on time

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Tom her zaman vaktinde gelmez fakat Mary genellikle gelir. - Tom doesn't always arrive on time, but Mary usually does.

Eğer şimdi başlarsan vaktinde varman gerekir. - You ought to be on time if you start now.

dakikası dakikasına
tam zamanında

Okula tam zamanında geldi. - He arrived at school exactly on time.

Oyun tam zamanında başladı. - The play began exactly on time.


Zamanında olmak istiyorsan, 11:00'e kadar orada olmalısın. - If you want to be on time, you should be there by 11 o'clock.

Uçak zamanında kalktı. - The plane took off on time.

tam vaktinde

Sonuçta istasyona koştum ve bir şekilde tam vaktinde oraya ulaştım. - In the end I ran to the station, and somehow got there on time.

nında, vaktinde, vakitli: She's always on time. Her zaman vaktinde gelir
Englisch - Englisch
Punctually or according to the schedule

The train arrived on time for the first time this week.

1. At the time arranged; not late; promptly. The train left on time. Mary is always on time for an appointment. 2. On the installment plan; on credit, paying a little at a time. John bought a car on time. You can buy things at the department store on time
according to schedule or without delay; "they were always on time"; "a prompt reply"
at the expected time; "she always arrives on time
at the appointed hour, at the correct time
at the expected time; "she always arrives on time"
An obscure term, meaning unknown
Officially defined as a service that arrives betwen 59 seconds prior and 5 minutes, 59 minutes after the timetabled time
on time

    Türkische aussprache

    ôn taym


    /ˈôn ˈtīm/ /ˈɔːn ˈtaɪm/


    [ 'on, 'än ] (preposition.) before 12th century. Middle English an, on, preposition and adverb, from Old English; akin to Old High German ana on, Greek ana up, on.


    ... Well, when it was time to write the paper, whose name came first?  His name came first. ...
    ... going to fall or not.  How did they know ahead of time that that building wouldn't ...

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