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Derneğe üyelik için başvurdum. - I applied for membership in the association.

Üyelik ücretini ödemek için yeterli paraya sahip olmayan tek kişi ben değilim. - I'm not the only one who doesn't have enough money to pay the membership fee.

üye olma
membership fees
(Ticaret) üyelik aidatları
membership fees
(Ticaret) üyelik aidatı
membership function
(Bilgisayar) üyelik fonksiyonu
membership functions
üyelik fonksiyonları
membership sign
öğelik imi
membership card
üyelik kartı
membership fee
üyelik ücreti
membership fees
üyelik ücretleri
membership action plan
(Askeri) üyelik faaliyet planı
membership base
(Politika, Siyaset) üye tabanı
membership basis
(Politika, Siyaset) üyelik temeli
membership contract
üyelik sözleşmesi
membership degree
(Bilgisayar) üyelik derecesi
membership of illegal group
(Politika, Siyaset) yasadışı örgüt üyeliği
membership service
üyelik hizmeti
membership services
üyelik hizmetleri
membership sign
ogelik imi
membership to european union
(Politika, Siyaset) avrupa birliğine üyelik
exclude from membership
üyelikten çıkarmak
extend the membership
üyeliği uzatmak
extend the membership
üyelik uzatmak
remove from membership
üyelikten çıkarmak
associate membership
ortak üyelik
board membership
yönetim kurulu üyeliği
club and association membership
klüp ve dernek üyeliği
consultation membership
(Politika Siyaset) Müşavere âzâlığı

They offered me consultation membership.

aplly for membership
üyelik başvurusu yapmak
full membership
tam üyelik
nested group membership
İç içe Grup Üyeliği
set membership
kume uyeli¤i
Englisch - Englisch
The state of being a member of a group or organization

He has memberships in clubs in three cities.

The fact of being a member of a set
The body of members of an organization

The memberships of the state chapters elect delegates to the national convention.

{n} the being a member
A membership is comprised of the Member and all other persons covered (who are classed as dependants )
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As used in Acquisitions, a method of acquiring materials (usually books and serials) whereby the library pays an institutional membership fee in order to get an organization's publications
The period of time a student's name is on the current roll of a class or school, regardless of his or her being present or absent The membership of a class or school is the number of students on the current roll as of a given date This may be obtained by a simple count or by adding the total number present and the total number absent
the state of being a member
Both individual and institutional membership is available
The Membership Council works to increase membership in the Association and retain current members by promotion of membership through member endorsement
the body of members of an organization or group; "they polled their membership"; "they found dissension in their own ranks"; "he joined the ranks of the unemployed"
Membership of an organization is the state of being a member of it. The country has also been granted membership of the World Trade Organisation He sent me a membership form
The relation of an element to the sets to which it belongs Notation: x S (x is a member of set S)
{i} state of belonging to an organization or group, fellowship; total number of members
The membership of an organization is the people who belong to it, or the number of people who belong to it. The European Builders Confederation has a membership of over 350,000 building companies. the recent fall in party membership
Any person, partnership or organization producing or undertaking the production of Pedigreed seed may become a member of the CSGA by applying for inspection of crops planted with seed stock eligible for further pedigree
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Attendance Report (Governor) - Governor's summary of the monthly attendance reports received from the clubs in the district The governor sends a copy of this summary report to the general secretary and must publish it in the Governor's Monthly Letter
Financial Facts
The collective body of members, as of a society
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An administrative classification used to place each User into one of the following categories: General User or Participating Team (PRT) member
The fact of being a member
Per CONN GEN STAT §45a-763, the Adoption Review Board consists of three (3) members: the Probate Court Administrator (or a designee), DCF Commissioner (or a designee) and an officer of a licensed child placing agency appointed by the Governor
An aspect in P&M that allows the customer to register users, authenticate users, authorize access to areas of the service on a controlled basis (P&M)
Libraries receive much valuable material, not otherwise available for purchase, as a result of memberships in societies or organizations
A credit union exists to serve a specific group of people, such as a group of employees or the members of a professional or religious group This is called a "field of membership " The field of membership may include where they live, where they work, or their membership in a social or economic group Back to Top
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Membership is number of students enrolled in a class or school (though not necessarily in attendance) as of a given date
membership function
A generalization of the indicator function for a fuzzy set which assigns a truth value (0 or 1) to each element
membership marketing
The process of acquiring, engaging, upgrading, and renewing "members" for an association or relationship driven organization
membership campaign
organized effort to attract new members
membership card
a card certifying membership in an organization
membership card
member card, card proving that a person is a member of a club or organization
membership fee
sum of money paid to maintain a membership
membership fees
price one must pay in order to participate in a certain organization