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Englisch - Türkisch
hazır cevap
hazırcevap sözlerle dolu konuşma
{i} hazırcevaplık
{i} yerinde cevap
quick at repartee
Englisch - Englisch
A conversation marked by a series of witty retorts

Yet habit—strange thing! what cannot habit accomplish?—Gayer sallies, more merry mirth, better jokes, and brighter repartees, you never heard over your mahogany.

A swift, witty retort
a ready, witty, or apt reply
{n} a witty reply
{v} to reply smartly
Repeated jabbing motions made by extending and withdrawing the sword arm
Active Voice's conversational voice processing system that combines automated attendant, voice mail, Audiotext and facsimile features, Repartee is designed for companies who want the latest technology and features
Repartee is conversation that consists of quick, witty comments and replies. She was good at repartee. conversation which is fast and full of intelligent and amusing remarks and replies (repartie, from repartir )
{i} witty response, clever reply; quick and witty conversation
To make smart and witty replies
adroitness and cleverness in reply
A smart, ready, and witty reply
n a swift, witty reply : conversation marked by witty retorts