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To cause a shallowing
A sandbank or sandbar creating a shallow

But that part of the coast being shoal and bare, / And rough with reefs which ran out many a mile, / His port lay on the other side o' the isle.

Any large number of persons or things
To arrive at a shallow (or less deep) area
A large number of fish (or other sea creatures) of the same species swimming together
To collect in a shoal; to throng
{n} a crowd, sandbank, shallow
{v} to crowd, press, grow or be shallow
a stretch of shallow water
a sandbank in a stretch of water that is visible at low tide
become shallow; "the lake shallowed over time"
An offshore hazard to navigation at a depth of 16 fathoms (30 meters or 96 feet) or less, composed of unconsolidated material
To cause to become more shallow; to come to a more shallow part of; as, a ship shoals her water by advancing into that which is less deep
A sandbank or bar creating a shallow
{i} sand bank in shallow water; area of shallow water; school of fish; large group of people or things
A large number of fish of the same species swimming together
A place where the water of a sea, lake, river, pond, etc
A shoal of fish is a large group of them swimming together. Among them swam shoals of fish. tuna shoals
A sandbank or sandbar that makes the water shallow; specifically : an elevation which is not rocky and on which there is a depth of water of six fathoms (11 meters) or less
is shallow; a shallow
A sandbank or bar which makes the water shoal
A great multitude assembled; a crowd; a throng; said especially of fish; as, a shoal of bass
(1) (noun) A detached area of any material except rock or coral The DEPTHS over it are a danger to surface navigation Similar continental or insular shelf features of greater DEPTHS are usually termed BANKS (2) (verb) To become shallow gradually (3) To cause to become shallow (4) To proceed from a greater to a lesser DEPTH of water
a bank or reef, an area of shallow water dangerous to navigation Sounding: the of operation of determioning the depth of the sea, and the quality of the ground, by means of a lead and line, sunk from the ship to the bottom, where some of the sediment or sand adheres to the tallow in the hollow base of the lead
Having little depth; shallow; as, shoal water
{f} throng, crowd together, gather into a large group (of fish, etc.); become shallow; make shallow
A place in a body of water where the water is particularly shallow
a stretch of shallow water a sandbank in a stretch of water that is visible at low tide
To assemble in a multitude; to throng; as, the fishes shoaled about the place
1 (noun) A shallow area in a waterway caused by the deposition of sediment 2 (verb) To become shallow due to the deposition of sediment
To become shallow; as, the color of the water shows where it shoals
an elevation in the water which makes it shallow and dangerous for navigation (haut-fond)
a submerged expanse of coral reef, surrounded by deep water, which does not form a part of a barrier or fringing reef
A sandbank or bar, which makes the water shoal
make shallow; "The silt shallowed the canal"
An area of rocks or sand at or near the surface of a body of water
Very shallow place in a body of water
a large group of fish; "a school of small glittering fish swam by"
shoal of fish
group of fish, school of fish
shoal water
shallow water, water that is not deep
{a} full of or having shallows, shallow
Becoming shallow gradually
plural of shoal
Full of shoals, or shallow places
{s} filled with many sand bars, having many shallow areas created by shoals