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Englisch - Türkisch

Bu haydutlar aşağılıktır. - These bandits are despicable.

Kaçış girişiminde, haydut dört rehinenin canına kıydı. - In an attempt of escape, the bandit did away with the life of four hostages.

{i} eşkıya
(Kanun) eşkiya
yol kesen
haydut çetesi
eşklya takımı
banditry haydutluk
{i} silâhlı soyguncu
yol kesen kimse
bandit warehouse
haydut barınağı
one-armed bandit
kollu kumar makinesi
social bandit

İnce Mehmed ve Koçere, birisi roman kahramanı, diğeri gerçek birer hayduttur.

armed bandit
(Askeri) silahlı çete
{i} eşkiyalık
city bandit
şehir eşkiyası
one armed bandit
kumar makinası
one armed bandit
otomatik satış makinası
one armed bandit
slot makinası
one armed bandit
para ile çalışan kollu satış makinası
Englisch - Englisch
An enemy aircraft
one who robs others
one who cheats others
an outlaw
{i} brigand, outlaw, robber, thief; enemy aircraft
A slang term for a confirmed hostile target, Used in both aerial and space combat
Enemy Aircraft
In the Glasgow area, any thing, person, or event that causes pain or outrage may be referred to as a bandit, especially in exclamations such as ya bandit!
an armed thief who is (usually) a member of a band
Robbers are sometimes called bandits, especially if they are found in areas where the law has broken down. This is real bandit country. = outlaw. someone who robs people, especially one of a group of people who attack travellers (bandito, from bandire )
An outlaw; a brigand
plural banditti or bandits , properly means outlaw (Italian, bandito, banished, men pronounced "banned") As these outlaws very often became robbers, the term soon came to signify banded highwaymen
Hostile aircraft
Beltway bandit
A consulting or research company that performs mostly work for US government departments or agencies

He worked for a beltway bandit firm, doing engineering work. He computed trajectories on missiles... that kind of thing.

Beltway bandit
An employee of such a firm, especially a former employee of the firm's clients
arse bandit
A male homosexual
ass bandit
A man who seduces young women
Acts characteristic of a bandit; armed robbery

The merchant refused to travel in the region due to the ongoing banditry.

robbers or outlaws

I have more pleasure in a snug farmhouse than a watch-tower—and a troop of tidy, happy villagers please me better than the finest banditti in the world.”.

communist bandit
A politically derogative term used by the Kuomintang of the Republic of China to refer to the Chinese communists
make out like a bandit
To profit greatly; to get an excessively good deal

Somebody must be making out like a bandit if they have managed to sell a $50 product for $500 like that!.

one-armed bandit
A gaming machine having a long handle (the “arm” referred to in the name) at one side that one pulls down to make reels spin; the player wins money or tokens when certain combinations of symbols line up on these reels
{n} men outlawed, highwaymen, robbers
social bandit
Social bandit is a term invented by the historian Eric Hobsbawm in his 1965 classic study of popular forms of resistance, Primitive Rebels. He further expanded the field in the 1969 study, Bandits. Hobsbawm's key thesis was that outlaws were individuals living on the edges of rural societies by robbing and plundering, who are often seen by ordinary people as heroes or beacons of popular resistance. He called it a form of "pre-historic social movement", by contrast with the organized labour movement
{i} work of bandits or outlaws
the practice of plundering in gangs
Banditry is used to refer to acts of robbery and violence in areas where the rule of law has broken down
plural of bandit
one-armed bandit
A one-armed bandit is the same as a fruit machine. a machine with a long handle, into which you put money in order to try to win more money = slot machine British Equivalent: fruit machine