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To do too much of something
to overtax the strength of
{v} to do more than enough, to do too much
do something to an excessive degree; "He overdid it last night when he did 100 push-ups
{f} exaggerate, do too much; cook too long
If someone overdoes something, they behave in an exaggerated or extreme way. a recognition by the US central bank that it may have overdone its tightening when it pushed rates up to 6 per cent He wants to give up working and stay home to look after the children. She feels, however, that this is overdoing it a bit
To cook too much; as, to overdo the meat
If you overdo an activity, you try to do more than you can physically manage. It is important never to overdo new exercises The taxi drivers' association is urging its members, who can work as many hours as they want, not to overdo it
or overtax; to fatigue; to exhaust; as, to overdo one's strength
To do too much; to exceed what is proper or true in doing; to exaggerate; to carry too far
do something to an excessive degree; "He overdid it last night when he did 100 push-ups"
To surpass; to excel
To labor too hard; to do too much
To overtask
overdo it
try to do too much, go to extremes; exaggerate
Boiled, baked or roasted too much
don't overdo it
do not exaggerate, don't go too far
simple past of overdo
third-person singular of overdo
present participle of overdo
past participle of overdo
cooked too long but still edible
represented as greater than is true or reasonable; "an exaggerated opinion of oneself"
If food is overdone, it has been spoiled by being cooked for too long. The meat was overdone and the vegetables disappointing. = overcooked
If you say that something is overdone, you mean that you think it is excessive or exaggerated. In fact, the panic is overdone. As the map shows, the drought has been confined to the south and east of Britain. cooked too much   underdone