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Onların mahremiyetine saygı duymalısın. - You need to respect their privacy.

Genel olarak muhabirler birinin mahremiyetine izinsiz girmeye çekinmezler. - By and large, reporters don't hesitate to intrude on one's privacy.


Bize biraz gizlilik gerekiyordu. - We needed some privacy.

Facebook'ta mutlak gizlilik bir yanılsamadır. Gerçekte yoktur. - Absolute privacy on Facebook is an illusion. It doesn't exist in reality.

{i} kişiye özellik
kişisel gizlilik
{i} gizlilik hakkı

Biz gizlilik hakkına sahibiz. - We have a right to privacy.

{i} yalnızlık
bilgi sırdaşlığı
(Kanun) sırrın masuniyeti
{i} mahremiyet: The English value their privacy. İngilizler mahremiyetlerine çok önem verir
{i} dokunulmazlık
{i} özel yaşam

Lütfen özel yaşamıma saygı gösterin. - Please respect my privacy.

kişisel dokunulmazlık
in absolute privacy tamamen mahrem olarak
sır olarak

Lütfen özel yaşamıma saygı gösterin. - Please respect my privacy.

privacy key
gizlilik önemli
privacy lock
erişim kilidi
privacy of
privacy protection
gizlilik koruması
privacy statement
Gizlilik bildirimi
privacy act
(Askeri) kişisel mahremiyet hakkı
privacy handset
gizli ahize
privacy import
(Bilgisayar) gizlilik alımı
privacy lock
Gizlilik Kilidi
privacy mark
(Bilgisayar) kişiye özel işareti
privacy mark
(Bilgisayar) gizlilik işareti
privacy of communication
(Kanun) haberleşmenin gizliliği
privacy of individual life
(Kanun) özel hayatın mahremiyeti
privacy of individual life
(Kanun) hususi hayatın gizliliği
disturb one’s privacy
(birinin) özeline girmek
disturb one’s privacy
özele girmek
privacy policy
(Bilgisayar) gizlilik politikası
data privacy
veri gizliliği
respect to someone's privacy
özeline saygı göstermek
workplace privacy relationship
işyeri özel ilişkileri
disturb smb.'s privacy
özel hayatına müdahale etmek
in absolute privacy
tamamen aralarında kalmak üzere
in privacy
in privacy
özel olarak
in strict privacy
son derece gizli olarak
right of privacy
dokunulmazlık hakkı
violation of right of privacy
(Kanun) gizlilik haklarının ihlali
violation of right of privacy
(Kanun) özellik haklarının ihlali
Englisch - Englisch
The state of being private; the state of not being seen by others
the quality of being secluded from the presence or view of others the condition of being concealed or hidden Printed letters; the impression taken from type, as to excellence, form, size, etc
{n} secrecy, privity, retreat
* It is common to distinguish three species of privacy: physical, informational, and decisional In addition, philosopher and legal theorist Anita Allen distinguishes dispositional privacy Physical privacy is a restriction on the ability of others to experience a person through one or more of the five senses; informational privacy is a restriction on facts about the person that are unknown or unknowable; and decisional privacy is the exclusion of others from decisions, such as health care decisions or marital decisions, made by the person and his group of intimates Finally, dispositional privacy is a restriction on the ability of others to know a person's states of mind
the condition of being concealed or hidden
A major concern of Internet users that largely involves the sharing of personally identifiable information, which includes name, birth date, Social Security number and financial data, for example
For purposes of the HIPAA Privacy Rule, privacy means an individual's interest in limiting who has access to personal health care information
Roughly the ability of a person to limit what computers that know about him can say about him to other people and computers
The quality or condition of being free from unsanctioned intrusion Communications need to reassure the prospect through clear, accessible and enforced assurances so he/she can feel comfortable about providing personal information and transacting business
Privacy is the protection of sensitive and personal information from unintentional and intentional attacks and disclosure
The right of an individual to be secure from unauthorized disclosure of information about oneself that is contained in documents/archives [SAA]
(1) The right to be let alone; (2) in insurance contexts, the right to fair personal information practices Probate: The court-supervised process of validating or establishing a distribution for assets of a deceased including the payment of outstanding obligations
– Control over the extent, timing, and circumstances of sharing oneself (physically, behaviorally, or intellectually) with others
Privacy is defined as the right to freedom from unauthorized intrusion Increasing use of e-mail, cell phones, closed-circuit surveillance cameras, checkout scanners and other technologies has made it easier to gather volumes of information about individuals-including buying and spending habits, finances, lifestyles, preferences, and movements Concerned about how these growing databases will be used and the rise of companies that openly trade in consumer information, consumer advocate and privacy watchdog groups are calling for legislated protection In response, many Websites now post privacy policies disclosing how they collect, use, and share information These often include opt-in or -out buttons << Return
confidentiality of personal information
The level of protection an organization provides for personal data that consumers supply when they use a Web site, register at a Web site, or buy from a Web site
-For citizens and consumers, freedom from unauthorized intrusion For organizations, privacy involves the policies that determine what information is gathered, how it is used, and how customers are informed and involved in this process Privacy is a legal issue, but it's also an information security issue Customer outrage over stolen credit card numbers, for instance, is a privacy problem brought about by inadequate security
Privacy protects authorized participants from illegal utilization or knowledge of information related to their behavior or personal information
A Murdoch Convention to be applied in the preparation of Content is the use of privacy statements to inform end-users of what information is gathered and what is done with the information gathered
A source of concern to many on the Internet is how much personal information on them is available to all who look for it Wherever you open an account on the Internet and World Wide Web, you are asked for personal information What happens to this information? Do you have a rignt to privacy? See our article on Privacy: What Can Others Learn About You? See also, Delphi's Privacy Policy
The right of an individual to be secure from unauthorized disclosure of information about oneself that is contained in documents (SAA)
POLICY - a statement on a web site describing what information about you is collected by the site, and how it is used Ideally, the policy is posted prominently and offers you options about the use of your personal information These options are called opt-in and opt-out An opt-in choice means the web site won't use your information unless you specifically say it's okay An opt-out choice means the web site can use the information unless you specifically direct it not to
the quality of being secluded from the presence or view of others
Ensuring that individuals maintain the right to control what information is collected about them and how it is used as well
The right for an individual to be free from identification, classification, or observation by another party without their consent Also involves the right of individuals to control third party access to information about them that may be considered personal in nature
In genetics, the right of people to restrict access to their genetic information
Privacy is becoming more and more of a concern on the Internet Anyone whom you give information such as your email address or credit card number can very easily give that information to someone else One can safeguard against credit card theft by only frequenting trustworthy sites and using one's judgement On the other hand, there are no laws against email address collection; many otherwise trustworthy organisations collect email addresses and sell them to spammers, or simply put out spam on their own Many people give out false email addresses to work against this A particularly popular method is spam-proofing
control over the extent, timing and circumstances of sharing oneself (physically, behaviorally, or intellectually) with others
out of the view of others; implies some form of security to keep it private, but security must be expressly used to insure privacy; privacy policies make claims to insure privacy of information
The state or quality of being secluded from the view and or presence of others
If you have privacy, you are in a place or situation which allows you to do things without other people seeing you or disturbing you. He saw the publication of this book as an embarrassing invasion of his privacy a collection of over 60 designs to try on in the privacy of your own home
A private matter; a secret
If someone or something invades your privacy, they interfere in your life without your permission. The press invade people's privacy unjustifiably every day
See Privity, 2
The state of being in retirement from the company or observation of others; seclusion
A printed publication, more especially a newspaper or other periodical
as, small print; large print; this line is in print
An impression taken from anything, as from an engraved plate
That which is produced by printing
{i} seclusion, solitude, reclusion; state of being private, secrecy, confidentiality; freedom from harassment or disturbance
Concealment of what is said or done
A photographic copy, or positive picture, on prepared paper, as from a negative, or from a drawing on transparent paper
A place of seclusion from company or observation; retreat; solitude; retirement
A printed cloth; a fabric figured by stamping, especially calico or cotton cloth
privacy seal
An online branded trust mark or seal of approval logo which is used by third party site verification entities, (i.e. Truste, BBB, Guardian e-Commerce, etc.) to help protect online consumers by identifying Web sites that have been verified for protecting the online privacy and safety of consumers
privacy policy
Public statement delineating how a Web site uses the information it gathers from visitors to the site. Some Web sites sell this information to third parties or use the information for marketing purposes. Other sites have strict policies limiting how that information may be used
Privacy Enhanced Mail
standard for electronic mail on the Internet which ensures privacy
privacy policy
We evaluate the vendor's policies, methods and procedures concerning whether a Privacy Policy is posted on the website, if they sell, rent or trade your information with third parties, any restrictions for third party users of your information, whether you are reminded of their Privacy Policy before you submit personal data, if you can opt out of having your personal data used by the vendor, whether you can you correct, change, deactivate or delete your personal data from the vendor's database, if you are allowed to shop before registering, whether "cookies" are used and how they are used, and whether you can purchase if your browser is set not to accept "cookies"
privacy policy
The policy under which the company or organization operating a Web site handles the personal information collected about visitors to the site Many Web site operators publish their privacy policy on their Web site The policy usually includes a description of the personal information which is collected by the site, how the information will be used, with whom it will be shared, and whether the visitors have the option to exercise control over how their information will be used All TRUSTe Web site licensees are required to post privacy statements (See also "Opt-in," "Opt-out," and "TRUSTe")
privacy policy
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privacy policy
A statement about what information is being collected; how the information being collected is being used; how an individual can access his/her own data collected; how the individual can opt-out; and what security measures are being taken by the parties collecting the data Source: Internet Advertising Bureau
privacy policy
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privacy policy
A document that informs users of the Web site what the privacy issues and policies are regarding the user's personal data A privacy policy might be a text document, or might also be a machine-readable document such as a P3P policy in XML format A privacy policy in some form is expected to be available at every Passport participant site See License and Service Agreement for details
privacy policy
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privacy policy
A web document which states how that website or company uses their users information which was supplied directly or passively
privacy policy
A Web site's official statement on: 1 what personal information is being collected 2 how the information is being used 3 how an individual can access their own data 4 how an individual can opt-out 5 what security measures are in place to protect the user's information during the collection process and in storage
privacy policy
For each site, it's recommended to offer a statement on how the personal visitor information will be used
privacy policy
A website's statement to users of what information it collects and what it will do with the information after it has been collected
privacy policy
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privacy policy
All usjournal com, LLC associates respect and support a user's right to privacy and to access the information contained in our website without registration or fee All inquiry forms within our sites are used to relay, via e-mail, the input to the user's chosen recipients at US universities, colleges and other campuses We strictly adhere to NAFSA: Association of International Educators' Code of Ethics
privacy statement
A page or pages on a Web site that lay out its privacy policies, i e what personal information is collected by the site, how it will be used, whom it will be shared with, and whether you have the option to exercise control over how your information will be used All TRUSTe Web site licensees are required to post privacy statements
privacy statement
A page or pages on a web site that outlines a site's privacy policy, such as what personal information is collected, how it will be used, whom it will be shared with and whether you have the option to control how it will be used
privacy statement
"A page or pages on a Web site that lay out its privacy policies, i e what personal information is collected by the site, how it will be used, whom it will be shared with, and whether you have the option to exercise control over how your information will be used" (TRUST-e Privacy Glossary) [http//www truste org/partners/users_glossary html] [http: //www truste org/consumers/users_faqs html]
privacy statement
Glossary Smith & Nephew Endoscopy Smith & Nephew Corporate
privacy statement
The page or pages on a website that lay out its privacy policies, i e what personal information is collected by the site, how it will be used, whom it will be shared with, and whether you have the option to exercise control over how your information will be used
privacy statement
A statement posted on reputable Web sites that explain the kind of personal information being collected without a visitor's express consent, the reasons it is being collected, and how personal information collected via Web forms or e-mail will be used Back to top
Pretty Good Privacy
software that encrypts and decrypts messages, for transmission over the Internet, using public-key cryptography
Pretty Good Privacy
PGP, widely-used encoding program for personal computers
I need privacy
Indicates that the speaker needs privacy
data privacy
securing of data so that only authorized individuals have access to it (Computers)
invasion of privacy
intrusion into one's private place, blow to privacy
invasion of privacy
the wrongful intrusion by individuals or the government into private affairs with which the public has no concern
right of privacy
Right of a person to be free from intrusion into matters of a personal nature. Although not explicitly mentioned in the U.S. Constitution, a right to privacy has been held to be implicit in the Bill of Rights, providing protection from unwarranted government intrusion into areas such as marriage and contraception. A person's right to privacy may be overcome by a compelling state interest. In tort law, privacy is a right not to have one's intimate life and affairs exposed to public view or otherwise invaded. Less broad protections of privacy are afforded public officials and others defined by law as "public figures" (e.g., movie stars)
right of privacy
a legal right (not explicitly provided in the United States Constitution) to be left alone; the right to live life free from unwarranted publicity
right to privacy
right to be free of unsanctioned intrusion
right to privacy
fundamental right that cannot be violated except with an individual's permission