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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} yüzde

Öğrencilerin yüzde kaçı üniversitelere kabul edilmektedir? - What percentage of the students are admitted to colleges?

İnsanların yüzde kaçı üç dil konuşur? - What percentage of the people speak three languages?

(Ticaret) yüzde oran
(Ticaret) kar hissesi
(Ticaret) temettü
yüzde oranı
{i} k.dili. yarar, avantaj, kâr
yüzde yüzdelik
{i} yüzdesi

Ebeveynlik Vakfı tarafından yapılan bir araştırmaya göre, korunmasız cinsel ilişkiye giren gençlerin yüzdesi artıyor. - According to a study conducted by the Parenthood Foundation, the percentage of young people having unprotected sexual intercourse is on the rise.

Şubat ayında doğanlar diğer aylarda doğanlardan ayın daha yüksek yüzdesini doğum günlerini kutlayarak harcarlar. - People born in February get to spend a higher percentage of the month celebrating their birthdays than those born in other months.

{i} kâr payı
dili kâr
{i} oran

Hayvan hücrelerindeki karbonhidrat oranı yaklaşık yüzde altıdır. - The percentage of carbohydrates in animal cells is approximately 6 percent.

Hayvan hücresi, bitki hücresinden daha büyük bir protein oranına sahiptir. - The animal cell has a greater percentage of proteins than the plant cell.

yüzde hesabına göre oran
percentage completion
tamamlama yüzdesi
percentage distribution
(Bilgisayar,Teknik) yüzde dağılımı
percentage error
hata yüzdesi
percentage sign
yüzde işareti
percentage error
yüzde hatası, hata yüzdesi
percentage of sugar
şeker yüzdesi
percentage point
percentage share
yüzdelik dilim
percentage agreement
(Ticaret) pursantajlı anlaşma
percentage agreement
(Ticaret) yüzdeli anlaşma
percentage avarage deviation
(Denizbilim) ortalama sapma yüzdesi
percentage by volume
hacimce yüzde
percentage by volume
(Madencilik) hacimsel oran
percentage by volume
(Madencilik) hacimce oran
percentage by volume
(Madencilik) oylumsal oran
percentage by weight
ağırlıkça oran
percentage by weight
(Jeoloji) ağırlıkça yüzde
percentage clearance
(Askeri) mayın temizleme yüzdesi
percentage clearance
(Askeri) MAYIN TEMİZLEME YÜZDESİ: Mayın harbinde, belirli özellikteki mayınlardan temizlenmiş bulunan bir bölge veya kanalın tahmini temizlik yüzdesi
percentage corrector
(Askeri) MESAFE DÜZELTME ALETİ: Bir silahın menzilini tashih edilmiş yüksekliği tespit için kullanılan mekanik bir alet
percentage corrector
(Askeri) mesafe düzeltme aleti
percentage decrease
yüzde oranının düşmesi
percentage humidity
(Gıda) yüzde nem
percentage lease
(Ticaret) yüzde kiralama
percentage of authorized strength
(Askeri) Fiili kuvvet yüzdesi
percentage of humidity
rutubet yüzdesi
percentage of loss
(Ticaret) zarar yüzdesi
percentage of loss
zararın yüzdesi
percentage of moisture
rutubet yüzdesi
percentage of reinforcement
demir donatı yüzdesi
percentage of reinforcement
(İnşaat) donatı yüzdesi
percentage of total collapse
toplam çökme oranı
percentage of voids
boşluk yüzdesi
percentage of water
su yüzdesi
percentage of yield
verim yüzdesi
percentage of yield
yüzde verim
percentage passing
geçen yüzde
percentage void
yüzde boşluk
percentage void
boşluk yüzdesi
contingency percentage
(Bilgisayar) sapma yüzdesi
error percentage
hata yüzdesi
acronym for annual percentage rate
yıllık yüzde oranı kısaltması
annual percentage rate
Yıllık yüzde oranı: borçlananın 12 aylık dönem üzerinden hesaplanan ödeyeceği oran
collection percentage
tahsil edilen miktar
feedback percentage
geribesleme yüzdesi
modulation percentage
modülasyon yüzdesi, kiplenim yüzdesi
wilting percentage
solma yüzdesi
hitting percentage
(Spor) smaç yüzdesi
in percentage terms
(Ticaret) yüzde olarak
moisture percentage
nem yüzdesi
saturation percentage
doyma derecesi
saturation percentage
doyma yüzdesi
sulfur percentage
kükürt yüzdesi
Englisch - Englisch
A share of the profits

She gets a percentage for every vacuum cleaner sold.

The amount, number or rate of something, regarded as part of a total of 100; a part of a whole

A high percentage of secondary school leavers take a gap year.

Benefit or advantage

There was no percentage in staying at home.

A part of a whole expressed in hundredths
a way of measuring The number 100 (which stands for the whole amount) is usually divided into 100 smaller, but equal, parts, each called a percent So a percentage usually refers to a certain number of parts within the whole Therefore, 6% is 6 units out of 100% (the whole) If you have invested $100, and you earn 8% interest on the money, you will earn 8 parts of the whole, or $8 A percentage explains a number in relation to the whole
proportion in regard to the whole, as in: Only a small percentage of the people voted for a raise in taxes
Also known as PC (percent casino) The percent of all wagers the house can expect to win, over a period of time Can vary widely, but normally is about 30%
assets belonging to or due to or contributed by an individual person or group; "he wanted his share in cash"
a proportion multiplied by 100
This is the percentage of the sample group that chose a particular answer Usually this value is unknown until the survey has finished, so it cannot be used to compute the sample size before the survey has started There are two workarounds for this problem The first solution, which is used by the Sample Size Standard Calculator, is to simply use a value of 50% As demonstrated by the Confidence Interval Animated Calculator, that value represents the "worst case" confidence interval You will not get into trouble by using this first approach The second solution is possible when the percentage is known approximately, in which case the approximate value may be entered into the Sample Size Advanced Calculator to compute a more accurate sample size
A percentage is a fraction of an amount expressed as a particular number of hundredths of that amount. Only a few vegetable-origin foods have such a high percentage of protein
An amount, number, or rate stated as a proportion of a whole
{i} rate or proportion per hundred, part of a whole expressed in hundredths; proportion, part
number of hundredths -- "What was the approximate percentage decrease in the length of the chip?" (268)
As used in connection with quotas is a minimum percentage
A fraction or ratio expressed as part of 100
A number format which displays the selected number as a percentage So the whole number 3 would display as 300%
A certain rate per cent; the allowance, duty, rate of interest, discount, or commission, on a hundred
percentage rate
A coefficient that is a quotient of two numbers, in which the denominator has the same units as that of the numerator multiplied by a unit of time and that is expressed in percentage points
percentage of sales
proportion of goods sold
percentage point
percent, proportion of one hundred (one percentage point = one percent)
on-base percentage
The frequency with which a hitter successfully reaches first base
slugging percentage
A statistic which compares the total number of bases achieved by a batter over that batter's number of at bats
annual percentage rate
(Banking) percentage rate of yearly interest on credit and loans (according to the law the lender must indicate the rate), APR
building percentage
extent of building rights on one's property
collection percentage
relation between debts which have been paid during a specific period to the sum of the debts owed at the beginning of that period
dropout percentage
percentage of people who leave school before completing their studies
plural of percentage