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Offensively intrusive or interfering
obliging, attentive, eager to please
intermeddling with what is not one's concern
{a} importunately forward, busy, kind
disapproval If you describe someone as officious, you are critical of them because they are eager to tell people what to do when you think they should not. When people put on uniforms, their attitude becomes more confident and their manner more officious. = bossy + officiously of·fi·cious·ly Lance Corporal Williams officiously ordered them out. too eager to tell people what to do - used to show disapproval
Importunately interposing services; intermeddling in affairs in which one has no concern; meddlesome
Disposed to serve; kind; obliging
intrusive in a meddling or offensive manner; "an interfering old woman"; "bustling about self-importantly making an officious nuisance of himself"; "busy about other people's business"
{s} eager to offer unwanted services; meddlesome; interfering; offering much unwanted advice; unofficial, informal, not official
Pertaining to, or being in accordance with, duty
officious intermeddler
A person who voluntarily, and without request or pre-existing legal duty, interjects themself into the affairs of an other, then seeks remuneration for services or reimbursement

Example: A leaves for vacation for two weeks during the summer. B mows A's lawn. B requests payment for this service. Under common law doctrine B is not entitled to any payment from A beyond whatever A cares to give.

officious bystander factor
external reason that severs the legal causal relation
officious intermeddler
immaterial factor that is treated by a court as if he were present to sing a contract and testify about the intentions of the parties (Law)
{a} with unasked kindness, readily
{n} great forwardness of civility
in an officious manner; "nothing so fatal as to strive too officiously for an abstract quality like beauty
in an officious manner
The quality of being officious
{i} officious behavior; meddlesomeness; overeagerness in offering unwanted help