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Englisch - Türkisch
sivri dilli
Englisch - Englisch
Having an acrid or bitter wit. Often said of someone skilled at or given to insulting or belittling others
{s} having a sharp manner of speaking, snide, blunt, clever
disapproval If you describe someone as sharp-tongued, you being critical of them for speaking in a way which is unkind though often clever. Julia was a very tough, sharp-tongued woman. saying things in a disapproving or unfriendly way which often upsets people
sharp tongue
The practice or characteristic of speaking to others in a harsh, critical, or insulting manner

He hated the Professor, who smelt the rogue in him, and scourged him continually with his sharp tongue.

sharp tongue
disapproval If you say that someone has a sharp tongue, you are critical of the fact that they say things which are unkind though often clever. Despite her sharp tongue, she inspires loyalty from her friends
sharp tongue
a bitter or critical manner of speaking
sharp tongue
wit, sarcasm, eloquence