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Englisch - Türkisch
z., k.dili. Yok./Hayır
{ü} hayır

Hayır, onu almıyorum. - Nope, I'm not buying it.

{ü} olmaz
tighten a nope or a serew
(Askeri) suga etmek
Türkisch - Türkisch
Kumaş yüzeyinde,üretim sırasında oluşan düğüm
Englisch - Englisch

Their story, as written by Daniel Gookin in 1674, is worth repeating: At the island of Nope, or Martha's Vineyard, about the year 1649, one of the first .

(archaic except near Staffordshire, England) A bullfinch

Nope, an old name for the bullfinch used by Drayton (Wright), is a corrupt form for an ope, otherwise spelt aupe, olp, or alpe (Prompt.Parv.).

(East Midlands and Northern England) (archaic) To hit someone on the head

The sexton seemed reluctant to resume his old duties, remarking -- Be I to nope Mr. M on the head if I catches him asleep?.

(East Midlands and Northern England) A blow to the head

I'll fetch thee a nope.


Nope. Don't know as I do.

A negative reply, no

While Yeah occurs very frequently in casual talk, No and its conversational derivatives of nope, naw, nup, etc. are relatively infrequent.

{ü} no! (negative response)
A bullfinch
Nope is sometimes used instead of `no' as a negative response. `Is she supposed to work today?' --- `Nope, tomorrow.'. No. used to say 'no' when you answer someone (no)
Türkisch - Englisch
(Teknik,Tekstil) nep
burl, nep, nub, knop
(Tekstil) burl
(Tekstil) nub
(Tekstil) knop
nope ayıklamak
(Tekstil) burl
nope cımbızı
burling tweezer
nope giderme cımbızı
(Teknik,Tekstil) burling tweezer

    Türkische aussprache



    yup, yep


    /ˈnōp/ /ˈnoʊp/


    [ nOp, or with glottal stop i ] (adverb.) 1888. From a Wampanoag name for the island (or perhaps just for Gay Head, as 1841 cite).


    ... nope ...
    ... - NO ARMS, NO LEGS? - NOPE. ...

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