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The scientific study, or the chemical analysis of faeces
A filthy epithet

lingo of the streets with its spewed out scatologies and its anti-womanist rhetoric of hoes and bitches — all so evocative of life in the ghetto.

The study of excrement
{i} study of excrement; abnormal interest in excrement or obscenity; study of fossilized excrement
(medicine) the chemical analysis of excrement (for medical diagnosis or for paleontological purposes) a preoccupation with scatology
bovine scatology

I would describe that report as bovine scatology, okay? Better referred to by the troops as BS. I don't know who that guy's source is, but he ought to get a new source because the source is a liar.

{s} pertaining to the study of excrement and obscenity; pertaining to an abnormal interest in excrement or obscenity; pertaining to the study of fossilized excrement
an interest in obscenity or things considered obscene, particularly literature
dealing pruriently with excrement and excretory functions; "scatological literature
If you describe something as scatological, you mean that it deliberately refers to or represents faeces in some way. scatological anecdotes. too interested in or related to human waste, in a way that people find offensive (skat-, the stem of skor )
related to the research area of scatology, the particulate study of biological excrement, feces or dung