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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} soyguncu

Soyguncu cezalandırılmaktan kaçtı. - The robber escaped being punished.

Banka soyguncusu hepiniz, olduğunuz yerde kalın! diye bağırdı - The bank robber shouted, Stay where you are, all of you!

{i} hırsız

Hırsızlık ne zaman gerçekleşti? - When did the robbery take place?

Polis hırsızı yakasından yakaladı. - The police seized the robber by the neck.

yol kesen kimse
adam soyma
(Arılık) yağmacı
{i} haydut
robber baron
hırsız baron
robber's cave
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) robber mağarası
robber's den
soyguncu yatağı
grave robber
mezar hırsızı
Englisch - Englisch
{n} a thief, a person who takes by force
a thief who steals from someone by threatening violence
One who robs; in law, one who feloniously takes goods or money from the person of another by violence or by putting him in fear
{i} thief, burglar, one who steals
one who robs or steals; a thief
A robber is someone who steals money or property from a bank, a shop, or a vehicle, often by using force or threats. Armed robbers broke into a jeweller's through a hole in the wall. someone who steals money or property thief, burglar burglar
robber baron
In Europe, an aristocrat who charged exorbitant fees or otherwise exacted money from people who journeyed across land or waterways which he controlled

Men who made it a custom to travel the trail to Dawson, likened him to a robber baron, perched in his fortress and exacting toll from the caravans that used his ill-kept roads.

robber baron
Especially in the 19th-century and early 20th-century, a business tycoon who had great wealth and influence but whose methods were morally questionable

An early operator in the field, Ivy Lee, is reported to have changed the image of John D. Rockefeller from robber baron to philanthropic old gentleman who loved to play golf and hand out shiny coins to children.

robber barons
plural form of robber baron
Alternative spelling of robber baron
robber fly
Any of various predatory flies of the family Asilidae, characteristically having long, bristly legs
robber baron
If you refer to someone as a robber baron, you mean that they have made a very large amount of money and have been prepared to act illegally or in an immoral way in order to do so. a powerful person who uses their money and influence to get more money, business, land etc in a way that is slightly dishonest
robber fly
swift predatory fly having a strong body like a bee with the proboscis hardened for sucking juices of other insects captured on the wing
robber fly
Any of various predatory flies of the family Asilidae, characteristically having long, bristly legs. or assassin fly Any of about 4,000 species of predatory dipterans in the family Asilidae, found worldwide. Robber flies are the largest of all dipterans; some species are 3 in. (8 cm) long. Most have a dull-coloured, stout body resembling that of a bumblebee and a moustache of bristles between the large-faceted eyes. They use their long legs to capture insects in flight and hold them while eating; a fluid injected into the victim breaks down muscle tissue. A few species are serious pests of apiaries
robber frog
small terrestrial frog of tropical America
bank robber
one who robs or steals from a bank
camp robber
The gray jay, Perisoreus canadensis
cradle robber
A person who marries or becomes romantically involved with someone who is much younger or who employs or otherwise engages a young person for a purpose inappropriate for his or her age

I was a 50-year-old woman; he was a 25-year-old man. . . . I was out of my pajamas and into a short skirt before you could say “cradle robber”.

Alternative spelling of cradle robber
A robber
A robber
armed robber
{i} thief carrying a weapon
bank robber
a robber of banks
someone who has a romantic relationship with someone who is much younger - used to show disapproval sugar daddy, toy boy toy boy
grave robber
One who plunders valuables from tombs or graves or who steals corpses after burial, as for illicit dissection
plural of robber
sea robber
pirate, one who steals from ships at sea
sea robber
A pirate; a sea rover
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robber mağarası
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) robber's cave