouds, caused by a rising column of warm air propelled by strong wind A tornado can rise to a great height, but with a diameter of only a few hundred metres or less Tornadoes move with wind speeds of 160-480 kph, destroying everything in their path They are common in the central USA and Australia tourism visit to a place away from home that (unlike recreation) involves at least an overnight stay Towns in the UK typically have a population of 4,000-90,000 trade wind prevailing wind that blows towards the equator from the northeast and southeast
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a prominent rock or pile of rocks on a hill
A student (and bully) at Sunnydale High School, Tor hung out with three other vicious students, all of whom became possessed by wild hyenas while on a school trip to the zoo They eventually took on the characteristics of the hyenas, leading them to devour a live pig and Pricipal Flutie Tor appeared in "The Pack "
a high rocky hill
A tower; a turret
plural of tor
Türkisch - Englisch
(Meteoroloji) torr

Torres booted the ball to his teammate. - Torres topu takım arkadaşına gönderdi.

Thursday Island is situated in the Torres Strait between Australia's northernmost Cape York and New Guinea. - Thursday adası Avustralya'nın en kuzeyindeki Cape York ve Yeni Gine arasındaki Torres boğazında bulunmaktadır.

(Askeri) thor

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    /ˈtôr/ /ˈtɔːr/


    [ 'tor ] (noun.) before 12th century. From Middle English tor, torr-, from Old English torr, tor (“a high rock, lofty hill, tower”), possibly from Celtic, compare Old Welsh *tor (“a hill”); ultimately from Latin turris (“high structure”), from Ancient Greek τύρρις (týrris), τύρσις (týrsis, “tower”), of non-Indo-European origin. Cognate with Welsh twr, Irish torr. It is not clear whether the Celtic forms were borrowed from Old English, or vice versa. See also tower.


    ... TOR NORBYE: So here, I can see my current layout rendered on ...
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