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Lying beneath, or conceived as lying beneath, the Earth’s surface

When one thinks of the tremendous forces of the upper and the nether world which play for the mastery of the soul of a woman during the few years in which she passes from plastic girlhood to the ripe maturity of womanhood,.

Lower; under

The disappointed child’s nether lip quivered.

{a} lower, placed lower, infernal
Situated down or below; lying beneath, or in the lower part; having a lower position; belonging to the region below; lower; under; opposed to upper
{s} lower, under; situated below; of or pertaining to hell
of the underworld; "nether regions"
lower; "gnawed his nether lip
lower; "gnawed his nether lip"
located below or beneath something else; "nether garments"; "the under parts of a machine" lower; "gnawed his nether lip
lying or conceived as lying beneath the earth's surface
located below or beneath something else; "nether garments"; "the under parts of a machine"
Nether means the lower part of a thing or place. He was escorted back to the nether regions of Main Street. lower down - often used humorously
nether region
Hell; a realm beneath the surface of the earth conceived as the abode of the souls of the dead and, sometimes, as the abode of demons or evil spirits
nether region
The groin or buttocks
nether region
A place which is subterranean or enclosed beneath a surface, especially one which is dark, dank, or otherwise inhospitable
nether regions
plural form of nether region
nether worlds
plural form of nether world (alternative spelling of netherworlds)
nether millstone
lower grindstone in a mill
nether world
underworld, inferno
{a} lowest, most infernal
{s} lowest, lowermost
Lowest; as, the nethermost abyss
farthest down; lowest



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    /ˈneᴛʜər/ /ˈnɛðɜr/


    [ 'ne-[th]&r ] (adjective.) before 12th century. From Middle English nether, nethere, nithere, from Old English nithera, from niþer, adverb nithor (“down, downward”); akin to Old Saxon adjective nithiri (“nether”), adverb nithar (“down”), Old High German adjective nidari, nidaro (“nether”), adverb nidar (“down”), Old Norse adjective neðri, neðarri (“nether”), adverb niðr (“down”); all from a Germanic word that is a comparative of a word akin to Sanskrit नि (ni, “down”); akin to Old English in.

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