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To overestimate one's strength in a game or event, which ultimately may end in a defeat

Jack won the last match of blackjack; Theo overplayed.

and To overdo or overact one's effect or role

When Chris overacted his part again, the director warned that anyone overplaying would be barred from the next production.

To accidentally hit (one's golf ball) beyond "the green"

The first few shots went wonderfully, but Robin overplayed the last and lost.

To present something in a manner more dramatic than necessary

Although the play was wonderful, Joshua overplayed his role as the Beast.

{f} exaggerate; present with exaggeration; act in an exaggerated manner
If you say that someone is overplaying something such as a problem, you mean that they are making it seem more important than it really is. I think the historical factor is overplayed, that it really doesn't mean much. = exaggerate
to overestimate oneself in a game or event which ultimately ends in a defeat
If someone overplays their hand, they act more confidently than they should because they believe that they are in a stronger position than they actually are. The United States has to be careful it doesn't overplay its hand
to overdo or overact ones effect or role
to accidentally hit ones golf ball beyond "the green"
exaggerate one's acting
{s} exaggerated; overdramatized
past of overplay
present participle of overplay
third-person singular of overplay